Boogie B Montrell

Boogie B Montrell Wiki, Bio, Nationality & Ethnicity

Full Real Name Boogie B Montrell
Nickname Boogie
Age (as of 2022) 43-45 years old
Popular as For working as a Comedian and actor
Profession Comedy and Acting
Place of Birth New Orleans
Death Place New Orleans
Education Associate’s degree, Business Administration and Management
School Private School
University Delgado Community College
Date of Birth in b/w 1979-1977
Net worth $1.5 million USD (approx.)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Languages English
Height 5 feet 10 inches

Boogie B Montrell was an American actor, comedian, social media star, Youtuber, and TikTok tar (born between 1979 and 1977; died between the ages of 43 and 45). Boogie B. Montrell was well-known for his comedic material, which he shared both live on stage and in his TikTok videos. He was a funny man who made a lot of people laugh.

What is the Boogie B Montrell’s net worth?

Boogie B Montrell made considerable money, it wasn’t enough. He made money performing stand-up comedy live and from his TikTok and YouTube videos. He also sold his mask and T-shirt with his name on it earlier to make some more cash. Let us inform you that Boogie Montrell had a $1.5 million USD net worth.

Cause of death.

To spend Christmas 2022 with his mother and grandmother, Boogie B Montrell traveled to his homeland of New Orleans. However, his fortune had other plans for him. He was inside the car in the parking lot when he and his mother, Sherlyn Price, and grandmother went shopping at the Rouse supermarket in the Warehouse District.

He was shot at that moment by an unidentified individual. Boogie passed away instantly. One day after his passing, his mother told the media that her son had died.

There is an ongoing investigation to identify the murderer. Investigators have added Dyamonique Smith and Ricky Cowart as two additional names to the suspect list.

Police are looking for both of them to ask them about the killing of Boogie Montrell. Up until this point, Dyamonique Smith and Ricky Cowart have not been the subject of any criminal accusations.

Childhood and education

A skilled artist, Boogie B Montrell was between 43 and 45 years old. This famous comedian was born in North Orleans, according to reports. Until 2009, he spent the majority of his time in New Orleans.

He moved to LA in 2009 in search of greater employment prospects. His LinkedIn page from that time indicated that he was talented in voice acting, humor, and public speaking.

He had attended Delgado Community College and graduated. In 2002, he earned an associate’s degree in business administration and management.

Family background

Before his passing, Boogie B. Montrell’s family experienced a great deal of ups and downs. Despite facing hardship in his family, he never gave up and went on to become this nation’s greatest comic of all time. Let us inform you that Hurricane Katrina caused significant damage to Boogie Montrell’s family and ended many significant aspects of his life in 2005. After Hurricane Irma, he misplaced all of his clothes in addition to his high school diploma documents.

Boogie Montrell and Sherlyn Price, his mother ,Source ;Instagram

After his father’s AIDS struggle ended in 2007, Boogie lost his father. Kevin J. Smith, his brother, also developed AIDS. Kevin started having several financial problems in his life. He started experiencing stress as a result of AIDS. And Kevin killed himself one day, ending his life.

After the passing of his father and sibling, Boogie Montrell moved home with his mother and grandmother. Sherlyn Price, his mother, runs a Tupperware-related web store.

Who is the Boogie B. Montrell’s wife?

Boogie B. Montrell’s marital status and whether he was dating anyone are unknown. However, he does his stand-up comedy on the topic of girlfriend in September 2022. “I Caught my Girl Cheating” was the name of his comedic routine. He makes light of the event in which he saw his girlfriend with another man in this video of him that is accessible with Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show.

However, it is unknown if he actually encounters the episode or not. Boogie was a pretty good guy, according to his family friend, and always wanted to help others, aside from this.

Do you know about the Career, comedic television programs, and series of Boogie B Montrell?

Boogie B Montrell started his comedy career in 2009 after moving to LA in search of employment. He started performing stand-up comedy at clubs, restaurants, and other venues. Boogie B Montrell quickly gained popularity and solidified relationships in the business. He started publishing his comedic films on his YouTube account after launching it in 2011.

Later, Boogie found fame on TikTok, where he had 226,000 followers. On social media, he became well-known for sharing videos for New Orleans Hood Story.

His opportunity to appear in the Amazon Prime film “Boosters LA” came about as a result of continued professional achievement. In “Comedy Bad Boys,” which is available on Amazon Prime, he also participated.

Boogie Montrell has acted in a few short films and movies, according to his IMDB profile.

His most recent performance was in the 2022 film “Into the Park.” Additionally, he served as co-executive producer for “Into the Park.” He has always created all of his own comedic material.

Facts About Boogie B. Montrell You Should Know

  • When the comedian Ron G learned of Boogie’s passing, he paid his final respects to him.
    Boogie enjoys donning eccentric hats.
  • To disseminate the humor, he made appearances on numerous radio shows and podcasts.
  • He once gave a live performance for the comedy program Live Me Stress You Out.
  • Boogie frequently attended events where he would run into other American comedians.
  • He produced videos for several comedic YouTube channels, including “New Orleans Bounce,” “Gaylon Solo Jones,” “Walter Latham Comedy,” and others.
  • On his website, “,” he used to sell tickets for his live stand-up comedy performances.
  • A funny video was posted by him for his admirers just hours before he passed away.
    His mother yelled at the top of her lungs, accusing corrupt New Orleans officials of causing his son’s death by failing to uphold law and order in the community

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Boogie B. Montrell: who is he?

The comedian and actor Boogie B was shot and died on December 23, 2022.

Who was the brother of Boogie B. Montrell?

Kevin J. Smith is the name of his brother.

When Boogie B. Montrell passed away, who was there?

When he was slain, he was in his car in a grocery store parking lot.

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