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Dr. Anita Sands is a well-known business and technology figure noted for her pioneering career and extensive expertise. She has made substantial contributions to numerous areas with a background that includes physics, public policy, academia, financial services, and technology.

She currently serves as a board director for three Silicon Valley public companies: Symantec Corporation, ServiceNow, and Pure Storage, as well as an advisor to Grand Central Tech, a leading New York City technology incubator.

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Anita Sands Biography, Wiki and Age

Dr. Sands, who was born in 1976 in Co. Louth, Ireland, is a proud member of the Irish diaspora. Her adventure has led her from the east coast of Ireland to the west coast of the United States, stopping in Pittsburgh, Toronto, and New York.

She has fashioned a unique route for herself with a diversified background encompassing physics, public policy, academia, financial services, and technology.

Anita received her undergraduate degree in physics and applied mathematics from Queen’s University Belfast, as well as her Ph.D. in atomic and molecular physics.

Dr. Anita Sands
Dr. Sands is an accomplished public speaker, Photo Via: YouTube

Her desire to bridge the gap between scientists, technologists, and policymakers drove her to seek a master’s degree in public policy and management at Carnegie Mellon University as a Fulbright Scholar.

She then moved to Silicon Valley, where she garnered notice and served on five boards of directors.

Dr. Sands, in addition to her professional accomplishments, is an exceptional public speaker, having won the all-Ireland public speaking championship.

She is an active member of groups such as the International Women’s Forum, the New York Women’s Forum, and W.O.M.E.N. in America, where she trains young female executives.

Anita Sands' career and Bio
Dr. Sands joins Princeton Keller Center as James Wei Visiting Professor. (Source: Dr. Anita Sandes)

The entrepreneur has received four invites from the Taoiseach to attend in the Global Irish Economic Forum. Since 2014, the doctor has served as an Independent Director at ServiceNow Inc, exhibiting her commitment and influence inside the organization.

Her dedication is further demonstrated by her repeated trades of ServiceNow Inc stock.

Who is the Husband of Dr. Anita Sands?

Sands enjoys a great personal life with her partner, John, in addition to a thriving career. As parents, grandparents, and guardians of their Irish ancestry, they both play crucial roles.

Aside from her remarkable work, she finds immense joy in her family. She is proud to be the mother of Rosie and the stepmother of five young adults. She has a close relationship with each of them and enjoys spending time with them.

Being a grandma to three grandchildren brings her great delight. She cherishes the special moments she gets to spend with them.

Anita Sands' Family
Dr. Anita Sands’ Family and Siblings, Photo Via:

The pair has a strong connection to their Irish background and takes joy in celebrating it. They recognize the importance of family and the strong bonds that link them together.

Their shared values and pride in their background serve as a solid foundation for their relationship and family.

The scientist demonstrates the significance of juggling a great job with a happy family life. She urges us to treasure the connections that bring us happiness and joy.

How much is Dr. Anita Sands Salary and Net Worth?

Although detailed information on Sands’ net worth is not publicly available, her stellar career and board positions suggest significant financial achievement.

She has established herself as a major player in the technology and business sectors, holding influential roles in firms such as ServiceNow Inc, Symantec Corporation, Pure Storage, and an advisory position at Grand Central Tech.

She has been involved in multiple trades of ServiceNow Inc stock, according to publicly available information from “wallmine,” since 2015.

For example, on April 28, 2023, she sold 1,315 units of NOW stock for a total of $604,571. Her largest transaction happened on June 7, 2018, when she sold 102,000 shares of ServiceNow Inc stock worth more than $2,451,060.

Anita Sands's Net Worth
Dr. Anita Sands has a well setteled and wealthy woman, however the exact net worth of her is unknown, Photo Via: Irish News

Since 2013, she has traded 5,510 units every 56 days on average. She still owns at least 14,443 shares of ServiceNow Inc stock as of April 28, 2023.

Anita is paid a total of $379,938 as an Independent Director of ServiceNow Inc. It is worth noting that 12 executives of ServiceNow Inc receive higher pay, with William McDermott receiving the most at $41,682,300.