Anthony Burgos Aviles Wife: Was He Married To Grizelda Hernandez? | Case Updates and News

Anthony Burgos Aviles is known for murdering his lover, Grizelda Hernandez, and his one-year-old kid. Here’s everything you need to know about Anthony Burgos Aviles’ wife and personal life.

The trial of Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles, a former Border Patrol supervisor accused of murder, is presently underway. On April 9, 2018, he murdered his lover, Grizelda Hernandez, 27, and their kid, Dominic Alexander. The trial began with opening arguments after a five-year wait.

Inside the courtroom, relatives of the late Grizelda and Dominic wore purple to express solidarity. The hearings are presided over by Judge Joe Lopez of the 49th District Court, who has given instructions to over 20 witnesses.

Law enforcement professionals, including Border Patrol agents and Laredo Police investigators, as well as friends and family members of the victim, are scheduled to testify.

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Was Anthony Burgos Aviles Married To Grizelda Hernandez?

One of the most sought subjects has been Anthony Burgos Aviles wife. In terms of his prior marriage, he was previously married to Amy. According to Laredo Police Department Chief Claudio Trevino, Amy was a supervisor and a nine-year Border Patrol veteran.

The couple had two kids, but details concerning their names and personal lives are unknown. Private information regarding Griselda, Anthony’s former lover, is undisclosed to the media due to the Hernandez family’s determination to keep more details about her private.

He was in a relationship with Grizelda Hernandez after divorcing Amy, according to his love life. Similarly, Hernandez was thought to be pregnant with his child throughout their relationship.

Despite speculations that Grizelda was Anthony’s wife, no confirmed source or information is currently accessible. The family has chosen to keep details about her personal life and relationship with Anthony private. As a result, more information about the late Griselda Hernandez and Amy remains unknown to the public.

Border Patrol agent’s murder trial the latest in a string of incidents stirring distrust (Source: USA Today)

Burgos-Aviles allegedly organized a meeting between their son and Hernandez at Father McNaboe Park on April 9, 2018, according to the wrongful death suit. According to the lawsuit, the defendant planned this meeting to eliminate what he regarded to be a “problem.”

“It is believed that the defendant’s injuries did not result in immediate death, instead causing both victims to suffer excruciating pain and agony before succumbing to their injuries and passing away.”

Hernandez and her kid were both stabbed to death. Their remains were located in a remote rural region, along with an empty stroller and strewn belongings. If found guilty, Brugos-Aviles could face the death penalty.

Life of Anthony Burgos Aviles Married

According to Hernandez’s family’s wrongful death complaint. Burgos-Aviles allegedly began dating Hernandez while he was still married to another lady with whom he had children.

Hernandez told Burgos-Aviles of her pregnancy and stated her plan to raise the child on her own. Dominic, their son, was born on July 26, 2016. Later, Anthony’s late girlfriend decided to further her education and strive to become a nurse.

Affidavit reveals FBI assistance in investigation of Laredo BP agent suspected of killing lover, son (Source: Laredo Morning Times)

In the spring of 2018, she approached Burgos Aviles for financial assistance with childcare costs and bills.

Burgos-Aviles, according to the lawsuit, replied with resistance and rage, expressing concerns about the impact on his other relationships and his career.

Anthony Burgos Aviles’s Children | Who is  Anthony Burgos Aviles?

The defendant in the case, Anthony, sadly took the life of his own one-year-old son, Dominic Alexander. This tragic tragedy has fueled online suspicion about Anthony’s possible involvement with other minors. When discussing Dominic’s case, the prosecution stressed that Dominic died not from the initial wounds but from a final slash to the neck.

Anthony Burgos Aviles' Kids
Anthony, the defendant in the case, tragically ended the life of his own one-year-old son, Dominic Alexander, Source: Laredo Morning Times

Although the murder weapon was not recovered, the prosecution uncovered evidence that Burgos-Aviles panicked and made mistakes in attempting to cover up the crime.

He allegedly removed victims’ cell phones and placed them in his truck, along with a belt keeper covered in blood drops.

Details on Grizelda Hernandez’s Autopsy

As previously stated, Anthony Burgos Aviles brutally murdered his reported wife and son Dominic Alexander. The autopsy of Grizelda indicated that she had 27 stab wounds on her head, face, chest, back, arms, and hands.

Similarly, the autopsy report confirmed that Anthony was Dominic’s father with a 99.99% certainty. The judicial proceedings seek to identify Burgos-Aviles’ guilt or innocence in order to provide justice for the victims and their families.

Burgos-Aviles might face the death penalty if convicted of double murder. The investigation into the case is ongoing, with investigators attempting to learn more about Aviles and Hernandez’s relationship. They are also looking for additional information and evidence on other elements of the case.