Crunchy Black

Crunchy Black, an American hip-hop and gangsta rapper, has an enormous net worth. The outstanding singer was a member of the award-winning group Three 6 Mafia for a long period, and his solo career was also quite successful.

Crunchy Black was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on August 20, 1977. The rapper is well known for the g-walking street dance, which he claims he did not invent. Crunchy Black has already been accused with a variety of offences, including drug possession and providing false information to authorities.

What is the Net Worth of Crunchy Black?

Darnell Carlton rose to fame as Crunchy Black, a member of the hip hop group Three 6 Mafia. This band was nominated for an Academy Award and made a lot of money. Crunchy Black joined the band prior to the release of their debut album. He has previously been involved in monetary conflicts with his former group, which has a net worth of $5 million.

Sources of Revenue

Crunchy Black, an American rapper, is thought to have a massive net worth. Darnell Carlton, as he is often known, is a rapper who has a number of well-known tracks to his credit.

Mafia income from the Three Six Mafia

Crunchy’s fame stemmed mostly from his participation in the Oscar-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia. At the 78th Academy Awards in 2006, Three 6 Mafia and Frayser Boy won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp, boosting his reputation and riches tremendously. Crunchy’s gang, Three 6 Mafia, has a net worth of $20 million thanks to the rap group’s steady release of hit songs throughout the years.

Three 6 Mafia Crunchy Black

Nonetheless, Crunchy’s streak came to an end when he departed the group due to financial disagreements and his desire to pursue a solo career. Breakups are rarely pleasant, and the rap game is no exception. Despite protestations from both sides that there is no bad blood, the songs have been used to make various underhanded charges.

Income from a Solo Career

Black’s debut solo album, On My Own, was released on September 19, 2006. Crunchy claimed that DJ Paul and Juicy J released this CD without his approval. It did, however, bring him a lot of luck, as it went to No. 3 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart, No. 15 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart, and No. 13 on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart. This song effectively cemented his place in the hip-hop and rap music scene. From Me To You, Crunchy Black’s second solo album, debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers list, 32 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop chart, and 10 on the Billboard Top Rap albums chart.

We can plainly watch Darnell Carton’s solo career reach its pinnacle of popularity, and it’s difficult to dismiss the possibility that leaving his rap trio was the proper option on his part.

Income from Da Mafia 6ix

Crunchy Black became a member of Da Mafia 6ix, a rebirth of Three 6 Mafia featuring Lord Infamous, DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca, and Gangsta Boo. He was also a present to the group.

Crunchy Black became a member of Da Mafia 6ix.
Crunchy is a brilliant rapper who has worked on platinum albums such as When The Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1, and Most Known Unknown, as well as gold albums such as Da Unbreakables and Chapter 2: World Domination with Three 6 Mafia. As a result, we can fairly assume that Crunchy’s cut of the profits from these phenomenally successful albums must have been substantial.

Other Sources of Income

Crunchy Black also makes a lot of money on his tours and concerts. He keeps his fans up to date on his upcoming collaborations, releases, and concerts via Instagram.

Leaving Three 6 Mafia

Crunchy Black, the father of one, had a rocky start with his first rap trio, Ladee Pooh Carlton. In 2006, he left the band. Crunchy Black stated that over half of the tracks on Three 6 Mafia’s most recent album, Most Known Unknown, were originally written for his record, and that he was not paid for it after it was released. He further stated that he was responsible for his own travel and hotel expenditures, and that he was prohibited from attending business meetings or consulting with a lawyer.

Early Life

Darnell Carlton, better known by his stage name Crunchy Black, is an American rapper and Hype man who was born on August 20, 1974. Many people may be unfamiliar with this term. A hype man is someone who cheers on the main rappers while they perform on stage. Rapping is the act of continuously reciting the sentences without pausing. The main rappers may become fatigued and take a breather from time to time. With his continual repetition, the Hype man may fill in the gaps. With his unusual characteristics, he can also energise the crowd. Crunchy Black is a rapper who also doubles as a hype man.


Crunchy Black, who began his career at the age of 19, was a key part of the Oscar-winning rap trio ‘Three 6 Mafia.’ In reality, he was one of the organization’s founding members. In 2006, he departed the band after 13 years to pursue a solo career. Some members of the gang were extremely dissatisfied with this decision. There were also some financial concerns. Crunchy Black was shot in the face and leg on May 1, 2012, as a result of a combination of all of these circumstances. He was lucky enough to survive the assassination attempt and was back on his feet in a matter of days.


Darnell-Carlton-AKA-Crunchy-Black.(Source: TheNetworthPortal)

Returning to music, his group, Three 6 Mafia, had won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for their song, It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp. They were extremely popular as a group, with many of their songs being chart toppers.

In 2006, he launched his solo album, On My Own, after leaving the group. Other albums, such as ‘From Me to You,’ came soon after. The majority of the tracks charted at the top of Billboard’s Top Rap Albums.

Crunchy Black joined Da Mafia 6ix in 2013, a rebirth of the Three 6 Mafia that also included DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca, and Gangsta Boo.

He had several run-ins with the law due to domestic abuse concerns, cocaine possession, and three felony warrants. He is, nevertheless, a free man as of today.

Quick Facts

Birth name: Darnell Carlton
Nationality: American
Began career: 1995

Net worth:$5 Million
Associated acts: Project Pat, Juicy J, DJ Paul, Drumma Boy, Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy, La Chat, Lord Infamous, Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo, Hypnotize Camp Posse.

Record labels: Hypnotize Minds.
Genres: Hip hop, Gangsta rap, Crunk.
Albums: On My Own, From Me To You, Money Ain’t Nothing To Play With.
Music groups: Three 6 Mafia, The Killjoy Club.