Brady Sims

Brady Sims is a talented bull rider who has recently joined PBR. And he started his first season with the club.

When we talk of competitive bull riding, Brady is a name you can’t miss. He’s a skillful bull rider in this century. He is ranked 57 in the world in some of the competitions.

In comparison, he loves riding a bull. And, he’s been getting fame for this sport lately.

Oh, he said that bull riding is one of the most risky activities. In all of his interviews, he can be seen discussing the physics of bull riding so that students don’t get injured.

His interviews also say that he grew up riding sheep. Eventually, he was calling a bull riding his profession. Read more about the brave rider in our post.

10 things about Brady Sims

  1. Brady Sims is a trained bull rider coming and going. He began his first season with the PBR.
  2. Since this is only the beginning of his career, he already has a lot of hard work to do to achieve his own wiki profile.
  3. Let’s talk about the first time he started cycling. His love for riding began at a very young age. He used to ride the sheep, and then made it his profession.
  4. Brady came originally from Holt, Missouri. None of his family is visible in the newspapers.
  5. The courageous bull rider is 5 feet and 9 inches long in height. Its body weight is 73kg.
  6. He is an American athlete who has influenced young people in this field.
  7. At least, he is 27 years old. And he didn’t announce his date of birth.
  8. He declines to disclose the specifics of his private life with the mainstream. So, on the specifics of his mom, we’re unknown.
  9. It appears like his net worth is under wraps.
  10. Brady’s Instagram follower count is over 7,000.

Facts of Brady Sims

Name Brady Sims
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight 73kg
Nationality American
Profession Athlete
Married/Single Single
Instagram @bs_simba