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Afsana Khan

Full Name

Afsana Khan




June 13, 1994


Badal, Punjab, India





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  • Playback Singer

  • Songwriter

  • Actress

Multi-talented artist Afsana Khan is from Badal, Punjab, India. Her birthday is June 13, 1994. In the Indian entertainment sector, Afsana Khan has mostly been well-known and well-liked for her work as a playback singer, songwriter, and actress.

What is the net worth of Afsana Khan:

Afsana Khan is currently thought to have a net worth of roughly $2 million.

Afsana Khan has amassed fortune through her flourishing careers as an actress, playback singer, and songwriter. Her earnings have been boosted by the popularity of the Punjabi films in which she has appeared and the hit songs she has recorded.

Although her exact earnings are unknown, it is assumed that her music endeavors, live performances, acting roles, and brand endorsements bring her a sizable sum of money.

As long as Afsana Khan keeps producing and working on new projects, her net worth should increase. Additionally, she may find more lucrative chances and financial success as a result of her growing industry reputation and demand.

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Career of Afsana Khan:

Afsana Khan is renowned for contributing her beautiful and melodious voice to a variety of songs in the Indian film industry as a playback singer. She is in high demand as a singer for music albums and movie soundtracks because of her powerful voice and expressive singing style. She has demonstrated her ability by singing in several genres and enthralling audiences with her performances.

Afsana Khan is a talented singer, but she has also dabbled in songwriting, displaying her capacity to create deep and compelling words. Her contributions to the composing process provide the songs she delivers depth and emotion, engaging people on a deep level.


Afsana Khan has established herself in the realm of acting in addition to music. Her appearance on screen serves as further evidence of her talent and dedication to her craft. Afsana Khan has continually shown her commitment to her craft and her capacity to leave a lasting impression on her audience, whether through acting or singing.

Afsana Khan has gained recognition and a devoted following for her services to the entertainment business during the course of her career. Her artistic activities are driven by her passion, talent, and dedication, which has elevated her to a prominent position in the Indian entertainment industry.

Afsana Khan is a gifted singer-songwriter in addition to her acting and singing abilities. Many of her own songs as well as songs by other singers have had lyrics written by her.

Music by Afsana Khan is renowned for its diversity and breadth. She has recorded songs in a variety of genres, including folk, romantic, and upbeat dance songs. She has a sizable following base thanks to her impressive performances and deep vocals.

Afsana Khan has established herself as one of the most well-known and prosperous musicians in the Punjabi music scene thanks to her ability and commitment. She is regarded as one of the industry’s emerging stars and never ceases to astound the audience with her diverse talent.

Physical Appearance:

Afsana Khan is 165 centimeters (5 feet 5 inches) tall and weighs around 80 kg (176 lbs). Her breast, waist, and hip measurements are 40, 34, and 38 inches, respectively. Afsana Khan has brown hair and eyes, giving her a lovely and alluring appeal. She carries herself with grace and confidence throughout, which enhances her appeal as a performer.


Afsana Khan is from a loving, close-knit family. Sheera Khan, her late father, had a big influence on her life and served as an inspiration to her. Asha Begum, her mother, has been a pillar of strength and has encouraged Afsana to follow her aspirations.

Additionally, Afsana Khan has supportive siblings who have never left her side. She has a close relationship with her brother Khuda Baksh, who has served as both her mentor and her compass throughout her journey. Neetu Khan, Rajia Sultaan, and Raftaar Kaur, three of her sisters, have also been encouraging and pleased of Afsana’s accomplishments.

Afsana’s love of music has always been supported by the Khan family, who have also served as her greatest source of strength as she overcame obstacles and excelled in her career. They stay by her side and support her as she soars to new heights in the music business.

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Relationship and Marital Status:

Saajz, who is also a well-known Punjabi singer and songwriter, is the husband of Afsana Khan. On social media, they frequently express their love and appreciation for one another, giving followers a peek inside their blissful marriage.

Afsana and Saajz frequently work together on songs since they both have a love for music. Love, respect, and a common passion for their craft serve as the foundation of their relationship. They are each other’s biggest supporters and professional supporters.

Despite leading hectic professional lives, Afsana and Saajz prioritize spending time together and upholding their close relationship. Their followers, who adore their adoring and encouraging partnership, find inspiration in their warm and caring relationship.

Afsana Khan and Saajz continue to develop as a couple and as musicians in the music industry, and their relationship is a stunning example of the strength of love and understanding.

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Khan is a gifted and adaptable performer who has established herself in the Punjabi music sector. She has won over many music fans with her strong and moving voice, and she has a sizable fan base. She has received praise and recognition for her talent, which is evident in her passionate performances.

The career of Khan has been outstanding, marked by a number of top hits and fruitful partnerships with well-known musicians. She has also demonstrated her acting talent and received praise for her roles in Punjabi movies. Her commitment, diligence, and remarkable talent have given her a unique position in the field.