David Filo Net Worth – $3.2 Billion

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What is David Filo’s net worth?

David Filo’s net worth is projected to be around $3.2 billion as of November 2022.

Net Worth:

$3.2 Billion




April 20, 1966




1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)

Country of Origin:

United States of America

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Last Updated:

Nov 6, 2022


A millionaire American named David Filo. Yahoo! was founded by Filo and Jerry Yang.

He used the C programming language to create his Filo Server Program. On visits to earlier versions of the Yahoo! website, it was the server-side software known as Filo Server Pages that was utilized to dynamically serve changeable web pages.

David Filo’s net worth is projected to be around $3.2 billion as of November 2022.

Early Years

On April 2, 1966, David Robert Filo was born in Wisconsin. He relocated to Moss Bluff, a neighborhood in Lake Charles, Louisiana, when he was 6 years old.

After graduating from Sam Houston High School, Filo pursued a career in computer engineering, receiving a Dean’s Honor Scholarship to attend Tulane University and an M.S. from Stanford University in 1990.


In the end, Filo donated $30 million to the school of engineering at TU. In Wisconsin, he was born. He attended high school at Sam Houston High School, which is close to Lake Charles in Louisiana after moving there with his family when he was six years old from his native Wisconsin.

With the help of a Dean’s Honor Scholarship, Filo attended Tulane University. Filo continued his education at Stanford University after receiving a BS in Computer Engineering, where he eventually received a Master of Science degree.

He collaborated with Jerry Yang, a fellow computer engineer at Stanford, to create a directory so that they could exchange websites with their friends.

Yahoo! was founded by them jointly. It was first intended to help organize their research and guide others toward pertinent websites. Yahoo! quickly expanded to include additional Stanford alums.

The business gradually rose to prominence as one of the most widely used search engines and directories online. In addition to web searches, it now offers customers a wide range of other services, including online dating, shopping, and website hosting.

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David Filo’s net worth is projected to be around $3.2 billion as of November 2022.

How is David Filo’s money spent?

David Filo donates money to charitable causes.

David Filo’s Volunteering

For engineering and computer science scholarships at his alma mater Tulane University, Filo gave $30 million in 2004.


Here are some of the best highlights of David Filo’s career:

  • Co-founder of Yahoo!
  • B.S. degree in computer engineering

Favorite Quotes from David Filo

“Fundamentally, if you look at where the environmental issues are coming from, it’s all because of humans and our impact on the environment, so while it’s true that one individual is not going to sufficiently fix the environment, it is a necessary thing.” – David Filo

“What’s been important with Flickr is the community that’s been there from the beginning and the serious photographers that are there creating and sharing great content. If we lose that at some point, then I think we have potential issues, but so far, we’ve been able to do a really good job of maintaining that.” – David Filo

“Search as a paradigm will continue to be probably even increasingly important because the information that’s out there is only going to grow exponentially – and the only way to sort through all that is by some form of search.” – David Filo

“It had a lot to do with various Yahoo! employees who have been pretty passionate about this stuff. We’ve done a number of things over the years, but, of course, more recently, we’ve come to the realization that the biggest way for us to make an impact.” – David Filo 

“That’s a good question, and definitely what we’re trying to get at here. We’re trying to foster those communities within things like Yahoo! Answers. Part of this campaign comes from questions like, “Can we get people to talk about this stuff more? Can we get people to ask questions and answer questions and become more informed?” – David Filo 

3 Awesome Lessons from David Filo

Let’s look at some of the things we can learn from David Filo now that you are familiar with his achievements and net worth:

1. E-Mails

E-mail should be viewed as a place where people archive their life.

2. The Internet

The phone system is far more reliable than the Internet.

3. Open

Something is open. It will still be a major force behind innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is David Filo worth?

David Filo’s net worth is estimated to be $3.2 Billion.

How old is David Filo?

David Filo was born on April 20, 1966, and is currently 56 years old.

How tall is David Filo?

David Filo’s height is 1.79 m, which is equal to 5 ft 10 in.


An American businessman named David Filo was a founding member of the Yahoo team. Jerry Yang makes up the other half. Filo received a BS in Computer Engineering from Tulane University.

David Filo’s net worth is projected to be around $3.2 billion as of November 2022.