Alana Pallister

Alana Pallister is a social media icon and personality. She has amassed fame in social media because of her alluring beauty and personality.

She is also the co-founder of “I.AM.GIA”-a leading fashion label that looks really promising. The social media of Pallister blew up because of this mark as well. People like to see trendy trends, and “I.AM.GIA” has always been really urban, trendy and sophisticated.

Pallister looks gorgeous, and I’m sure that’s why a lot of people are watching her on socials. It’s not to suggest she’s not creative. She’s the best combination of elegance and creativity.

Pallister has already been working on several movies. She’s a good actor, but that’s not her primary work. She loves acting sometimes, but is mainly a model and a fashion designer.

10 Facts of Alana Pallister

1. Alana Pallister is looking very young. If I were to judge, I’d say she’s about 30 to 35 years old. She has never, however, disclosed her age to the media.
2. The specifics of her birthday are still enigmatic. That’s why we don’t know the sign of her zodiac.
3. According to an online article. Alana is an Australian citizen regardless of her ethnicity.
4. Alana has a stunning body and a slim figure. Yet we have to admit that we don’t know much about her height and weight.
5. Her sister’s name is Stevie Cox, and together they found the fashion line “I.AM.GIA.”
6. Since its launch in May 2017, “I.AM.GIA” has always been at the forefront of elegant grunge urban wear.
7. So far she’s not on Wikipedia, but her fashion line has been protected by Wikipedia.
8. Gigi Hadid wearing the I.AM.GIA dress is a testimony to the fashionable and qualitative essence of her business.
9. Alana seems to be single at the moment.
10. She’s got 154k followers on her Instagram.

Facts of Alana Pallister

Name Alana Pallister
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Model
Siblings Stevie Cox
Married/Single Single
Instagram alanapallister