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14 years 10 months

Birth Date:

August 12, 2008

Full Name:

Cary Benjamin Grant

Last Updated:

June, 2023

Birth Place:

Los Angeles California, United States

Horoscope (Sunshine):


Ethnicity (Race):

English and Russian Mixed




Celebrity Kid

Father’s Name:

Arthur Page IV

Mother’s Name:

Jennifer Grant

Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Actress Jennifer Grant gave birth to Cary Benjamin Grant, who proudly bears the great heritage of his adored grandfather, Hollywood legend Cary Grant. You can follow Jennifer on Instagram.

Cary Benjamin Grant grandfather Cary Grant, sometimes known as Caru Grant, was a celebrated actor who had extraordinary talent. He was admired for his classy and suave on-screen attitude, perfect comedic timing, and natural ability to switch between dramatic and comic roles.

What is the net worth of Cary Benjamin Grant?

Cary Benjamin Grant, a young celebrity in his early teens, has not yet begun his professional career. As a result, information regarding his salary and net worth is not readily available.

He does, however, appreciate his affluent lifestyle as the son of the well-known actress Jennifer Grant. Jennifer Grant is anticipated to have a $20 million total net worth by 2023.

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Age and Early years:

Actress Jennifer Grant’s son Cary Benjamin Grant was born on August 12th, 2008. She will be 14 in 2023. His mother Jennifer Grant and father Arthur Page IV welcomed him into the world at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Arthur Page is not particularly well-known, which is unfortunate.Because of his mother’s ancestry, Benjamin is a mixed-ethnicity person who is both English and Russian. Cary Benjamin Grant feels happy to be an American citizen in terms of citizenship.

The celebrity child is not Jennifer Grant’s only child. Jennifer gave birth to her daughter, Davian Adele Grant, in 2011, three years after Cary was born. There is currently no information available regarding Grant’s education. He would, however, be close to 14 years old and most certainly enrolled in high school by June 2023.

Career of Cary Benjamin Grant:

Cary Benjamin Grant, who will turn 15 in August, is now putting more of an emphasis on his education and personal development than on pursuing a professional career.

His mother, Jennifer Grant, has always been dedicated to protecting her kids’ privacy and defending them from unwarranted media attention. Jennifer places a high emphasis on her kids’ health and wants them to grow up normally, free from the demands of early media exposure. She wants children to enjoy childhood without being overly watched, in all its innocence and simplicity.

Is Cary Benjamin Grant dating?

Cary Being a young lad, Benjamin Grant is not in a period of life where he should be thinking about dating or romantic relationships. He continues to prioritize personal development while putting the majority of his attention toward academics.

In relation to his parents, Although Jennifer Grant’s romances have been largely private, some details are public. In the past, Jennifer was married to the director Randy Zisk. Sadly, the pair filed for divorce in 1996 after getting married in 1993.

Jennifer Grant dated Arthur Page IV following her divorce, and the two became parents to Cary Benjamin Grant in 2008. Few people are aware of the specifics of their relationship and the co-parenting agreements that followed.

Physical Appearance:

In addition to being a young teen who is still developing, Benjamin Grant hardly ever appears in public. He is therefore unknown in terms of his height and weight.

However, it is clear from photographs seen online that Grant has brown hair and dark eyes.

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Social media:

All of the main social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are inactive for the 14-year-old.

He has been able to avoid unwanted attention because he is currently having fun with his family and friends and enjoying his youth.