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You may be familiar with Coyote Peterson as an animal expert who allows various insects to bite him in order to create an educational series, but do you know much about his personal life?

Aside from his television career, Peterson has a private life that he keeps hidden from the public eye. Let’s take a look at his personal life, including his married life, wife, and adorable little daughter, as well as some career details.


Тhе сhаnnеl оf Соуоtе Реtеrѕоn ‘Вrаvе Wіldеrnеѕѕ’ hаѕ gаrnеrеd оvеr а bіllіоn vіеwѕ ѕо fаr, whісh іѕ nо lеѕѕ thаn аn асhіеvеmеnt. Аlѕо, hіѕ ѕеrіеѕ ‘Вrеаkіng Таіlѕ’ wоn аn Еmmу Аwаrd undеr thе уоuth аnd tееn рrоgrаmѕ саtеgоrу.

Peterson’s Personal Life Details!

Personality with a sense of adventure Nathaniel Peterson, better known as Coyote Peterson, was born on September 1, 1981, and his real name is Nathaniel Peterson. Coyote, who is unafraid of insects, is married and has always kept his personal life under wraps.

Despite the fact that Coyote has appeared in numerous shows and interviews, and has made his professional life an open book, he has kept his personal life private. He has, however, introduced us to his eight-year-old adorable daughter, Pup Peterson (born 2008), via various social networking sites.

On Coyote Peterson’s YouTube channel, there are several videos where his daughter can be seen assisting her father in hosting the episode. She is fearless and young, just like her father, who has been studying insects and reptiles under her father’s supervision.

In the days ahead, we hope Coyote will let us know more about his personal life and wife.

A prosperous professional life!

Coyote Peterson, 35, is best known for his role in Discovery Digital’s Emmy-winning series Breaking Trail. He also has his own YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness, with over 700 million views and 5.4 million subscribers.

Brave Wilderness is one of the most popular wildlife shows on television right now, in which Coyote travels across the United States and Central America, encountering various insects and animals.

One of Coyote’s most popular YouTube videos is one in which he writhes around in agony after being stung by a tarantula hawk.

While surviving a sting from a Tarantula Hawk is impressive, Coyote’s greatest accomplishment is surviving a sting from the infamous Bullet Ant. The bullet ant has the most painful sting in the world, and grown men are terrified of it, but Coyote declares that he will be stung by a Bullet Ant with the same level of certainty that a certain man declared that he would steal the Declaration of Independence.

Pinched by a Huge Crab, Stung by a Bullet Ant, and Stung by a Cow Killer are among his other popular videos. According to Peterson, the show Man vs. Wild by Bear Grylls inspired him to start making videos.

Coyote Peterson is thought to earn a large sum of money as a result of his successful career, though his net worth has not been officially disclosed.

Coyote Peterson Releases a Children’s Book:

Coyote is following in the footsteps of his heroes Bear Grylls and Steve Irwin by teaching young children about the wonders of nature. ‘Coyote Peterson’s Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World’ chronicles his travels around the world and all of his incredible encounters. These stories are primarily aimed at young children and aspiring young children, and one of them has even become Amazon’s #1 Bestselling book.

When it comes to empowering small children, Coyote should hopefully join the ranks of Steve Irwin, Carl Sagan, and Bob Ross in the near future.

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth=1981-09-01
  • Age=39 Years 9 Month(s)
  • Nationality=American
  • Birth Place=Newbury Center, Ohio
  • Home Address=Columbus, Ohio
  • Profession=Television Host
  • Birth Name=Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson
  • Zodiac Sign=Virgo
  • Ethnicity/Race=White
  • Daughter/s=Pup Peterson
  • Relationship Status=Married
  • Wife/Spouse=Name Not Disclosed
  • Divorce/Split=Not Yet
  • Gay=No
  • Net Worth=Not Disclosed
  • High School=Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin High School
  • College=The Ohio State University
  • Height/ How Tall?=5′ 11″ (1.80 m)
  • Eye Color=Brown
  • Facebook=
  • Twitter=
  • Instagram=
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