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Ameen Sayani’s death has been widely reported on the internet. His devoted audience is anxious about his health. Ameen Sayani, a well-known former radio broadcaster from India, has won the hearts of millions across the Indian Subcontinent.

His astonishing rise to prominence began with his engaging radio show, Binaca Geetmala, which broadcast on Radio Ceylon. Ameen Sayani unusual style and seductive voice continue to inspire several imitators even today.

Sayani’s foray into radio was aided by his brother, Hamid Sayani, who introduced him to All India Radio, Bombay.

He actively participated in English programs for ten years, contributing to the station’s success. His efforts were essential in popularizing All India Radio in India. Aside from his radio profession, Sayani has appeared in films such as Teen Devian, Bhoot Bungla, Boxer, and Qatl as an announcer in various events.

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Is Ameen Sayani Dead? Is The Death News True Or False?

The death of iconic radio broadcaster Sayani has made the rounds on social media sites. While social media has become an important source of news and information, it has also become a place where nasty death rumors circulate.

Unfounded reports about the famed radio announcer’s death began circulating on the internet recently.

Everyone was taken aback by the terrible news, prompting followers and admirers to express their sympathies and pay sincere homage to the renowned presenter. However, it is critical to note that announcer Sayani is still alive and well at the age of 90.

Ameen Sayani's Obituary
Ameen Sayani passed away; The news is just rumors. (Source: Creative thinks Media)

Regrettably, he has been a victim of false stories and misinformation about his death.

These death rumors are spread by persons who wish to confuse and disturb others. It’s critical to be cautious when getting news from social media and to double-check it with credible sources. Sayani remains an iconic personality in the radio industry, and his contributions to the industry are invaluable.

Family Background of Ameen Sayani

Ameen, a notable personality in the field of broadcasting, was born in Bombay, India, on December 21, 1932. Even at the age of 90, he continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his distinct voice and magnetic presence.

Sayani is the son of late Jan Mohamed Sayani and late Kulsum Sayani. During his childhood, he actively helped his mother, Kulsum Sayani, create and distribute a fortnightly periodical to educate illiterate people.

Ameen Sayanis'' Family
Ameen Sayani with son Rajil Sayani and wife Rama Sayani (Source: Twitter)

This great movement was spearheaded by none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself. Kulsum Sayani’s unwavering dedication to opposing social injustices and membership in the Indian National Movement left an indelible mark on him.

Kulsum had the honor of meeting Mahatma Gandhi in 1917, accompanied by her father. This experience instilled in her a deep admiration and affection for Gandhi’s beliefs, which she held until her death on May 27, 1987.

Rama Muttu, Sayani’s wife, has also passed away, leaving behind fond memories.He has a kid named Rajil Sayani and a brother named Hamid Sayani in his family.

Ameen Sayani’s Health Status

There is no word on the radio announcer’s ailment, implying that he is still in good health and spirits at the age of 90. Sayani is well-known for his work in the field of audio features such as tapes, LPs, and CDs. He is currently working on a unique project with Saregama India Ltd.

He is releasing a retrospective collection of his legendary radio show, Geetmala, on CDs under the series titled “GEETMALA KI CHHAON MEIN.”

Ameen Sayani's Health Status
Former radio announcer Ameen is still alive as of 2023. (Source: Twitter)

With 40 volumes now published and offered in five-CD bundles, this series has received praise both in India and beyond.

Since 1976, he has played an important role in the export of Indian radio programmes and commercials. His work has been heard in the United States, Canada, England, the United Arab Emirates, Swaziland, Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji, and New Zealand.

Throughout his lengthy career, he has received various prizes and distinctions. Notably, he earned the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s Living Legend Award in 2006, in cooperation with the India Radio Forum.