Cynthia Lopez

Cynthia Lopez is notable for being the wife of Teofimo Lopez, an American-Honduran professional boxer. In addition, after marrying Teofimo, Cynthia attracted the eye. He’s a lightweight IBF player. He was also ranked as the second-best competitive lightweight in the world. They had been dating since 2018, and on April 23, 2019, they turned their engagement into marriage.

Let’s know more about Teofimo Lopez’s wife, Cynthia Lopez, her name, height, Instagram, husband, and more.

Net worth

As 2022, Cindy Lopez  Has a net worth of  $1.5 Million

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10 facts about Cynthia Lopez:

  1. Cynthia is known as the wife of Teofimo Lopez, a well-known American-Honduran professional boxer.
  2. The specifics of her birth dates are off the web. She may be in her 20s from looking at her photos.
  3. She’s got an appealing personality, and a mole under her nose makes her look more stunning. Cynthia sits at a height of around 5′7′′ (1.7 m).
  4. While she was the wife of a popular personality, she hasn’t been featured on Wiki yet.
  5. Cynthia and Teofimo first met on the flight to Las Vegas after winning a fight with Victor Jones Freitas in 2018. She was the air hostess of the flight from which Teofimo had flown.
  6. Speaking about her personal life, she was an air hostess before she married Teofimo. In addition, the specifics of her present career standing are off the internet.
  7. The stunning boxer’s wife kept her Instagram account secret, where she had just 300 followers.
  8. It seems like Cynthia likes to maintain a low profile, which is why we were unable to get any information about her family and her brothers.
  9. Cynthia has a luxurious life with her husband. However, reports of its net worth are currently under scrutiny. But the net value of her husband as of 2020 is $2.5 million as of 2019.
  10. She didn’t say much about her schooling. Also, Cynthia did not mention the birthplace of her.

Facts of Cynthia Lopez

Name Cynthia Lopez
Age 20-25 years old
Gender Female
Height 5′ 7
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Husband Teofimo Lopez
Instagram @cynlopez__