Allison Payne

Allison Payne was a nine-time Emmy Award winner, WGN TV anchorwoman, international journalist, and public speaker from the United States. She was well-known for her work as a reporter and anchor at WGN-TV, a CW affiliate and cable superstation. She had also worked as a co-anchor for WGN’s Midday News. Allison Payne has also covered various stories around the world, including tracking former President Barack Obama’s roots in Kenya and accompanying the Rev. Jesse Jackson to the Ivory Coast. Payne Productions Inc., a TV production company that assists students in the broadcasting industry, was also her sole proprietorship. She was also a member of the community builder. Allison worked as a freelance broadcaster till her death on September 11th, 2021.

How much was Allison Payne Net Worth at the time of her death?

Allison Payne was a well-known journalist with a net worth estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million at the time of her death. Her journalism work was her main source of riches. While her specific pay has yet to be revealed, there is no doubt in the minds of her fans that she was earning a substantial sum of money from her career work and that she was enjoying a comfortable lifestyle as a result of her earnings. At this time, information on her automobiles and mansion is lacking.

What was Allison Payne Known For?

  • Being a nine-time Emmy Award winner, a WGN-TV anchorwoman for 21 years, an experienced international journalist, a prominent public speaker, and an active community builder
  • For her work as a reporter and anchor at WGN-TV, a CW affiliate and cable superstation in Chicago, Illinois. From 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Payne was a co-anchor on WGN’s Midday News.
Allison Payne dies at 57 at her home on 11th September 2021 (Source: @sportskeeda)

Former WGN anchor Allison Payne dead at 57:

Allison Payne, the face of WGN-TV for two decades and a nine-time Emmy Award winner, has died at the age of 57. According to a WGN press release, the 21-year veteran of the station died on September 1 at her home in Detroit. She was a role model for many people and eventually founded a foundation for journalism students. “While many journalists are concerned with their list of questions, she showed me that the most essential part of an interview is listening. Even if you don’t ask the appropriate questions, the story will show itself if you listen carefully enough “Tyra Martin, a producer at WGN-TV, acknowledged as much. Allison Payne and WGN parted ways in 2011 following a series of “unfortunate health circumstances,” according to the broadcaster. Her death was caused by an unknown factor. Payne said she had a series of mini-strokes before leaving Chicago television news. She also discussed her difficulties with despair and alcoholism.

Who are the Parents of Allison Payne?

On February 12, 1964, Allison Payne opened her eyes for the first time. Her birthplace was Richmond, Virginia, in the United States. When she was five years old, her parents relocated to Detroit, Michigan, where she spent her youth. She was born in the United States to American parents and hailed from a mixed ethnic background. Her father, Dana Payne, and mother, Kathryn Payne, were her parents when she was born. She recently celebrated her 57th birthday with family and friends. Her Zodiac sign was Aquarius, and her religion was Christian, according to her birth date.

In terms of Allison’s scholastic background, she attended St. Rita’s Catholic grade school in Michigan. She also attended Renaissance High School in Detroit and graduated with honors. She also graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. She then pursued her master’s degree in radio, television, and film at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She was also a Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. member.

Allison Payne Career Timeline and Life Story:

  • Allison Payne began her career as an intern at the NBC station WNWO (channel 24) in Toledo, Ohio.
  • She was promoted to the lead anchor of the station’s late evening newscast for that brief period.
  • She then moved to NBC affiliate WNEM-TV in Saginaw, Michigan (channel 5, now a CBS affiliate), where she co-anchored the 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts.
  • She relocated to Chicago in 1990 and worked as an anchor for the station’s primetime 9 p.m. show until 2009.
  • From 1993 to 2008, she shared the anchor desk with Steve Sanders in the evenings, and since 2009, in the mornings.
  • She later flew to Kenya to learn more about Barack Obama’s ancestors and to the Middle East to cover Reverend Jesse Jackson’s peace talks with Israel and Lebanon.
  • Allison and WGN-TV station management reached an agreement to buy out Payne’s existing contract, terminating her 21-year tenure with the station. Payne left WGN-TV in September 2011.
  • “I expect to continue working in broadcasting in some form in the future and will investigate other career alternatives,” she stated afterwards. “I also plan to continue my volunteer work in the community here.” She also mentioned: “I intend to start creating my own documentaries in the future. I also intend to publish reports on a regular basis, which I will share with you on this page. I’m not ruling out a return to anchoring, but for the time being, I’m looking for fresh cerebral challenges. I’m willing to put my communication skills to work in the corporate world “on August 4th, 2011.

Achievements and Awards:

Allison Payne had won numerous accolades, including nine Emmys. Her honors and titles include:

  • Jackson & Jackson: Allison Payne, Reporter; Pam Grimes, Producer. Outstanding Achievement within a Regularly Scheduled News Program – Specialty Report/Series – Politics/Government: Jackson & Jackson: Allison Payne, Reporter; Pam Grimes, Producer. WGN
  • Allison Payne – People to People – Outstanding Achievement for Individual Excellence on Camera: Programming – Program – Host/Moderator/Contributor: Allison Payne WGN
  • Specialty Report: Outstanding Achievement in a Regularly Scheduled News Program: – Allison Payne, Reporter; Pam Grimes, Michael D’Angelo, Producers. Religion: Blue Eyes, Black Soul: Allison Payne, Reporter; Pam Grimes, Michael D’Angelo, Producers. WGN
  • People to People: Outstanding Achievement in Informational Programs – Public Affairs/Current Affairs: Producer Gloria Brown; hosts Allison Payne and Steve Sanders. WGN
  • Individual Excellence on Camera: Outstanding Achievement Allison Payne is a composite reporter for WGN News.

Who was Allison Payne married to?

Allison Payne has been married for a long time. She married her long-time partner, Bobby Richardson, as well as a friend. In the year 2004, the couple married. Details about their children and how their relationship began remain a mystery because she never spoke to the public about it. Her sexual orientation was that of a straight woman. She was formerly married to Don Riggs, her ex-husband.

How tall was Allison Payne?

Allison Payne was a stunning woman with a confident demeanor. She was of ordinary height and had a well-balanced body weight. Her hair was a dark brown tone, and her eyes were black. More information about her body measurements, shoe size, and other characteristics have yet to be revealed. Her endearing television personality has drew a large number of admirers.

Allison Payne Health Issues and Death Cause:

Allison Payne was placed on medical leave in January and August 2009 after suffering from a series of mini-strokes. In November 2008, WGN-TV reported that Payne will be taking an indefinite leave of absence due to chronic health difficulties. She then sought treatment for depression that she had developed during her absence a few months prior. She stated publicly in January 2010 that she was a recovering alcoholic, after battling alcoholism for 20 years. She noted at the time, “Substance abuse can become an issue.” “I wanted to make sure nothing got out of hand in my life.” In late December 2010, she took a leave of absence from WGN-TV to relax her vocal cords. “She was diagnosed a few months ago and attempted to stick it out… (but) her doctor wants her to stay off the air until they can repair the condition,” Greg Caputo, news director at WGN-TV, told TimeOut Chicago columnist Robert Feder in an interview. Allison Payne dies in her home on September 11th, 2021, at the age of 57.