Aniela Gumbs-Actress| Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship, Career and Wiki!

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Birth Date

February 14,2009

Full Name

Aniela Gumbs





Birth Country

United States

Father Name

Richard Gumbs

Father Profession

TV Producer

Mother Name

Gena Sexton-Gumbs

Mother Profession

Writer and Manager






Dani Gumbs, Khamani

The actress that plays Zola Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy goes by the name Aniela Gumbs. She has established herself as one of the most well-known young artists in America thanks to her incredible character depiction.

Aniela Gumbs popularity as Zola is also evident by her large fan following on her Instagram, i.e. more than 192k. How is the young child artist handling such fame, let’s know about it as we explore her life details.

What is the net worth of Aniela Gumbs??

Aniela Gumbs has a net worth of $1.5 million at such a young age, making her a millionaire. Gaius Charles, another Grey’s Anatomy star, has a $500k fortune. Thanks to her outstanding acting abilities and her recurrent role as Zola Shepherd in one of the best TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy, she has amassed a large wealth.

Grey’s Anatomy has featured Aniela in nearly 60 episodes since 2013.She also returned to play Zola in the TV series Station 19 in 2023. In addition to this, Gumbs has no additional acting credentials, not even for Barbie, despite popular belief to the contrary.

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Similarly, Gumbs’ mother Gena and father Richard also make substantial money as writers and managers. Richard is a TV producer. Aniela is thus enjoying a happy life in the United States with her parents.

Is Aniela Gumbs dating?

Aniela Gumbs doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now, though. She is currently too young to be in a romantic relationship. Yes, the Grey’s Anatomy star is still in her early adolescence and prefers to hang out with her friends and family over dating.

Age and Early years:

Aniela Gumbs, who was born on February 14, 2009, is a young adolescent who was raised in the United States. Every year on Valentine’s Day, Gumbs celebrates her birthday with her friends and family. She is the child of Gena Sexton Gumbs and TV producer Richard Gumbs.

Gumbs received a head start on her on-screen debut because she is the daughter of a television producer. Since her debut appearance as Zola in Grey’s Anatomy at the age of 4, Aniela has adored acting.

The young American artist successfully balances her career and schooling. Aniela uploaded a photo of herself studying on the set on Instagram, though she hasn’t revealed the school. Gumbs is pleased of her academic accomplishments and has earned all As in her middle class.

Gumbs began first grade the same year she received her preschool diploma in May 2015. She might be in the eighth grade in 2023.


The members of Aniela Gumbs’ family are her parents and two siblings. She is the aforementioned Richard Gumbs’s daughter, a TV producer known for his work on shows including Family Time, Partner in Rhymes, Ghetto Soldiers: Ghetto Life, and many others.

Gena Sexton Gumbs, Aniela’s mother, has been a Stage 32 member since June 2015. It is a website that connects talented people in the entertainment industry. Gena is a manager and a writer at Stage 32.

The Gumbs family appears to be among the busiest ones around based on appearances. Nevertheless, they do manage to carve out some time for family time. Nothing like a family, the Grey’s Anatomy actress captioned a photo of her family.

Career of Aniela Gumbs:

Aniela Gumbs plays the character of Zola Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy, which she debuted in the seventh season. Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey adopted her after learning of her birth name, Zola Limbani. They are two of the show’s primary characters.

Aniela Gumbs and Emily Pompeo hugging each other. Source: Instagram @anielagumbs

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The actress Emily Pompeo, who portrays Zola’s mother in the series, has been a huge advocate for Aniela. According to the Child artist, Emily taught her acting tips and showed her how to portray herself, all of which have been incredibly useful throughout the series.

Her adoptive siblings Ellis and Bailey Shepherd are frequently depicted interacting with other characters, as well as Shepherd. Zola’s character offers a chance to delve into a number of adoption and family dynamics-related subjects during the course of the series.

Bailey and Ellis, Zola’s siblings, are also portrayed by identical actors.While Ella and Grace Faris portray Ellis, the youngest of the Grey Shepherd children, Ryder and Brody Goodstadt play Bailey, Zola’s younger brother.