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Adam Lz is a well-known YouTuber who is also a skilled BMX rider and a social media personality. Adam, a YouTube sensation, rose to prominence as a result of his viral videos as a BMX stunt rider.

Adam’s personal life isn’t as smooth as his professional life because he lost his wife tragically. Most of his fans are still unaware of the answer to the question, ‘Who is Adam LZ married to?’ Let’s take a closer look at Adam LZ’s married life, as well as his career and net worth.

Adam Lz’s Net Worth And Career

Adam Lz amassed a fortune as a YouTuber, with which he lives a lavish lifestyle. His net worth was estimated to be more than $700,000 in 2019. He has a net worth of $1.4 million as of January 2020.

The YouTuber, on the other hand, did not become famous overnight. Throughout his journey to becoming a full-time YouTuber, he faced numerous challenges.

As a well-known YouTube star, Adam earns an annual salary ranging from $270,000 to $750,000 from advertisements. Lz also earns $1,600 per day ($600,000 per year) from advertisements. Aside from YouTube, he also sells merchandise; Adam has his own clothing brand and accessories LZBMX, which provides a good source of income.

Furthermore, his net worth is derived from his successful clothing line LZMFG. Similarly, Lz’s earnings as a BMX instructor add up.

Adam Lz
Caption: Adam Lz (source: YouTube)

Adam Lz’s Relationship Status

As of February 2020, the race car driver from Woodbury, Connecticut, is possibly single. For the time being, the internet sensation is solely concerned with expanding his business. According to a December 2018 video, Adam and Nicole were having personal issues in their marriage.

Neither party ever stated the reason for their split, but one of Adam’s January 2019 videos suggests they are no longer together. Adam and Nicole have kept the details of their divorce under wraps, but given Nicole’s importance to Adam’s success and brand during their marriage, she may receive a fair settlement. The cupid was never married and had no children.

Adam was once romantically linked to a girl named Bailey between late 2019 and early 2020. On September 3, the YouTuber posted a photo of his new girlfriend on Instagram. He has now deleted all posts about his previous affairs.

Adam captioned the photo, “When I’m not working on my car, I’m always trying to help out with odd jobs. When it comes to BMW, I’m all for it. I assisted my love in cleaning a m52.”

The Woodbury, CT native has found love, but his ex-partner Nicole is still single. Adam’s ex-wife recently confirmed their divorce on Instagram, stating that she is now living with her parents.

YouTube Influencer Adam Lz’s Marriage

Adam Lz, a well-known YouTube personality, is a married man. Despite his secretive career, Adam is evasive about his personal life, though he confirms that he is married.

In 2016, Adam Lz married his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Frye, who later became his wife. You might be wondering when it all happened.

Returning to 2013, Adam met the love of his life during his first semester at the University of Central Florida. Adam and Nicole were seated together on the same bus.

So, as sweet friends, they began to have likeliness while hanging out with each other. Later, the couple began dating openly as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Most importantly, because of his unexpected foot injury, Adam had more time to spend with the lovely lady.

In fact, they married in July 2016 after converting their romance into a marriage.

Above all, the newlyweds jetted off to Europe to enjoy their romantic honeymoon. Everything was fine until the’moon spots’ appeared in their lives.

In 2018, the couple called it quits due to irreconcilable differences. Well, the couple is overjoyed and relishes a single life after their tragic separation.

Yes, it appears that Adam and his wife are no longer living together. His fans never stopped asking him questions about his divorce, which could be why he asked them to respect his privacy in the above Twitter post.

Adam Lz
Caption: Adam Lz’s wife Nicole Frye (source: Heightline)

Adam Lz’s Residence, Lifestyle

The BMX rider owns a mansion in Central Florida. He bought the house after marrying Nicole in 2016. The one-story house has a three-part garage and a large backyard area where he shoots drifting videos.

Adam LZ- We recently purchased a home.

Adam purchased his dream home in Central Florida when he was 21 years old. His home in Orlando, Florida is worth $3 million.

Adam Lz Automobiles

The YouTube star has a sizable car collection, which includes a 1989 Nissan 240SX. He had a 2015 Mini Cooper S, a 2008 BMW 335i Single Turbo, and a 1995 Mazda Miata in his garage.

Aside from that, he owns a 1992 “Sil80” Nissan 240SX, a 2017 Mustang GT350, a 2017 F250 Power stroke, and a 1999 Nissan Silvia Project (S15). These cars are collectively worth millions of dollars.

Tanner Fox was featured in one of Adam Lz’s videos titled “Tanner and Taylor get a ride in the Shelby GT350.” Needless to say, Adam is a fan of high-end sports cars and daring racers. He has recently been seen driving a Chevrolet, Titan, Ferrari, and Bentley.

Interesting facts about Adam Lz

  • Adam Lizotte-Zeisler was born in Woodbury, Connecticut on May 5, 1995.
  • Adam grew up in Woodbury, Connecticut, a farming community.
  • He enrolled at the University of Central Florida to pursue a degree in business administration.
  • Prior to BMX, he was an avid wakeboarder.
  • He has his own clothing line, LZMFG.
  • Adam began uploading videos to YouTube in 2013.


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