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The world has changed, and so have many women’s attitudes toward marriage and weddings. This is also the story of actress Aya Cash, best known for her role on You’re the Worst, who never believed in marriage and other such things. But she is now happily married to the love of her life. So, what exactly happened to turn her world upside down?

How much is the net worth of Aya Cash?

According to Super Stars Bio, Aya Cash’s steady work has earned her a reported net worth of around $1 million. That figure is likely to rise as Cash, who has been married to writer-producer Josh Alexander since 2012, continues to book roles.

Aya Cash
Caption: Aya Cash (source: The Cut)

Aya Cash’s tumultuous love life

Aya Cash, an American actress, is now happily married to her husband, Josh Alexander. But there was a time in Cash’s life when she never considered donning a white gown to exchange vows and put a ring on her finger in order to spend a happy life with a significant other.

She, like many other girls, did not believe in marriage and the necessity of going through the formalities in order to secure a happy marriage. And, interestingly, Aya’s love story has the makings of a film. And this is what happened.

To get right to the point, the Easy star met Josh Alexander. And it appears that Cash had a string of bad luck with previous relationships and men she dated before Alexander came along and changed everything.

In 2014, Cash and her boyfriend marry.

Cash and her long-term boyfriend turned husband met in 2007, became engaged, and married in a low-key wedding ceremony in 2012. And Cash had a great time on her special day.

Because the actress is Jewish, the couple is most likely to have had both Jewish and Catholic weddings. Her father is a devout Jew, and her mother is a Catholic.

But getting married wasn’t an easy process for Cash, who had such strong feelings about it that she decided to go to therapy with Josh to ensure they were ready for the big step. Aya and Josh have been together for nearly fourteen years as of 2020.

Aside from their happy marriage, Aya and Josh have yet to start a family of their own. Either the couple is too preoccupied with their careers to have their own children, or they have no plans to do so anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Aya and her husband reside in New York, where they own an apartment they refer to as their “sweet home.”

Aya Cash
Caption: Aya Cash and her husband Josh Alexander (source: Nicki Swift)

More on Aya Cash’s Husband’s History

Fans of Aya Cash may be curious about the actress’s husband and occupation because he isn’t in the spotlight as much as his wife. So, who exactly is he, and what exactly does he do?

To answer the question, Josh works in the same industry as Aya as a filmmaker, producer, and writer. He also studied acting and worked at The Shakespeare Theatre. He is known for his contributions to projects such as Pretty Old, Southern Rites, and Prescription Thugs.

Mr. Alexander also attended Vassar College and Gunn High School in California. Speaking of him, Aya has a brother-in-law, aka Josh’s twin brother, who does not appear to be familiar to him.

Cash, on the other hand, is crushing it in her career, having already dominated the acting industry for her roles in The Boys as Stormfront, in which she co-starred with Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Kapon.


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