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Meet Bo Nickal’s parents, Sandy and Jason Nickal, who are both martial artists and former collegiate wrestlers. Continue reading to learn more about his family and lifestyle.

Bo Nickal, commonly known as Bo Dean Nickal, is a professional MMA fighter from the United States. He was a former collegiate wrestler who rose to prominence as a wrestler at Penn State University, where he achieved extraordinary success.

Bo Nickal was a three-time Division I national wrestling champion and a three-time Big Ten conference champion during his collegiate wrestling career.

Bo Nickal switched to professional mixed martial arts (MMA) after a successful wrestling career. He fights in the middleweight division of the UFC. Bo Nickal is a wrestler and MMA fighter recognized for his athleticism, technical ability, and versatility.

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Bo Nickal’s Parents are Sandy and Jason Nickal

He is a well-known American professional MMA fighter, credits his physical abilities and tenacity to his supporting parents, Sandy and Jason Nickal.

Bo Nickal was born in Rifle, Colorado, into a family that appreciated sports and promoted his athletic dreams from a young age. Bo’s mother, Sandy Nickal, played basketball at San Diego State University, exhibiting her love of athletics.

Her athletic experience was most likely an inspiration for Bo as he began his athletic adventure. Bo’s father, Jason Nickal, made substantial contributions to his son’s athletic development.

His collegiate athletics experience provided him with the knowledge and abilities to help Bo on his path to success.

Bo had gotten instruction from his father since he was a child, and he played a vital part in cultivating his potential and helping him sharpen his talents.

Bo Nickal's Parents
Jason Nickal and Sandy Nickal are the Parents of Bo Nickal, Photo Source; Twitter

Bo Nickal’s parents, Sandy and Jason Nickal, gave unwavering support and guidance throughout his wrestling career.

Their unrelenting focus and faith in Bo’s abilities surely aided his exceptional achievements.Bo Nickal’s parents were there for him, offering continuous support and encouragement.

Bo Nickal’s parents’ athletic history, together with their advice and coaching, have surely shaped Bo into the excellent athlete he is today. The Nickal family’s dedication to sports and to one another is an inspirational example of how parental support can help a child’s ambitions come true.

Who is the wife of Bo Nickal? = Maddie Holmberg

Maddie Holmberg is the wife of Bo, an American professional MMA fighter and former freestyle and folkstyle wrestler. She was born on October 26, 1996, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she quickly rose to prominence as a standout athlete in her own right.

Maddie’s sports accomplishments demonstrate her dedication and hard effort. Her performances at the NCAA Championships demonstrated her adaptability and skill in a variety of track and field events.

Maddie and Bo met at Penn State during a kinesiology class and fell in love. Their relationship bloomed when they first connected over a collaborative project, and they eventually married in December 2020.

Bo Nickal's Wife
Madie Holmberg is the wife of Bo Nickal, Photo Source: FirstSportz

Their combined love of sports, faith, and positive thinking has guided them on their path together. Despite the sport’s violent character, Maddie continues to support Bo as he pursues a professional MMA career and hopes to become a UFC champion.

Similarly, Bo is inspired by Maddie’s dedication and hard work in her athletic ambitions, which motivates him to give his all in the ring.

Their marriage is profoundly rooted in religion, positivity, and unfailing support for one another, laying a solid foundation for their future goals.