Deborah Jennifer Stern

Quick Facts

Full name Deborah Jennifer Stern
Nickname Deborah
Date of birth 9 May 1986
Age 36 years old
Zodiac sign Taurus
Birthplace Manhattan, New York City, USA
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religious beliefs Unconfirmed
Current residence New York City, USA (unconfirmed)
Current nationality American
Marital status Married to Colin Christy
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Weight Unconfirmed
Height 170 cm
Hair colour Dark brown
Eye colour Hazel
Parents Howard Stern and Alison Berns
Siblings Ashley Jade Stern and Emily Beth Stern
Profession Actress (previously), businesswoman
Education Bachelor in Humanitarian Services (university not confirmed)
Native language English

Deborah Jennifer Stern, despite her father’s strong Hollywood legacy, is the celebrity daughter who never grew up with a desire for fame and fortune.

Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Net Worth and Career: What Does Deborah Jennifer Stern Do?

Unlike her father, who works in the entertainment industry, mostly interviewing A-list celebrities, Deborah Jennifer Stern is involved in other fields, such as teaching and working in education. That doesn’t mean Deborah didn’t try her hand at following in her father’s footsteps.

Howard Stern’s grandchildren
Beth, Howard and two of his daughters attended the premiere of ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ in 2009. Photo: Jim Spellman.

Deborah has appeared in films and television shows such as For the Boys, Wide Awake, Nudist Colony of the Dead, and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. In addition, the University of Pennsylvania graduate runs her own company, Debra Stern Partners aka The Muse. Deborah’s net worth is estimated to be at least $100,000. Her father, on the other hand, has a net worth of more than $500 million.

Is Deborah Jennifer Stern is a Daughter of Howard Stern?

Deborah Jennifer Stern is best known as the child of Howard Stern, the host of The Howard Stern Show and a TV personality and radio host. Stern is the middle child of Stern and his wife, Alison Berns Stern, whom he married in 1978 when both Jennifer’s parents were only 24 years old. Jennifer’s parents, however, divorced in 2001 after twenty-three years of marriage.

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Caption: Deborah Jennifer Stern’s father Howard Stern (source: BiographyPedia)

While Howard married Jennifer’s step-mother, actress, and model Beth Ostrosky Stern, Jennifer’s mother also married another man, David Scott Simon, and now goes by the name Alison Berns Stern Simon. Ashley Jade Stern and Emily Beth Stern are Jennifer’s older and younger sisters. Jennifer and her siblings were all raised in the Jewish faith.

Deborah Jennifer Christy to Deborah Jennifer Stern

Deborah’s parents’ divorce may have left her with a negative outlook on love and relationships. But things didn’t stay that way forever. Because Stern is happy with where her love life is right now.

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Caption: Deborah Jennifer Stern’s husband Colin Christy (source: Reddit)

Deborah is happily married to Colin Christy, with whom she married in October 2016. Their wedding was held in San Francisco, California, and the bride looked stunning in a white bridal gown, while her groom looked dapper in blue navy suits.

Mr Christy is a businessman who owns the interior design and furniture company Hapa Inaba Designs, Geographical Expeditions. According to his Instagram bio, Jennifer’s husband is also an environmental artist and reparative designer. Furthermore, Mr and Mrs Christy have yet to start their own family. Howard is hoping that his grandchildren will arrive soon.


  • Sister Emily tried out for acting, but after the director leaked a photo of her naked body, she dropped out.
  • Deborah prefers to be addressed as Debrah.
  • Has brown eyes and hair that matches.
  • Deborah’s name is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Bee.’
  • Graduated with honours from the University of Chicago’s MAT program.
  • He also has a PhD from a private institute.

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