Daria Grinkova – Actress | Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, Family, Nationality, Ethnicity, Partner, Photos And Facts

Daria Sergeyevna Gordeeva Grinkova is the daughter of Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov, the famed Russian pair skaters.

Daria Grinkova’s Wiki, Bio and Facts

Full Name Daria Sergeyevna Gordeeva Grinkova
Gender Female
Date of birth 11th September 1992
Place of birth Morristown, New Jersey
Age 30 years (as of August 2023)
Zodiac sign Virgo
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Slavic
Father Sergei Grinkova
Mother Ekaterina Gordeeva
Profession Actress

Daria Grinkova has chosen to pursue her own interests in acting and lacrosse, and has appeared in a number of TV episodes and advertisements. She also inspired her mother’s second book, “A Letter for Daria.”

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Daria Grinkova’s Net Worth and Earnings

Daria’s actual net worth is unknown, but she is thought to have amassed a large amount of fortune through her engagement in acting and lacrosse. Not only that, but she is very likely to have inherited a share of her parents’ riches as a result of their successful and well-known careers as figure skaters.

Daria Grinkova Net Worth
Daria Sergeyevna Gordeeva Grinkova chose to follow her personal interests in acting and lacrosse. Instagram account @katiaagordeeva

Looking ahead, her mother is a well-known retired Russian figure skater who has had a considerable impact on the world of figure skating and has amassed a sizable net worth, which is now assessed at an astonishing $10 million according to celebrity net worth.

Who is Daria Grinkova’s Husband?

Daria Grinkova appreciates her privacy and does not want the media or fans to know too much about her personal life. She has genuinely kept her personal matters private, thus there is little information regarding her marital status or whether she has children.

Daria Grinkova's Partner
Ekaterina Gordeeva, Daria Grinkova’s mother. Instagram account @katiaagordeeva

Given her celebrity and talent, many people are interested in learning more about her personal life. It’s likely she’s happily married to someone who respects her privacy and supports her work, but she prefers to keep her spouse’s identity confidential for the time being.

Furthermore, she could be unmarried and focused on her profession, or she could be secretly dating someone. Whatever the circumstances, she appears to be content with her personal life and does not feel obligated to share it with others.

Birthdate and Family Background of Daria Grinkova

Daria was born in Morristown, New Jersey, on September 11, 1992. Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov, her parents, were famous Russian figure skaters.

Ekaterina Gordeeva with her late ex-husband Sergei Grinkov. Source: Pinterest.

They accomplished the incredible accomplishment of becoming four-time World Champions (1986, 1987, 1989, and 1990). And two-time Olympic Champions (1988 and 1994) in pair skating, cementing their place as one of history’s greatest pairs.

In Episode 2 of Battle of the Blades, Katia Gordeeva and Bruno Gervais performed Ed Sheeran’sThinking Out Loud” before a packed house.

Ekaterina and Sergei met when Ekaterina was 11 and Sergei was 15. And they started skating together. Daria was born as their only child after they married in 1991. Unfortunately, Daria’s father died in 1995, abandoning her at the age of three.

Sergei Grinkov’s Death Cause

Sergei Grinkov died of a major heart attack on November 20, 1995, at Lake Placid, New York, at the age of 28. This unfortunate event occurred just five days before the start of the Stars on Ice tour. As he was rehearsing with his wife and partner, Ekaterina.

Grinkov had badly obstructed coronary arteries, resulting in a heart attack, according to the autopsy. He was found to have a genetic propensity to premature heart attacks. As well as an enlarged heart from untreated high blood pressure and virtually total blockage of a coronary artery.

Daria has half-brothers and half-sisters.

Ekaterina Gordeeva, Daria’s mother, remarried in 2002 to Ilia Kulik, another Russian figure skater who won gold at the 1998 Winter Olympics. The next year, on June 15, 2001, they had their second daughter, Elizaveta Ilinichna Kulik.

They are frequently seen together in their mother’s Instagram pictures. Where they pose with relatives and friends or demonstrate their skating abilities. Daria and Elizaveta are best friends rather than sisters.

Is Daria Grinkova on Facebook or Twitter?

Daria, like another celebrity kid Molly Elizabeth Brolin, keeps a modest profile on social media, with no official accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. She has private accounts for close friends and family. But she chooses to keep her personal life private.

Ekaterina is occasionally seen on her mother’s Instagram account, @katiaagordeeva. Where she shares family and skating show photos with her 58 thousand followers.