Aml Ameen

Actor Aml Ameen is a skilled native of London. Because to his portrayal of Trevor in the British movie Kidulthood, he gained notoriety. Similarly, he is well-known for his outstanding portrayal of Capheus in the Netflix television series Sense 8.

Quick Facts of Aml Ameen

Full Name Aml Eysan Ameen
Aka Aml Ameen
Height 170cm
Nationality English
Date of Birth 1985/7/30
Birth Country England
Birth Place London
Horoscope Leo
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Name Bilal Ameen
Sexual Orientation Straight

Aml is a screenwriter, director, and producer in addition to being an actor. Many of the films in which he has appeared feature his artwork.

How much is the net worth of Aml Ameen in 2022?

Aml Ameen’s net worth is thought to be around $3 million. However, net worth is a dynamic concept that is susceptible to quick change. His income, properties, and assets are included in his net worth. He has achieved this enormous level of riches by working hard and dedicating himself to his vocation.

Actor Aml Ameen has $3 million net worth, image source: Jamaica Gleaner.

His acting job is his main source of income. Throughout his career, he has been in numerous movies and television shows. He has starred in a number of successful films, including Kidulthood and The Maze Runner, which has helped him amass a sizable fortune.

Similar to this, he makes a sizable income from his work as a screenwriter, producer, and director of photography. Therefore, it may be said that he is leading an opulent and convenient life. You may also like to read the bio of Kevin Connolly

Early Years of Aml Ameen

Ameen, also referred to as Aml Eysan Ameen, was born in 1985. His parents raised him in London, England. The actor observes his birthday on July 30 each year. Alongside his sibling, he grew up. He hasn’t spoken a lot about his upbringing. It is clear, nonetheless, that he had a youthful interest in acting. At the 1996 BRIT Awards ceremony, Aml, then 11 years old, performed with Michael Johnson, a famed musician.

His national identity is as a citizen of the United Kingdom. Regarding his religious affiliations, the actor hasn’t yet made them public. Due to the fact that his parents are both Vincentians and Jamaicans, he belongs to a mixed ethnicity. Modern astrologers claim that He was born under the sign of Leo.

College Life

Aml has a broad range of knowledge. He has learned things from both his official education and life experiences. Speaking of his academic career, he has kept both the course he pursued and the specifics of his educational background a secret.

He must have attended a neighborhood school in his hometown like the majority of people for his primary schooling. But it is known that he studied acting at the Barbara Speake Stage School.

Physical Description

Aml has a good appearance. His height of 5 feet 7 inches makes him appear towering and imposing (170 cm). He has kept his weight under control and maintained his body. His physique is in respectable shape. The actor from London is admired for his stunning black eyes and short black hair.

Aml Ameen looking sharp in a black suit Source: Instagram @amlameenbaby

Aml has not revealed any other information regarding his physical characteristics aside from this. This pertains to his biceps, clothing size, shoe size, etc. Perhaps the actor feels awkward disclosing this information. He doesn’t appear to have any tattoos or body piercings. You may also like to read the bio of Kevin Connolly

Family Background

As the son of Bilal Ameen, Aml was born. He hasn’t provided any information on his mother, though. Behind the drapes is who she really is. His parents are Vincentians and Jamaicans. He shared his early years with one brother. Further than this, the actor has made no other family-related disclosures.

However, it can be argued that his family helped to mold his future and gave him the required love, care, and support. He had a prosperous background.

Siblings, Mikel Ameen

Mikel Ameen is a producer and musician from the United Kingdom. He has shared the stage with Hip-Hop greats like the Wu-tang Clan and Public Enemy and has worked with UK artists like Fuse Odg and Rough Copy. In addition, he is a dynamic speaker with a natural talent for connecting with even the most elusive young people.

With regard to his private information, he has a birthday every year on September 27. Aml and him were childhood friends. He would rather keep his private affairs quiet.

Relationships Status

Aml Ameen is presumably single at the moment and is only concerned with furthering his career. Ameen’s romantic involvement with any woman is completely unknown. He does not appear to be dating anyone, despite the fact that he seems to be quite close to his female co-stars.

Aml Ameen with his Co-star Source: Instagram @amlameenbaby

Unfortunately, Aml has not disclosed his relationship. Many fans are curious about the love lives of their favorite celebs. Perhaps he is engaged in a private relationship that he prefers to keep private.

He is also not known to have previously been married or engaged. He is also straight in terms of sexual orientation. You may also like to read the bio of Kevin Connolly

Career Beginning of Aml Ameen

Aml Ameen’s acting career began in 2002 when he landed his first role in the ITV television series “The Bill.” The actor’s portrayal of PC Lewis Hardy in 2006 quickly rose to the top of his list of most well-liked roles.

Additionally, he made brief cameo appearances in the medical drama “Holby City” and the BBC soap opera “EastEnders.” Similarly, he was cast in the lead role of Trife in the British film “Kidulthood.” He was also employed by “Second Chance and Red Tails” at the same time.

In addition to his job, Jason Barrett’s British movie “The Naked Poet” featured him as Ryan. For the same work, he was recognized as Best Actor at the 2010 VIPF Awards. Then, he made an appearance in David E. Kelley’s portrayal of Harry’s Law in the first season on NBC.

Actor Aml Ameen in Inside Man Most wanted, Image source: Tv Guide.

In George Lucas’ Red Tails, he received his first Hollywood break. In a similar vein, he also made an appearance in “The Maze Runner.”

Speaking of his career as a director, he produced and directed his debut film, Boxing Day, a romantic comedy with an all-black ensemble. You may also like to read the bio of Kevin Connolly

Awards And Nominations of Aml Ameen

Aml is renowned for his abilities and diligence. He gained notoriety as an actor thanks to his outstanding performance. One of the names in the Times Newspaper was him. In 2006, he obtained one to watch.

Similar to that, the actor won a title for Best Actor in a TV Performance at the Screen Nation Awards the following year, in 2007.

Instagram presence

Aml doesn’t post much on social media. He has turned on his account on popular social media sites including Twitter and Instagram. And he updated his social media to share information about himself and to connect with his family and friends.

He has the @amlameen Instagram handle. On Instagram, he has amassed more than 75k followers. On this platform, he recounts events from both his personal and professional lives.

Similar to this, he uses the Twitter handle @AmlAmeen to post his ideas and opinions. At the time of writing, he has more than 76k followers on Twitter.