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Real Name

Dwight Conroy Farrell

Nick Name:

Count Bass D

Birth Place:

The Bronx, New York

Date Of Birth:

25 August 1973


49 years old





Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Middle Tennessee State University





Zodiac Sign:




Sexual Orientation:


Kids/Children Name:



American rapper

Net Worth:

$3 Million

Rapper Count Bass D from America By 2023, net worth is anticipated to be $3 million. He goes by the name Dwight Conroy Farrell and hails from Nashville, Tennessee. He is a rapper, singer, and record producer. His 1992 debut album, Dwight Spitz, which helped him gain notoriety in the 1990s.

Count Bass D is renowned for his jazz-inspired beats, deft wordplay, and seamless flow. Count Bass D’s estimated net worth in 2023 will be $3 million.

What is the Net Worth of Count Bass D?

The well-known American rapper “Count Bass D” has a $3 million fortune. The most well-known American rapper Count Bass D is thought to have a net worth of roughly $3 million, according to a number of web publications (Wikipedia, Forbes, Bloomberg).

Early years:

On August 25, 1973, in the Bronx, New York, Count Bass D was born. He learned to play the piano at a young age because he came from a musical household. His musical development was significantly inspired by the gospel and jazz music of both his mother and father. He studied music theory and composition at the esteemed Fisk University in Nashville.

After graduating from college, he started working as a producer and session musician. In 1992, he released his debut album, Dwight Spitz. This critically acclaimed record helped him become recognized as a distinctive and significant voice in the underground hip-hop scene.

Career of Bass D Count:

Over the course of his career, which has lasted over three decades, Count Bass D has collaborated with a wide variety of artists and released a number of albums. He is renowned for his distinctive style, which combines jazz, soul, and hip-hop. Bass D is renowned for his live performances as well, many of which include a live band. He has received recognition for his capacity to produce music that is both sophisticated and approachable. He has a devoted fan base who appreciates his distinctive style and content.

The subject matter of Count Bass D’s lyrics frequently touches on social and personal themes, including relationships, mental health, and self-improvement. His songs, which deal with the difficulties of daily existence, are empathetic and reflective. He is also well known for his sense of humor and deft wordplay, which adds to the appeal of his music.

Personal life:

Count Bass D has had one marriage, to a woman named Brittany, in his personal life. He is reputed to be a secretive individual, and little is known about his private life. Bass D rarely speaks candidly in interviews or about his personal life. He would rather let his music speak for itself.

Count Bass D has recently been making new music and giving live performances. Additionally, he has been active on social media, updating followers on both his musical and personal endeavors. He has been in the studio creating new songs, and a new album is anticipated to be released soon. Additionally, he has been touring and giving live performances.

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Earnings & Property:

The majority of Count Bass D’s earnings and wealth came from his music career, but he also profited from live performances, clothing sales, and other business endeavors. Additionally, he has engaged in a number of business endeavors and investments that have aided in the expansion of his net worth. As of 2023, he has a net worth of about $3 million.

He resides in Nashville, Tennessee, at the moment. Regarding Count Bass D, there are no hot button issues. He is renowned for being modest and reserved. It is anticipated that Count Bass D’s net worth will increase over the next five years as he continues to tour and release new music. He has a devoted following, and it is anticipated that his music will continue to grow in popularity. Additionally, he has engaged in a number of business endeavors and investments that have aided in the expansion of his net worth.

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Count Bass D is renowned for his generosity, especially in the Nashville neighborhood where he grew up. He has contributed to numerous philanthropic causes and neighborhood improvement initiatives, including the construction of a music program for disadvantaged youngsters and a scholarship program for nearby students.

Bass D remains interested in numerous charitable and social justice organizations and is a contributing member of the community. He has been outspoken in his advocacy for social justice movements and has made use of his platform to spread the word about problems including education, racial inequality, and poverty.