Ariana Cooper

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Ariana Cooper rose to prominence after marrying Deryck Whibley, the main singer of the rock band Sum 41. The duo also makes headlines for being unlike traditional couples in which the men are often much taller. Deryck and Ariana’s unrivaled love for each other dispels any expectations you may have about your partners.

What is the Net Worth of Ariana cooper?

Ariana Cooper is a professional model, as we’ve already mentioned. There isn’t a lot of information about how she started into modeling, but one thing is certain: she enjoys it. Her Instagram and Facebook profiles are brimming with stunning images. She also has some lovely pregnancy pics.

Ariana Cooper excels at she is doing. (Source: aribarbara/Instagram)

Ariana enjoys painting as well, however it is unknown if she has ever done a professional painting. Her tall build and long feet make her ideal for her career. She has modeled for a variety of companies, including ‘The Dressn’ and ‘Buy me Brunch.’ Although she is not as well-known for her modeling as she is for being Deryck Whibley’s wife, she has built a name for herself in the community. She must also earn a fair living from her employment, but Ariana Cooper’s net worth is currently unknown. Deryck Whibley’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, according to her spouse.

Childhood and Family

Ariana and her Brother.(Source: aribarbara/Instagram)

Ariana Cooper was born in California on March 6, 1991, to Brent Cooper and Jolie Cooper. Cameron Cooper, Paul Cooper, and Brendon Cooper were her brothers when she was growing up in California. Ariana’s family appears to be very supportive of her, which has resulted in her becoming such a capable individual. Brendon Cooper, her younger brother, appears to be quite close to her.

Aside from modeling, Ariana was a big fan of abstract art. That is also evident in her Instagram pictures. When she was in high school, she used to create self-portraits and various artworks. Apart from this, little is known about her prior life. When Deryck Whibley first met her, she was already a model.

Ariana’s Personal Life

After nearly five years together, Ariana married her boyfriend Deryck Whibley on August 31, 2015. Avril Lavigne was Deryck’s ex-wife until 2010. Since the two first met, Ariana has been a pillar of support for him. She assisted him in overcoming his alcoholic deterioration in 2014, when he was on the verge of death. This couple’s bond is just too strong to be reduced to mere words. Deryck’s legacy as a vocalist is backed up by his wife and, now, his child.

Ariana and Deryck spend most of their time together.(Source: aribarbara/Instagram)

Ariana just gave birth to Lydon Igby Whibley, the couple’s only child. The family appears to be having a wonderful time together, from going on walks to sitting at home and cheering each other up. Ariana, like her husband, will undoubtedly be a wonderful mother.

Quick Facts

Birth Name Ariana Cooper
Birth Day 03/06/1991
Birth place California, United States
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Profession Model
Parents Brent Cooper and Jolie Cooper
Husband/Wife Deryck Whibley
Sibling Cameron Cooper, Paul Cooper, and Brendon Cooper
Children Lydon Igby Whibley
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black