Aviss Pinkney Bell

Aviss Pinkney Bell is the American co-ordinator of Alpert Jewish’s Spring Basketball League. She rose to prominence as the famous wife of Coby Bell, a well-known actor, musician, and songwriter. Apart from that, Coby is most known for his role as Jason Pitts, a professional football player, in The CW/BET comedy-drama The Game. In addition, he worked on the films The Third Witch (1999), The Gifted (2017), Ball Don’t Lie (2007), and Walker (2020).

Aviss is also Coby’s longterm wife, who has always backed him up in achieving his work goals and achievement. Apart from that, the couple has a good connection and is the parents of four gorgeous children. What is her husband’s current relationship status? Read the entire story to learn more about her married connection.

Net worth

Aviss Pinkney Bell, As an American co-ordinator of the Spring Basketball League at Alpert Jewish, Aviss Pinkney Bell might have made a decent living. However, determining her exact net worth is extremely difficult at this time. Fortunately, she is married to Coby Bell, a well-known actor, singer, and composer who has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of his job. So, like other celebrity wives Rebecca Gleeson, Victoria Imperioli, and Frances Glandney, she is living a luxury lifestyle. Coby, her husband, is reported to have a net worth of $2 million. Aside from that, there is a claim that he recently purchased a new property for $568 thousand in February 2020. The house is 2,398 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is located in Long Beach, California.

Married Life with her Husband

Aviss Pinkney Bell with his husband, Coby Bell. Image Source: SuperHub
Aviss Pinkney Bell with his husband, Coby Bell. Image Source: SuperHub

When it comes to Aviss’ personal life, she is a married woman. Coby Bell, her long-time boyfriend turned husband, is her husband. On June 9, 2001, the pair walked down the aisle. They exchange vows in front of close friends and family members in a private ceremony. Since then, the two have formed a deep friendship and mutual understanding. Her spouse regarded her as a lady who had contributed to his great career and achievements. Furthermore, the pair is savoring every precious minute of their lives by supporting and encouraging each other through all of life’s ups and downs. She also enjoys cooking and traveling with her family. She is frequently seen holding hands with her hubby at gatherings and gatherings. In addition, the couple has four adorable children from their marriage.

Four children’s mother

Aviss with her husband and four children. Image Source: SuperbHub
Aviss with her husband and four children. Image Source: SuperbHub

With their four adorable children, the couple is having a wonderful time as parents. In addition, when Aviss gave birth to twin daughters Serrae and Jeena Bell, Coby and Aviss became parents for the first time. On June 21, 2003, they were born. The couple chose to have a third child after having two gorgeous children. On December 2, 2008, the couple welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, into their family for the second time. Quinn Bell, the name of their daughter, and Eli Bell, the name of their son, were maintained. Their children have all grown up to be healthy adults. Currently, the couple shares equal responsibility for their children’s physical and psychological development. She is currently enjoying a wonderful life with her husband and four children.

Quick Facts of Aviss Pinkney Bell

  • Full Name: Aviss Pinkney Bell
  • Nickname :Aviss
  • Marital Status :Married
  • Birthplace :USA
  • Ethnicity :Mixed
  • Religion :Christian
  • Profession :Celebrity Wife
  • Nationality :American
  • Eye colour :Black
  • Hair colour :Light Brown
  • Build :Slim
  • Spouse :Coby Bell (2001-present)
  • Children :4