Camille Dhont estimated Net Worth, Age, Affairs, Height, Dating, Relationship Stats, Salary as well as short Biography with top 10 popular facts!

Camille Dhont is an actress. She is known as a Belgian singer.

Camille is known to take part in Ensemble in the musical theatre “The Knights of Deepbridge’s round Kitchen Table”. She is popularly known as a YouTuber where she shares her music videos and songs.

Dhont appeared in a popular musical titled “#Like Me”. She was also seen in the 2019 short comedy film Down To Earth.

10 Facts on Camille Dhont

  1. Camille Dhont’s birthday is not available on Wikipedia. Her age is also not known. She may be in her late teens.
  2. The height of the Belgian actress is not known. Her height seems to be tall and her weight very slim.
  3. Camille’s income is from her singing videos and acting. She is very young in the industry and has not earned like other celebrities. So her net worth also may not be huge but is enough for her.
  4. Dhont is in a committed relationship. She does not have a husband but boyfriend whose name is Tim Tielemans. They are in a relationship for some time already. Her boyfriend is also a musician. Their interest in music brought them together.
  5. No details of her parents and family are found. She is seen sometimes posting pictures of her parents on Instagram.
  6. Talking about the singer’s education, there are none details found.
  7. Dhont was born in Weverlgem, Belgium. She holds Belgian nationality since her birth.
  8. Camille started acting from the series #Like Me. She is known as Camille Van Beem from the series “#Like Me”. She has also performed at the radio station Flemish in MNM and in Q-music.
  9. Dhont is now a front singer along with Dean Delanott in the band “Pluto Was A Planet”.
  10. Camille has 64.6 thousand followers on her Insta account. Her channel on Youtube has 2.35 thousand subscribers.

Facts of Camille Dhont

Name Camille Dhont
Gender Female
Nationality Belgian
Profession Actress
Instagram camille_dhont
Youtube Camille Dhont