Absofacto has been pleased with his work for many years by his friends, general music lovers. Jonathan Visger alias Absofacto, an American singer and songwriter, started his career in 2004 with an American rock band called “Mason Proper.” He was a leading singer in the band.

Jonathan recorded his first solo album in 2008. The album was renamed “North-South.” He used the term Absofacto for all his solo albums.

Absofacto released the album “Dissolve” in 2015. The album has gained some promotional and critical attention. But once the song “Dissolve” was viral in TikTok, the consequence of which was his song on the Billboard chart.

10 Facts on the Absofact

1. Jonathan Visger aka Absofacto was born in 1983, making him 37 years old in 2020. He was born in Michigan, Alpine.
2. Jonathan has Wikipedia on his on-stage name, Absofacto.
3. He’s been in the industry for more than a decade now, coming to his net worth, but he’s never spoken about it publicly.
4. Absofacto loves to keep his private and personal life apart. That’s why he’s never disclosed his marital status or offered a clue to the media about his girlfriend.
5. Jonathan Visger’s most famous album “Dissolve” appeared on Billboard charts in June 2019 and was ranked number one on the list in January 2020.
6. Jonathan’s former band released two albums “There Is A Moth In Your Chest” and “Olly Oxen Free” in 2006 and 2008.
7. Absofacto’s Latest Album “Someone Else’s Dream” was launched recently in 2020.
8. His song “Dissolve” was incorrectly used by some users of TikTok. They were attempting to equate the music with child sexual exploitation.
9. Jonathan delighted his followers with his song “Sinking Islands.”
10. Absofacto has an Instagram follower of 39.5K.

Facts of Absofacto

Name Absofacto
Birthday 1983
Age 37
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Musician
Instagram absofacto
Twitter @absofacto
Facebook Absofacto