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While portraying the role on film, the performers tend to blend in with the role so well that viewers frequently mistake their on-screen relationship for a real one. Recently, actor Ben Savage made the front page of the New York Times because of his on-screen relationship and marriage, which erupted as a rumor.

Is he dating his on-screen sweetheart off-screen, or does he have another lady or man in his life who has his heart?

Ben Savage Net Worth

Ben Savage’s $12 million net worth certainly has a lot to do with his career. As many know, the man not only had a long-lived television career but a political one too.

What About Off-Screen Dating After Intense Dating On-Screen?

Ben (Cory Matthews) and Danielle (Topanga Lawrence) had a long on-screen relationship in the sitcom “Boy Meets World,” which aired on Disney Channel. Regular fans of the show had adopted the reality of their on-screen romance to be actual.

Caption: Marriage Alert! Ben married his on-screen love, Danielle Fishel (2013) (Photo )

After seven years of watching ups and downs in the series, the couple finally married on the show and even came up with a sequel “Girl Meets World” as parents of a twelve-year-old daughter. Leaving the on-screen scenario aside, Danielle was questioned about having a crush while still admitting to not dating each other, according to a source.

Fishel married her long-term lover, Tim Belusko, in October 2013, although Ben claims to have no wife. In an interview, he discussed his marital life, and when asked by a source about his feelings about having a twelve-year-old daughter in real life, he said:

Yes, indeed! I mean, I don’t have kids and I’m not married, but I suppose I could. I’d be overjoyed if my daughter were real!

However, while delving through the actor’s dating past, Ben had previously acknowledged having a girlfriend. According to a source, while informing about Cory Matthews’ mark in the minds of viewers, he talked about his girlfriend, the details of which were never divulged. He stated:

“Yesterday, a guy approached me and asked, pardon me, are you Danielle Fishel, and I answered, YES! I took a photo with him, and as he walked away, my girlfriend said, ‘I can’t believe he knew your true name,’ and I told him he probably Googled it immediately before he approached me.’

As a result of Ben’s decision to keep his relationship private, his fans raised the issue of his sexual orientation. But, as Ben previously mentioned about a girlfriend, the air is partly clarified on his preference. Furthermore, he has never been the subject of a rumor of being associated with a man, nor has he ever been caught in an unpleasant scenario. As a result, he is not gay.

Ben has managed to keep his personal and work lives separate, so he could still be in a relationship or he could have moved on. Nothing can be said until Ben himself verifies his present relationship status, despite the fact that several sources suggest he is possibly single.

How wealthy is Ben Savage?

Ben Savage broke into the entertainment industry by starring in the television series “Dear John.” Since then, he has been in a number of films and television shows, but it was the television series “Boy Meets World” that catapulted him to fame (1993-2000). With all of his efficiency and effort, he earned a net worth of $12 million, which is expected to rise as he continues to work and has undertaken important television projects such as “Girl Meets World” for the year 2017.

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth=1980-09-13
  • Age=40 Years 8 Month(s)
  • Nationality=American
  • Birth Place=Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Profession=Actor
  • Birth Name=Bennett Joseph Savage
  • Zodiac Sign=Virgo
  • Religion=Reform Judaism
  • Ethnicity/Race=White
  • Father=Lewis Savage
  • Mother=Joanne Savage
  • Brother/s=Fred Savage
  • Sister/s=Kala Savage
  • Relationship Status=Single
  • Gay=No
  • Net Worth=$12 Million
  • Career=1988 – Present
  • College=Stanford University
  • Height/ How Tall?=5 Feet 10 Inches (1.78 m)
  • Hair=Short
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