Dan Smalley

Quick Facts

Name Dan Smalley
Age 20-25 years old
Gender Male
Height N/A
Nationality American
Profession Musical Artist
Married/Single Married
Wife Heather
Children 2
Instagram @dansmalleymusic
Twitter @DanSmalleyMusic
Youtube Dan Smalley
Facebook Dan Smalley

Dan Smalley is a young and willing recording artist from the United States of America. He launched his musical career a few years ago, but began to release songs in 2020. He’s having a decent review of his music, and he’s still very much loved.

Some may have been listening to Dan’s music. Those that haven’t been listening, believe me, it’s nice. Dan Smalley may be the new face of the music business, but he has already collaborated with some of the award-winning artists. Since then, it’s not like he’s got a long way since he began his career. And if he continues his work as he does now, he will never be recognized internationally for his music.

10 things about Dan Smalley

  1. Dan Smalley is currently in his late twenties. He didn’t disclose his age.
  2. The date Dan celebrates his birthday is also uncertain. And because his birthday is uncertain, we have not been able to figure out his birth sign.
  3. Dan is a national American. He is from Alaska and now resides in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  4. Right now, Dan doesn’t have Wikipedia. Yet he has his own official webpage with information about him and his work. Tap here to visit the website.
  5. Dan’s music genre is Country, and he’s synonymous with Big Machine Records.
  6. Dan has collaborated with well-known musical figures such as Zac Brown, Alan Jackson and Keith Stegall.
  7. In 2020 he released his first album. It’s titled, if I’m being honest with you. And it’s got tracks like Till Country Comes Back, Rich and Famous, Fortunate, and If I’m Honest.
  8. Data on Dan’s height and other body dimensions is not disclosed.
  9. Dan is married to a classmate of his, Heather. And the couple’s got two kids together.
  10. Dan can be found on Instagram @dansmalleymusic. You should listen to his music on his YouTube channel @Dan Smalley.

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