Debra W. Soh

Dr. Debra W.Soh is a podcast host as well as a popular Canadian science journalist and columnist. She is also seen as a rational and divisive figure who focuses on her scientific work, sex politics, and cultural issues. If you want to learn more about Debra and her personal life, read the complete article.

What is the Salary & Net Worth of Debra W. Soh?

Debra’s net worth is $450,000 as of 2020. Her podcast and work as a journalist provide the majority of her income. Her net worth is expected to rise in the next days, as she is regarded as one of the most powerful freelance science journalists.

She must have made a substantial amount of money as a former sex researcher. We can see from her Instagram page that she is living a very rich life. Debra spends the majority of her leisure time on vacations, which she pays for with large sums of money.

Biographical Information and Family History

Debra W. Soh was born on September 6, 1990, in Toronto, Canada, and grew up there with her parents. Despite the fact that some sources indicate she was born in 1990, she has debunked the rumors by claiming she is in her thirties in 2015, according to a Pacific Standard magazine story.

 Dr. Debra W.Soh while she was a kid.( Source: Instagram)

On the internet, there is very little information on her parents. Soh could be her parents’ only kid.

Grew up as a Tomboy

Debra grew up as a self-described tomboy who preferred trucks to Barbie dolls, and she even shaved her head to look like a girl at one time.

Her parents, she added, allowed her to explore her identity, and Debra credits this progressive approach in her research on gender dysphoria in youngsters. Debra grew up with more gay friends and resided in the “Village,” a Toronto area with a large LGBTQ population.

Academic Successes

Soh obtained her undergraduate degree in psychological science from Ryerson University in Toronto after completing her Ontario Academic Credit. Her interest in sexology grew as a result of her neuroscience coursework. She did, however, get a Diploma in Criminology from the University of Birmingham before that.

Debra graduated from York University with a Ph.D. in sexual neuroscience in 2017. She received the Provost Dissertation Scholarship, in fact. She was able to focus on her research on MRIs in paraphilias and those with hypersexuality thanks to the award.

She was also awarded the Michael Smith Foreign Study Awards, which enabled her to finish portion of her studies at the University of Birmingham in England.


Debra began working in the field of research at York University while finishing her education. She published numerous articles in renowned scientific journals, including Scientific American and Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, during this time.

Debra left her job despite her accomplishment in the field of research because she felt politics had a negative impact on the research department.

Professional Life

Soh is currently employed as a freelance science journalist. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Men’s Health, among others.

 Debra Soh with her client. (Source: Instagram)

Not to mention that she is a regular columnist for the Globe and Mail in Toronto, as well as for Playboy, where she writes about a variety of controversial topics. Like Debra, several journalists such as Mary Thompson and Kelly Jane Torrance have kept their personal lives private.

Status of the Relationship

Debra is quite low-key when it comes to her personal life, as previously said. Soh has never been seen with a masculine figure other than her coworker. She devoted her entire professional life to it.

Debra is active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. She does, however, exclusively tweet about her career and family on her account. She might live a single life, but the chances are slim due to her advanced age. He got to work with a lot of A-list stars and actresses in her photo.

Quick Facts

Birth Date September 6,1990
Full Name Debra Soh
Birth Name Debra W Soh
Profession Canadian science, journalist, columnist
Nationality Canadian
Birth City Toronto
Birth Country Canada
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Single
Height 163 cm
Networth 450000
Education York University