Alison Stewart

Quick Facts about Alison Stewart

Full Name Alison Stewart
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1966/7/4
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States
Horoscope Cancer
Ethnicity White
Father Name Joseph T. Stewart Jr.
Mother Name Carol Stewart
Sexual Orientation Straight

Alison Stewart is the ideal illustration of a strong woman who overcame all obstacles to become a prominent journalist in the media sector. She handled everything with ease despite all the difficulties and difficulties that come with journalism because to her broad skill set and character in front of the camera. Without adding that she served as the political correspondent for MTV News in the 1990s, her introduction would be lacking. Today, we give you a close-up look at the diva’s personal life, profession, and net worth.

Huge Net Worth of Alison Stewart

No matter how challenging it is, journalism offers advantages in terms of the financial reaction. In addition to making Alison Stewart popular with television viewers during the course of her three-decade career, it also enabled her to significantly increase her net worth. She has a startling net worth of $1 million as of August 2020, specifically. The 54-year-old may enjoy a luxury lifestyle surrounded by all kinds of contemporary luxuries because to his enormous money account.

Payscale predicts Alison Stewart will make roughly $40,747, which also happens to be the typical wage for journalists in the entertainment sector. Despite having had a successful career in the media, she enhanced her résumé by publishing her book “First Class” in 2013. In April 2016, she published her second book, “JUNK: Digging Through America’s Love Affair with Stuff.”


A Resounding Journalism Career for Alison Stewart

Alison Stewart began her career in 1988 as an assistant at MTV and rose quickly through the ranks. She was hired as a segment producer by MTV News in 1991 after making an impression on the director Linda Corradini. She covered the 1992 presidential election for the network’s inaugural “Choose or Lose” campaign, which helped her win a Peabody Award. In December 1996, she switched from MTV to CBS News and began contributing to shows like “CBS News Sunday Morning” and “48 Hours.”

Alison’s next significant shift was to ABC News in the early 2000s, where she reported to “Good Morning America” and “20/20 Downtown” and co-anchored the network’s early morning news show, “World News Now,” with Anderson Cooper. In order to present “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” and “The Rachel Maddow Show” throughout the day on MSNBC, the 54-year-old relocated there later. She also moved to NPR in May 2007 and aired a morning drive show there called “The Bryant Park Project,” which catered to adults between the ages of 25 and 44.

Before joining CBS News again in the early 2010s, Stewart worked for PBS. She also hosted the inaugural season of the TED Radio Hour, a joint venture between TED and NPR. Alison Stewart returned to PBS as a special journalist and stand-in host for Charlie Rose and NewsHour Weekend. She was also added to the lineup of WNYC to present the lunchtime program “All of It with Alison Stewart.”


Background and Married Life of Alison Stewart

Because of her success as a journalist, Alison Stewart is still well-known today, allowing her admirers to pay close attention to her personal life as well. Many people look up to a married woman who wed Vice President of Programming for MSNBC Bill Wolff in November 2006. In front of their loved ones in Cipriani 23rd Street, New York, they exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony. She and her devoted husband have a single child.

Alison Stewart is the wife of Bill Wolff. Source: Maplewood Library

Regarding Alison Stewart’s history and early years, she was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Alison Stewart was conceived by the senior vice president for corporate relations of Princeton, New Jersey-based pharmaceutical business Squibb Corporation. She also had a mother who taught biology at Columbia High School. She completed her schooling at Brown University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree, which aided in the beginning of her broadcasting career. It’s interesting to note that she served as the station’s music director for the WBRU radio station.