Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Profession, and Parents

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Real Name

Anna Leigh Waters






Professional Pickleball Player




16 (Born January 26, 2007)






Father – Stephen Waters

Mother – Leigh Waters

Introducing Anna Leigh Waters, the 16-year-old wonder that is causing a stir in the pickleball world. Not only does she own numerous titles and records, but her astounding $2 million net worth also astounds her followers.

What is the net worth of Anna Leigh Waters?

Anna Leigh Waters has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her lucrative career as a professional pickleball player and any endorsements she may have gotten along the way have contributed to her net worth.

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Childhood & Family:

Born and reared in Delray Beach, Florida, in the United States, Anna Leigh Waters became interested in pickleball at a young age after visiting her grandparents in Pennsylvania in 2017.

Leigh, Anna’s mother, is her manager, coach, and playing partner. Her grandmother homeschools her so that she has more time for her career. Anna’s family has been supportive of her love for the game.


Homeschooling is used for Anna Leigh Waters. She graduated from high school, and there are hints that she might put off going to college in order to concentrate more on her pickleball career.

Career of Anna Leigh Waters:

Anna Leigh Waters’ impressive performance in neighborhood pickleball tournaments marked the start of her professional career.

She gained notoriety both domestically and abroad over the years by winning major competitions including as the USAPA Nationals, the Texas Open, the US Open (six times), the Orlando Cup, and others. She also started to serve as an inspiration to young pickleball players all around the world.

According to the Professional Pickleball Association, she is presently ranked No. 4 in the world for doubles, No. 1 for mixed doubles, and No. 1 for singles.

Her engaging demeanor and on-court accomplishments have also drawn sponsorship offers and endorsement opportunities from companies like Paddle Tek, Faye & Florie, FILA, and Lasso, which has increased her net worth.

Physical Appearance:

Waters is sixteen years old, five feet six inches tall, and weighs about fifty-three kilograms as of 2023. Her physical characteristics—she is primarily known for her aggressive playing style that mixes strength and speed—have probably contributed to her agility and success on the pickleball court.also read about: Gillian Hearst-Shaw – Family Member | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career


Only sixteen years old, Waters has accomplished what many can only imagine. She’s not only redefining pickleball greatness with her $2 million net worth, but she’s also providing a positive role model for young players everywhere.