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Quick Facts

Angus Imrie, a British actor and director, was born on August 2, 1994, and is best known for films and television shows such as The Kid Who Would Be King, Emma, and Kingdom. He’s also one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors right now.

Angus, a University of Warwick graduate, has dreamed of pursuing an acting career since he was a child. As a result, the majority of his early parts, such as Station Jim, Wah-Wah, and Kingdom, are shared with his mother, who has always acted with him.

What is the net worth of Angus Imrie?

As 2022, The net worth of Angus Imrie is predicted to be more than $2 million. This sum was earned via his decades of hard work and dedication in the entertainment industry. Currently, the man lives a lavish lifestyle in his multimillion-dollar estate and owns a stunning collection of automobiles. However, there are currently no details available about those.

Angus Imrie
British Actor and Director Angus Imrie Via Legendpeeps

Early Life and Family

On the 2nd of August 1994, Angus William Jake Imrie, an English actor, was born in Isle of Wight, England. Benjamin Whitrow and Celia Imrie, his father and mother, raised him as a single child. Angus is 27 years old and of British nationality and white ethnicity as of 2022.

Angus’ father, on the other hand, is a British actor best remembered for his performance in ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ His mother, on the other hand, is Bridget Jones, an actor and novelist. Imrie also has a strong relationship with his two older half-siblings from his father’s previous marriage.

Where did he get his education?

Dulwich College, an independent boarding institution, was where Angus Imrie acquired his early education. He subsequently went on to the University of Warwick, where he earned a master’s degree in English Literature and Theatre. Finally, from 2015 to 2017, the man attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to further his education and prepare for his next film ventures.

How Did Angus Become Famous?

The actor’s professional career began with theater parts, followed by television and radio plays. He started working in the entertainment sector when he was just five years old. Angus, on the other hand, made his cinematic debut in the BBC One Film Drama ‘Station Jim,’ then went on to star in the ITV drama TV serial ‘Kingdom’ in 2007 and Restless in 2012.

Angus Imrie
Angus Imrie in The kid who would be king Gala Screening – VIP Arrivals Image Source:

After a successful start in the industry as a child actor, the Actor gained key roles in TV dramas such as The Hollow Crown and Father Brown, as well as stage plays such as Richard ll as William Shakespeare and Ned Spiggett in Nell Gwynn (2015).

What Are His Favorite TV Shows and Films?

With blockbuster TV shows and movies like Emma as Bartholomew (2020), Fleabag as Jake (2019), The Kid Who Would Be King as Young Merlin (2019), Pennyworth as Lieutenant Greaves (2020-2021), and Star Trek: Prodigy as Lieutenant Greaves (2020-2021), Angus has risen to stardom (2021-2022).

Who is the Wife of Angus Imrie?

Angus Imrie, who is 27 years old, is an enigmatic and secretive individual. He has not allowed the media to conduct a search for his wife or girlfriends, whether or not they were in a relationship with him. Angus, though, is rumored to be married and the father of a child. However, there is no evidence to support this story.

How is Angus Relationship With His Mother?

Furthermore, Angus’ mother Celia Imrie and father Benjamin Whitrow have never married, according to his parents’ love and marriage tale. Despite the fact that they shared a romantic connection, they resolved to stay close friends till the end.

Angus Imrie
Angus Imrie with mother Celia Imrie during “Mary Poppins” West End Opening Night at Prince Edward’s Theatre in London, Great Britain Image Source:

Angus’ mother wanted to have a kid with actor Benjamin Whitrow, but she agreed to raise her son alone, according to DailyMail. They didn’t want to marry and instead wanted to live together as close friends. Celia and Whitrow’s romance results in the birth of Angus Imrie in 1994. Benjamin, on the other hand, played an important role as a parent and raised their only child jointly.

Celia felt Benjamin Whitrow’s death at the age of 80 to be a huge loss in her life. Similarly, she made the decision not to marry anyone for the rest of her life. Instead, she raised her son Angus on her own and provided him with all he needed to have a happy life.

Is Angus Imrie Gay or Straight?

Angus is a straight guy who has made a reputation for himself in the profession since he was five years old. There have been various suspicions about his sexuality, but Imrie has remained silent on the subject. He stays away from unneeded issues and has a very secluded life with his mother.

Social Media

There are multiple social media profiles for Angus Imrie, but none of them appear to be genuine or the actor’s original form. He has a very private life and only appears in the media on rare occasions. As of 2021, Angus isn’t on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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