Dan Fogelman

Writer and producer Dan Fogelman is from the United States. His resume includes a strong portfolio. In the community of screenwriters, he is one of the most well-known figures.

Quick Facts of Dan Fogelman

Birth Date February 19,1976
Full Name Dan Fogelman
Birth Name Dan Fogelman
Profession Screenwriter
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City River Vale, Bergen County, New Jersey
Birth Country USA
Father Name Marty Fogelman
Mother Name Joyce Fogelman
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Marital Status Married
Spouse Caitlin Thompson
No Of Children 1
Net worth $120 million
Siblings Deborah Fogelman
Education High School from Pascack Valley High School
Twitter Link Twitter Link

When a prestigious firm like Walt Disney invited Dan Fogelman to collaborate on numerous projects, they were impressed by the quality of his work. He wrote the screenplay for the 2010 Disney film Tangled as well as the 2006 Pixar film Cars. He is a native of Bergen County, New Jersey’s River Vale. On February 19 of the year 1976, he was born.

How much is the net worth of Dan Fogelman?

With his work, Dan Fogelman has established a reputation for himself. He has previously worked on some of the most popular projects, including Cars, Tangled, and his popular TV series This Is Us.

That he has earned a net income of $120 million is not unexpected. The numbers will only rise given the way things are going for him.

Who is the wife of Dan Fogelman?

The actor Dan Fogelman is wed. He was married to Caitlin Thompson, an actress. On June 13, 2015, these two exchanged wedding vows. Dan and Catlin Thompson collaborated on the acclaimed television program This Is Us. On the show, she portrayed Madison.

Dan Fogelman’s wife Caitlin Thompson (Source: Instagram @cisforcait)

Who are the Parents, Nationality and Ethnicity of Dan Fogelman?

Dan was conceived by Jewish people. Marty Fogelman, his father, and Joyce Fogelman, his mother. He has frequently described his family as being adorably dysfunctional.

The parents have always lived a life separate from the fame of their son. They never made many personal disclosures. However, since Dan has incorporated their traits into some of his characters, one can discover how their parents must be.

Who are the Childrens of Dan?

Benjamin is a son that was born to Dan and Caitlin, who are also married. In May of 2020, he was born.

Caitlin Thompson with her baby Benjamin (Source: Instagram @cisforcait)

Her fans were shocked by the revelation because they were not even aware that she was pregnant. Although Caitlin was carrying Benjamin at the time of the This Is Us shoot, they did a great job of keeping this secret from their audience.

Siblings of Dan Fogelman

Dan wasn’t Marty and Joyce’s only child. Deborah Fogelman is the name of his sister. Debbie is the name she goes by. Her parents reared Debbie and Dan together.

Debbie has led a fairly sedate existence. Her Twitter account @fogelmandeborah is the only place where information on her can be found. However, her account hasn’t been used in a while.

Family As An Inspiration For Some Of His Characters

In his lengthy writing career, Dan has created some of the strongest and greatest characters. You might be shocked to learn that his family served as the inspiration for some of his most adored characters.

Without a doubt, one of the first characters that people think of when discussing fictional fathers is Jack Pearson from the television series This Is Us. He is regarded as the best character by many fans of the program.


Who thought it was possible to have a father like Jack on television and in real life? It was revealed that Dan had his father in mind when he created the character of Jack.

Kate is a This Is Us character that many people identify with. The woman is always struggling with her weight and the associated societal stigma. The character was created in response to Dan’s sister’s struggle with weight.

The death of Jack became a hot topic during the program. The death of Dan’s mother from cancer may be connected to the loss. Aside from This Is Us, Dan has used his family as inspiration for The Guilt Trip and The Neighbours, among other works.

Pancreatic cancer was the death cause of Dan’s Mother

The death of Dan’s mother, Joyce, is the biggest catastrophe of his life. Being close to his mother caused a great vacuum in his heart because of her passing. Pancreatic cancer claimed the life of his mother. It is a specific kind of cancer that develops in people and starts in the pancreas.

When her mother was given the illness’s diagnosis, Dan was 31 years old. Her mother served as a model for one of the characters in the television program This Is Us. Dan tweeted about the show and lamented the passing of his mother. A tweet appeared.

My mother passed away suddenly ten years ago. It serves as the pivot from which my life pivots. The Pearson hinge is Jack’s passing away. We reflect. As we proceed. That is our shared journey. Sad? Yes. However, when viewed through a broad enough lens, it is also breathtakingly beautiful. #ThisIsUs

Education and Experience

Dan Fogelman was a typical young man who rose to popularity somewhat later in life. Therefore, he too has a modest educational background.

Dan Fogelman attending virtual directing class (Source: Sacred Heart University)

At Pascack Valley High School, Dan finished his formal education. He hasn’t provided any additional information about his education.

How is the relationship status of Dan Fogelman?

Dan’s greatest regret is that he was never able to properly say goodbye to his mother before she passed away. He still feels the sting of it today. Prior to the arrival of cancer, her life was going well.

He does not want other people to experience what he and his family did. He viewed it as his duty to raise awareness of cancer because of this and joined PanCan as a result.

According to the organization, PanCan, its goal is to create a world where people with pancreatic cancer can live healthy lives. One of the most difficult tasks to do when his mother was diagnosed was gathering sufficient and reliable information. Dan thinks that PanCan can assist those who suffer in this area.

That Infamous 2018 Tweet

Fans of the program called out Dan over a tweet he made in 2018. Dan is married to Catlin, one of the This Is Us stars. The tale is amusing in a way.

On the sitcom, Madison, a character played by Catlin, begins dating Kevin, a role played by Justin Hartley. The show’s viewers started to think that these two would eventually make out. Dan responded to this in a tweet from 2018 by stating that he wouldn’t permit his wife to have sex with Kevin while watching television.

Justin Hartley who played the role of Kevin in This Is Us (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The twins on the show ultimately had parents named Madison and Kevin. Then, the supporters brought up his tweet in which he had declared that he would prevent it. It resulted in a cute little narrative.

Social Media of Dan Fogelman

The tendency to be introverted is one trait that practically all writers share. They frequently keep to themselves and are private. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dan utilizes Twitter exclusively for social media.

He does not tweet often. On his Twitter account, @Dan_Fogelman, he enjoys tweeting about his job, his personal life, and the occasional joke.

He is a fan of the New York Giants.

Dan enjoys watching American football in addition to writing. He loves football a lot. But he is a far more vocal supporter of the New York Giants. the team in which Michael Strahan spent more than 15 years playing.

On his Twitter, he occasionally posts things that are in favor of the Giants. He adores the club. The Giants are known for having some of the worst fans in all of sports. Dan tweeting about it in favor of Giants coach Wink Martindale’s demand for his fans to be noisy during one of his news conferences.