Alana Austin

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Quick Facts about Alana Austin

Full Name Alana Austin
Height 167cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1982/4/6
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Palm Springs, California, United States
Ethnicity white
Father Name Steven Kent Austin
Mother Name Shauna Leigh Austin
Sexual Orientation straight

Since the start of the twenty-first century, and perhaps more so right now than ever before, actors appear to be becoming more and more prevalent. But not everyone succeeds; many resign before they get to the top. Fans simply cannot forget some actors that had a deep impression on them, despite their lack of action.

The actress Alana Austin belongs to this group. Viewers may recognize the former American actress from the movies Motocrossed, Ink, and A Simple Twist of Fate. Let’s learn more about the lovely Alana’s life!

How much is the net worth of Alana Austin?

Alana Austin’s acting career has earned her a net worth of $200,000. In contrast, Kelly Gould, a former American actress, has a $300,000 net worth.

Career in Acting

She has been on numerous large and little screens during her active professional acting career. She is best known for playing Andrea Carson in the film Motocrossed. In the 2001 Disney Channel movie, Mary-Margaret Humes costarred with Riley Smith and her other performers.

Viewers of television may recall Austin from her appearances in the American sitcom Ink. She played Abby Logan, one of the main characters. Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Christen Ebersole, Saul Rubinek, and Charlie Robinson featured in the CBS show, which ran for one season.


What is the relationship status of Alana Austin? She’s either married, dating, or single.


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Alana Austin hasn’t appeared on television in a very long time. Her last appearance was in a Close to Home episode in 2006. Since she left the entertainment industry, admirers have been wondering about her possible relationship status. It would appear that she is currently engaged.

We can say this with confidence because she revealed the information on Instagram. The Ink star shared a photo of two hands on August 4, 2019, with one being her own and the other perhaps belonging to her fiancé. She had a stunning ring on her ring finger.

It appears like Alana has finally met her particular someone! A heartfelt congratulations to the couple, despite the fact that it may have been late. The woman travels frequently and hosts get-together parties for her family and close friends, with whom she spends the majority of her time.


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Childhood and Family

Alana Austin was born in Palm Springs, California, on April 6, 1982. Her mother is Shauna Leigh Austin, an actress, producer, and writer, and her father is the actor Steve Austin. Her father remarried to Kathleen Austin after her parents got divorced.

Alyssa Austin, a fellow actress and the younger sister of the 1.70-meter woman, is a model. She has three older brothers and three sisters in addition.Alana Austin shares a half-sister with her father from his second marriage. She received a medical degree from the University of Southern California, where she also completed her studies. The 1992 television film Criminal Behaviour was the 38-year-acting old’s debut.

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