Cirie Fields

American nurse Cirie Fields is also a reality television star. She gained fame for taking part in the reality television program Survivor. She took part in four Survivor seasons. However she made her television debut in 2006 on Survivor: Panama, when she came in fourth.

Quick facts

Full Name Cirie Fields
Height 1cm
Date of Birth 1970/7/18
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Jersey City, New Jersey
Horoscope Cancer
Ethnicity African-American
Sexual Orientation Straight

Similar to that, she came back and finished third on Survivor: Micronesia. She came back in the third and fourth seasons, finishing third and seventeenth, respectively.

How much is the net worth of Cirie Fields in 2022?

As of 2022, Cirie Fields’ net worth is predicted to be at $1.5 million. This includes her earnings, possessions, and real estate. She has accumulated this enormous riches as a result of her sacrifices and commitment to her professional career.

Her medical practice is her primary source of income. She was a surgical technician and an operating room nurse. This has greatly aided in the growth of the balance in her bank account.

In a similar vein, she makes a sizable sum of money from her various sources. She appears on reality television. Although she competed for four seasons on the reality television program Survivor. She makes money from her vines as well. You may also read Adrienne Maloof.

Early Years

The year 1970 saw the birth of Cirie. His parents raised her in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States. Every year on July 18th, this persona celebrates her birthday. She hasn’t shared a lot of information about her early life. In Fact she is originally from Panama.

She was born in the United States and is of African-American descent. She hasn’t spoken about her religious convictions in public. Modern astrologers claim that she was born under the Cancer zodiac sign.

College Life

Cirie is a knowledgeable individual. She has information from her academic schooling as well as her own experiences. She received her nursing education at St. Francis Nursing School in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

In addition, she has kept her academic background a secret. She must, however, have completed her elementary education at a neighborhood school in her hometown, just like the majority of people.

Height, weight, and the appearance of the subject

Cirie, an African-American, exhibits characteristics and attributes that are unique to white people. She has black hair and a dark complexion. Her captivating black eyes are a feature. She has a typical body type. She has kept her weight steady and stands tall. Although she hasn’t gained a lot of extra body fat.

Cirie Fields from Survivor posing on a beach, Source: Survivor Wiki- Fandom

Other than this, the reality television celebrity has kept her physical measurements a secret. Her height, weight, dress and shoe sizes, among other things, are included. Perhaps she feels awkward disclosing that knowledge. She doesn’t appear to have any tattoos or body piercings. You may also read Adrienne Maloof.

Family ofo Cirie Fields

Due to her tendency to keep her personal affairs private, Cirie has kept her ancestry a mystery. She is renowned for keeping her mouth shut when the subject of her parents comes up. Her family’s identity is still a mystery. She claimed that her mother, who raised six children on her own while providing for them in every way, is her inspiration and role model.

Firstly she recently celebrated her grandmother’s 100th birthday. Secondly she has kept her family’s history a secret, but they gave her the essential love, care, and support. She received a fantastic upbringing from them.

Siblings of Cirie Fields

Six of Cirie’s siblings are known to exist. With her sisters Karla and Cicely, as well as her brother Kenneth, she spent some of her formative years in Norwalk, Connecticut. The American nurse does not provide much details on them, though.

She appears to be close with her sibling and undoubtedly shared many happy childhood experiences with them.

How is the relationship Status of Cirie Fields?

Cirie Fields has been married. She became legally married to Clarencio “H.B.” Hacker. Regarding their initial meeting and dating experiences, the couple has remained silent. Their disagreements haven’t garnered any media attention.

Cirie Fields and her husband Clarencio “H.B.” Hacker in the Beach Source: Reddit.

In addition, Cirie has a prior marriage. She was married once before and had three kids. She is also straight in terms of sexual orientation.

Who are the childrens of CIrie Fields?

Three children were born to Cirie. Her previous marriage produced three children, which is known. And her children’s identities are kept a secret, though. Her present relationship has not produced any children for her.

John is one of her kids, to whom she posted a happy birthday message on Instagram. Jared and Jamil are her other kids. Other than this, nothing else is known about her kids. You may also read Adrienne Maloof.

Who is the husband of Cirie Fields?

Clarencio is a reality television star and actor from the United States. He is well-known for the reality TV program Survivor, like his wife (2000). In addition, he made appearances in the films “Bamboozled” (2006), “Survivor: Panama – Exile Island – The Reunion,” and “I am going to fix her” (2008).

Cirie Fields and her husband Clarencio “H.B.” Hacker Hugging each on the sets of Survivor, Image source: Paramount Plus.

He must have met Cirie on Survivor, when they both felt a strong attraction to one another. When asked about his personal life, he has kept it private.

Career Highlights of Fields

Cirie Fields is a smart and gifted young woman. She obtained her nursing degree from St. Francis School. Prior to beginning her medical profession, she held jobs as a surgical instrumentalist, home care provider, candy factory worker, and telemarketer.

She continued working as a clinical coordinator at the Norwalk Hospital Surgical Center after receiving her degree. She was a surgical technician and an operating room nurse. Although she gained notoriety after participating on the reality television program Survivor. She made four appearances on the program.


Second installment of Survivor: Game Changers: Cirie’s Default Elimination (Re-uploaded)

Furthermore she made her television debut in 2006 on Survivor: Panama, when she came in fourth. Similar to that, she came back and finished third on Survivor: Micronesia. She came back in the third and fourth seasons, finishing third and seventeenth, respectively. On Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Sandra Diaz-Twine won over her.

On Survivor: Game Changers, when she made her fourth and last appearance, she placed sixth and was eliminated without receiving a vote. Also she once made a brief guest appearance in 2005 on the daytime drama Guiding Light.

She also creates vines, which she has shared on both the Cameo website and her Instagram account.

She is an Animal lover

Cirie is one of those people that has a deep affection and care for pets. She consistently conveys affectionate feelings and emotions for animals. She is rearing a pet dog for her. You may also read Adrienne Maloof.

Cirie Fields and her pet dog Chewy, Source: Instagram @cirie_fields

The dog had the name Chewy. On her Instagram account, she frequently shares photos of herself and her dog. Her dog is light brown in color and of the Pekingese breed.

Instagram presence

On social media, Cirie is highly active. She is well-liked on all of the main social media sites and has accounts there. This reality television personality utilizes social media to communicate with her close friends and family and to share information about her life.

She has the handle @Cirie fields on Instagram. The number of fans she has amassed on this platform is astounding. More than 40.000 people follow her. Images from her personal and professional lives as well as her vines may be found on her Instagram.

Similar to this, she uses the Twitter account @ciriesurvivor12, where she has more than 12k followers, to tweet her views and opinions as well as information on her work. She has a Facebook account, although it does not appear like she uses it frequently.

Her Favorite Things

Cirie adores to swim. She dislikes water. She enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle. But she continued a strict training regimen and shed 30 pounds. Working out with a personal trainer and running are two of her favorite sports.

She loves to watch television in her free time. Her preferred entertainment in the amusement park is riding because she is an active girl.