Birdie Leigh Silverstein

Facts of Birdie Leigh Silverstein

Full Name Birdie Leigh Silverstein
First Name Birdie
Middle Name Leigh
Last Name Silverstein
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Marc Silverstein
Father Profession screenwriter, producer, and film writer
Mother Name Busy Philipps
Mother Profession actress
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation gay
Siblings Cricket Pearl Silverstein
Date of Birth 2008

The oldest child of American actress Busy Philipps, known for her roles in Freaks and Geeks, Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town, etc., is named Birdie Leigh Silverstein.

Marc Silverstein, an American screenwriter, producer, and film writer, is Bridie’s father.

How much is the net worth of Birdie Leigh Silverstein?

Birdie Leigh Silverstein will undoubtedly secure important roles in the near future thanks to their natural acting abilities. They have a fantastic acting career, as evidenced by the widespread acclaim for their performance in With Love. However, as of right now, we are aware of their mother’s net worth, who is a well-known Hollywood actress. By 2022, her net worth is : $12 million

Belongs to nob-binary groups and uses non-binary pronouns

Bridie’s sexual orientation was revealed by Philipps during a podcast episode of hers called “Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best.” She claimed that when Birdie was 10 years old, she came out as gay and requested to be addressed as they/them.

Birdie had no problem disclosing her sexual orientation to the public because she didn’t give a damn. She informed her mother that she was free to discuss her sexual orientation, coming out, and choice of pronouns.

Birdie Leigh Silverstein gets infinite support from her mother Busy Philipps. Source: Instagram

She continued by saying how finding Bridie lying on the floor listening to Harry Styles’ Fine Line album caused her to become emotional. Also She expressed her feelings about being alive but not living when Philipps asked her if she wanted to share anything with her.

Bridie was told by Philipps that she could design her life however she wanted; it was not required to resemble anything she had previously seen or been modeled after because it might not exist.

However, a mother’s fear of protecting her children will always be present in her. Philipps acknowledged that when it comes to her daughter Birdie, she lacks control. She worries that during her daughter’s life, she will experience sexual assault.

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Has a younger sister

Cricket Pearl, Birdie’s younger sister, is five years her junior. Where they can, both siblings contribute to the family routine.

The bond between Birdie Leigh Silverstein and her sister Cricket Pearl Silverstein is incredible. Source: Instagram

While her mother helps her get dressed, Cricket chooses her outfit for the day. Philipps claims that when Birdie is getting ready for school in the morning, she works her hardest with her father.

Already into the showbiz industry

Birdie is already working in the entertainment industry, like her famous parents. They made their television debut in the Cougar Town episodes, and in 2021, they were cast in a significant role in the Amazon series With Love, where they will play a non-binary character on a regular basis.

Gloria Calderon Kellett, a writer and producer, confirmed the information. In addition, they made an appearance in a music video for Tomberlin’s Wasted, which was made under the mother’s direction, Busy Philipps.

Birdie Leigh Silverstein with Gloria Calderon Kellett who is the creator of romcom series With Love. Source: Instagram

With Love featured her in her first non-binary acting role, which produced a very moving scene at home. All of their parents were in tears, and they were tears of joy and pride.

Proud parents Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein were all in tears watching the performance of Birdie Leigh Silverstein in With Love. Source: Instagram

After watching the video, Philipps posted on social media that she and her husband had cried with love, joy, pride, relief, and gratitude for their child’s spirit and tenacity while watching the young actor make his acting debut on With Love on Prime.

The separation of Birdie’s parents was imminent

The relationship between Birdie’s parents, who have been married for more than ten years, was not always easy, despite the fact that Birdie’s father was bound by law to keep their mother’s heart from being broken.

After the birth of their two children, when Philipps felt that she was the only one doing the majority of the work raising their children, the conflict between them began to worsen.

Even though she had enough, she told her husband, but they were able to resolve their differences in parenting.

Birdie Leigh Silverstein parents Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein worked on their problems and saved their marriage. Source: Instagram

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic allowed the couple to resolve their differences. The couple decided Silverstein would be a stay-at-home dad while Philipps worked because Silverstein was less involved in raising their children, and it worked.

With their children, Silverstein is now very close and spends more time with them. Philipps claims that putting oneself first, giving each other room to grow, and embracing partner change are the keys to their happy marriage.

How was her name preserved?

Lady Bird Johnson inspired the name Birdie. Busy claims that Lady Bird Johnson passed away soon after she and Marc were wed.

They loved her name and how her family members referred to her as Birdie while they were riding in a car and listening to a story about her. She knew her daughter’s name was Birdie the moment she saw her after giving birth.

Her mom played parenting truths games

In the Parenting Truths games, her mother provided unfiltered responses to queries about parenting. Also She started by asking if she had ever said something offensive that her kids wouldn’t stop imitating.

Then She replied that yes, when Birdie was two years old, she did use the f-word. She said Birdie bumped her tush when she fell off the bottom of the slide, got up, and whispered it under her breath.

When asked if she had ever let her kids dress up for an occasion, she replied that she hadn’t, but she did once in a while ask them which pair of shoes they preferred.

The third inquiry concerned whether she had ever experienced a parenting-related public meltdown. Yes, she replied.

She explained that when you have one of those meltdowns, whether it be your child’s or your own, a paparazzi is always present, which is always doubly embarrassing. The fourth query was whether she had played a practical joke on her children to make them laugh.

In the restaurant, if a song comes on the radio, they will tell Birdie that her dad played the saxophone on that song. They try to keep that up for as long as they can, but Birdie will say, “I know he didn’t, please stop,” according to the woman who claimed they make jokes that drive their kids crazy.

She was then asked if she had ever performed on stage with either of her children, to which she responded that Birdie had visited Cougar Town a few times.

Also She claimed that Birdie enjoys joining in on the action. She was also asked if she had any regrets about bringing the kids along. She expressed regret for it.

When children have meltdowns, she added, it can be challenging while she is trying to work. If she had forgotten about one of her children’s events was the second to last query.

Her mom talks about her tattoos

Busy, Birdie’s mother, was seen showing off her ink. She confronted having a total of four tattoos. She also shared how she managed to achieve everything in one year.

Her first tattoo read, “aced out in her nudes,” and it was placed on her left wrist. She clarified that those were the words her mother had used to describe her, and as a result, that passage had also been included in her memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little.

Additionally, she had a tattoo of Cricket done for her younger child, whose name was Cricket. The woman added that she felt disrespected when she learned that E! was axing her late-night talk show.

She also had an illustration for her book that her friend Geoff McFetridge had created, which featured the words F*** em on her foot.

In addition, when asked what she loved most about her body, she cited the fact that it endures and is constantly by her side. Also She gave her body praise, saying that it had done a lot of work for her over the years.