Betty Grafstein Portuguese Businesswoman Wife of Jose Branco | Husband, Bio, Wiki, Career, Family, Ethnicity and Facts

Betty Grafstein, sometimes known as Elizabeth Larner, is a well-known member of the Portuguese jet-set. This page will tell you more about Betty Grafstein’s age.

She is also known for being the wife of Jose Castelo Branco, a well-known actor and personality in the entertainment world. Lady Betty Grafstein is well-known for her roles in many television shows and films.

She has been in the films “1 Block” (2020), “Familia Superstar” (2007), and “HermanSIC” (2000). Her participation in these shows increased her prominence and repute in the entertainment world.

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Betty Grafstein Age – When Was She Born? | Nationality and Ethnicity

Betty Grafstein, an American millionaire, was born in 1928 and will be 94 years old in 2023. Grafstein and her sole son from her first marriage, Roger Basile, established Grafstein Diamond Company in New York.

She inherited the company from her late second husband, Jewish American Albert Grafstein. Her son, Roger Grafstein, currently runs the company. Betty Grafstein married Jose Castelo Branco in a registry office in Loures on November 27, 1996.

Betty Grafstein's Age, Birthday
Betty Grafstein, the Portuguese businesswoman is Currently 94 years old. (Source: Instagram)

Betty Grafstein and Jose Castelo Branco have shown that when it comes to love, age is just a number. Their partnership illustrates how age disparities should not stand in the way of a profound connection and true affection between two people.

Their friendship exemplifies the ability of love to transcend age barriers and demonstrates that what truly important is the bond shared between two people.

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Who is the Husband of Portuguese Businesswoman Betty Grafstein?

On November 27, 1996, in Loures, Portugal, Jose Castelo Branco remarried. Betty Grafstein, an American Jewish widow and millionaire originally known as Elizabeth Larner, was his wife this time.

Following their wedding, the pair divided their time between Sintra, Portugal, and New York. This arrangement lasted until the mid-2010s, when they decided to live solely in New York City.

Betty Grafstein's Husband, Wife
Betty Grafstein with her husband Jose Castelo Branco (Source: TikTok)

Jose went to Lisbon at the age of twelve, settling in Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros. He rose to prominence in the Lisbon nightlife scene by assuming the persona of Tatiana Romanov.

Branco made friends with socialite Lili Canecas, who was instrumental in introducing him to the Portuguese jet-set group. Jose’s life took a big shift after marrying a millionaire in the diamond sector, offering him with various new chances.

His name began to emerge often in the media, and he has been involved in a flurry of activities in recent years.

Family of Betty Grafstein

Betty Grafstein, a well-known Portuguese entrepreneur and socialite, is 95 years old. Following her husband’s death in the early 1990s, she took over the family jewelry business.

She married Jose Castelo Branco, a flamboyant socialite known for his quirky and attention-grabbing public appearances, in 1996.

Betty Grafstein's Family
Portuguese Businesswoman Betty Grafstein’s Husband, Wife, Jose and Other Family members, Photo Source: Black Tie Maazine

Betty’s family and siblings are unknown, as she has not provided any additional information about them. However, it is known that she was born into a wealthy and privileged family in Portugal, which contributed to her future fortune acquisition. Her well-off background’s support and resources are believed to have contributed to her achievement in becoming a millionaire.