Deadmau5 Net Worth-$80 Million

What is Deadmau5’s net worth?

Deadmau5’s net worth is estimated to reach $50 Million as of October 2022.

Net Worth:

$50 Million




January 5, 1981




1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth:

Professional DJ

Last Updated:

October 16, 2022

Introduction of Deadmau5

One of the world’s highest-paid creators of electronic music is Deadmau5. Despite playing while dressed as a mouse and criticizing EDM, his earnings reached record highs.

He is praised for pioneering the revival of the EDM genre while adhering to a style that defies definition. He creates music in many different genres, such as electronic and house music.

Deadmau5’s net worth is projected to reach $50 Million as of October 2022.

Deadmau5 Info

  • When Joel Zimmerman (Deammau5) discovered a genuine dead mouse inside his computer, he first became known as the “dead mouse person,” and this is how his infamous moniker was born.
  • Other musicians who perform in bizarre clothes, including Marshmello and Daft Punk, imitate his successful formula.
  • He is a huge fan of “Nyan Cat,” even in the imagined form of a mouse. He was such a fan of the 2011 meme that he wrapped the “Nyan Cat” on his Ferrari 458 Spider. Due to the outrage, the supercar manufacturer reportedly put him on a confidential blacklist, preventing him from purchasing Ferraris.
  • Sadly, he hasn’t yet won this honor despite being nominated for five Grammys.
  • He runs “Coffee Run,” a well-liked YouTube video. There are numerous videos of Deadmau5 bringing famous people their coffee.
  • Professor Meowingtons Ph.D., a cat with international fame, and Deadmau5 both have sizable internet fan bases on various social media sites. For further information, you may visit his official Instagram account.
  • When Zimmerman made an appearance as a playable avatar in “DJ Hero 2,” gaming enthusiasts rejoiced at his inclusion as a well-known video game character.

Instagram account of Deadmau5 

Early Years of Deadmau5

On January 5, 1981, Joel Thomas Zimmerman was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. His mother Nancy is a visual artist, while his father Rodney Thomas “Rod” Zimmerman works in the General Motors plant. Chris and Jennifer, his two siblings, are the oldest (the youngest).

Zimmerman began taking piano lessons and obtained his first keyboard while he was in his twenties. He began experimenting with electronics at this time and tried using outdated computer chips to create music. Joel began his journey toward a career in music shortly after graduating from Westlane Secondary School.

Joel began working with a local radio station to co-produce a dance music show. He soon started writing music for a stock music company.

Zimmerman mentioned a dead mouse he discovered in his computer to other users in a chat room on the internet. Soon after, he took inspiration from the dead mouse and changed his online alias to Deadmau5. The chatroom character limits were the reason he spelt his name the way he did.

Professional Career of Deadmau5

With the release of his debut album “Get Scraped,” Deadmau5 had his big break.

Under the name Deadmau5, the album was distributed by ZOOLOOK records in 2005. Following editing and expansion, the songs “Just Before 8bit,” “Nice Try, Kiddo,” and “Uploading and Downloading” were renamed “8bit,” “Try Again,” and “Unspecial Effects.”

Deadmau5 released “Vexillology,” his second album, a year later. The album was said to have an 8-bit video game-inspired glitchy sound. The music has a 90s electronic computer game soundtrack feel to it.

Joel launched his record company Mau5trap Records in 2007. 2008 saw the release of the album “Random Album Title” by Mau5trap in collaboration with Ultra Records and Ministry of Sound. This album was a joint effort with Kaskade, a producer from Chicago.

Deadmau5 received his first Juno Award the following year for “Dance Recording of the Year” with the song “All U Ever Want.”

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Little did Deadmau5 know that he was destined for greatness when his 2008 album, issued under his new record company, marked his entry into the mainstream of music. “Faxing Berlin” and “I remember,” two featured songs from the album, both took home the 2009 Juno Award for “Dance Recording of the Year.”

Deadmau5 released three new albums as a result of these successes: “For Lack of a Better Name” in 2009; “44+12” in 2010; and “Album Title Goes Here” (in 2012). Deadmau5 received his first two Grammy nominations for the albums “Album Title Goes Here” and “44+12.”

In 2013, Mau5trap and Astralwerks collaborated, and a double album was later released. Two and a half hours were spent creating the “12” album, which was published in 2014. Both the dance/electronic albums chart and the Grammy nomination for Deadmau5 were topped by this release.

Deadmau5 came to the realization that he wanted to protect his character and the stage mouse costume that he wore. Sadly, Disney asserted that the mouse emblem was too similar to Micky Mouse and that it would harm their brand. They finally reached a deal in 2015 after a protracted effort to make Disney understand.

“Stuff I Used to Do,” a compilation of Deadmau5’s earlier music, was released in 2017. He subsequently started a concert tour to advertise the “W:/2016Album/.” Deadmau5 made a soundtrack for the Netflix movie “Polar” after touring and releasing other collections.

Career Income of Deadmau5

Deadmau5 revealed on social media that he receives anywhere between $400 000 and $1 million for each performance. Given that in 2014 he was only making between $200 000 and $250 000 each show, this is an astounding gain.

Additionally, he receives royalties from music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

The annual pay of Deamau5 is roughly $11.5 million.

Here is a rough breakdown of Deamau5’s earnings:

  • $10 million was Deadmau5’s salary in 2015
  • $11 million was Deadmau5’s salary in 2016.
  • $12 million was Deadmau5’s salary in 2017
  • $15 million was Deadmau5’s salary in 2018
  • Deadmau5’s 2019 salary is $20 million.
  • Deadmau5’s 2020 Salary: $26 million
  • Deadmau5’s 2021 Salary: $25 million
  • $30 million will be Deadmau5’s salary in 2022.

Deadmau5’s Net Worth Annually

From its modest beginnings, Deadmau5 has carved themselves a unique niche. He is now one of the wealthiest DJs in the world thanks to his innovation and dedication, which have brought him riches beyond his wildest dreams.

The following table details Deadmau5’s yearly net worth:

  • Deadmau5’s net worth was $15 million in 2018.
  • Deadmau5’s net worth is $20 million as of 2019.
  • Deadmau5’s 2020 estimated net worth is $35 million.
  • $50 million will be Deadmau5’s net worth in 2021.
  • $80 million will be Deadmau5’s net worth in 2022.

Personal Life of Deadmau5

Joel began attending renowned American tattoo artist Kat von D in September 2012. They split up shortly after, then restarted their romance. Deadmau5 tweeted a marriage proposal to Von D on December 15th, 2012, and it was announced that they would wed early 2013.

They said that their engagement was over after Joel moved in with Von D in Los Angeles.

In 2015, Zimmerman bought a house in Milton, Ontario’s Campbellville neighborhood. In 2017, Zimmerman wed Kelly Fedoni on August 12. They had a brief romantic connection. In 2021, they separated peacefully.

Awards & Achievements

Through his progressive-house performances, Deadmau5 has established himself as the industry pioneer. He has succeeded in developing a distinctive sound that is still contemporary and well-liked today by venturing into music production.

Here are some of Deadmau5’s career high points:

  • Deadma5 won a Juno Award for “Dance Recording of the Year” in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  • In 2013, Deadmau5 won a MuchMusic Video Award for “Best EDM/Dance Video.”
  • He also won the DJ Award for “Best International DJ” in 2010.
  • Deadmau5 won a DJ Award for “Best Electro House” in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Deadmau5 has received five Grammy nominations to far, but he has yet to take home a trophy.

How Does Deadmau5 Spend His Money?

Deadmau5 loves cars. He collects well-known brands and enjoys driving fast cars.

His passion for automobiles extends beyond the well-known Ferrari brand of cars. A Lamborghini, a Bentley, several Mclarens, a Mercedes, and many more of the priciest vehicles in the world have made their way into Deadmau5’s garage as part of his collection of customized supercars.

Deadmau5 spent $5 million on his new house. He has outfitted his basement as a gaming hub and, strangely, includes a taxidermy room.

One of his significant investments was a 3000 square foot condo in Toronto that he turned into a recording studio. He left and moved to a 118-acre estate in Campbellville, Ontario, where he no longer resides and works.

Career Highlights

Deadmau5 is a very skilled performer and producer who makes unforgettable dance music, despite his eccentric attire and goofy name.

Here are some of Deadmau5’s career high points:

  • Early in his career, Zimmerman struggled with his comfort level when being on stage. His trademark mouse head design, which became his professional signature, was the outcome of this.
  • Deadmau5’s music was featured in one of the best Netflix movies, “Polar,” therefore its release was a significant accomplishment for him.
  • He once held a competition for his followers to design his upcoming mouse head. This generated a lot of buzz and attracted the interest of graphic designers and artists around.
  • Deadmau5 has remarkably been nominated for 5 Grammy Awards, while not winning one.
  • He once had an appearance on “Gossip Girl,” the popular sitcom.

Favorite quotes from Deadmau5

Deamau5 has always pursued his interest. He has created a niche for himself and turned dance music on its head because he does not like to fit in with the crowd. He has made a ton of money with this strategy, which has proven to be successful.

Here are some of our favorite Deadmau5 quotations:

  • “I didn’t come up as a DJ, so I don’t play by DJ rules.” – Deadmau5

  • “I don’t believe there’s a cap on creativity and passion.” – Deadmau5

  • “Nothing goes full circle with music.” – Deadmau5

  • “Disco evolved into Chicago warehouse. Then there was techno; eventually, it evolved into EDM.” – Deadmau5

  • “You have to have a certain amount of grit in your sound and having real synths and talking about certain elements outside your computer can help with this.” – Deadmau5

3 Amazing Lessons From Deadmau5

Deadmau5’s ambition to stand out from the crowd and his refusal to follow convention are the keys to his success. He’s become such a mega-success by pushing himself and remaining true to his values, after all.

Here are some of the most effective lessons to learn from Deadmau5 for success now that you are fully aware of his net worth:

1. Ignore following the rules

Don’t follow the rules of society. follow your rules and produce something original. Being authentic to who you are will pay off on its own.

2. Adhere to Your Passion

Always find a method to combine your passions into your work. Your music is distinctive because you discovered what you love and incorporated that into the creative process.

3. Never Just Accept the Usual

Pursue your passion and nothing less. It’s simple to be average; instead, make an effort to pursue what you genuinely enjoy and create something motivational.


Deadmau5 has declared that he will never stop working and will carry on doing what he loves till the end of time. He has endured some online scandals, but he has stopped using social media since he was in his mid-thirties. Deadmau5 intends to influence the upcoming generation of EDM musicians while continuing to be one of the genre’s monarchs.

Joel has built the life he’s always desired, from discovering a dead mouse to becoming famous as Deadmau5. In his recording studio, he enjoys making music and says he will continue to do so for a very long time.

Deadmau5’s net worth is projected to reach $50 Million as of October 2022.