Dhanush Babu

Quick Facts

Name Dhanush Babu
Nickname “Triple Crown King”
Birthdate 6 January 1995
Birthplace Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Age 27 years old
Gender Male
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Pig
Nationality Indian
Religion Unknown
Body type Athletic
Height 1.83 m/6 feet
Weight 64 kg/142 lb
Hair color Brown
Skin Fair
Education Carmel High School
Profession Speed Skater
Hobbies Ethical Hacking
Dominant Leg Left
International Wins Asian Speed Skating Championship (Bronze)
World Speed Skating Championship (Bronze)
Highest Position 5th Fastest in 2019
Parents Balaji Babu
Sudha Babu
Siblings Mouna Babu (Sister)
Relationship status Single
Social Media TwitterInstagram
Net worth $1.5 million
Merch Roller skates
Last Update May, 2022

Dhanush Babu is a 27-year-old Bangalore-based skater, coach, and ethical hacker. Babu is a well-known figure in Indian roller skating. He displayed exceptional quality from an early age. As a result, Babu has lived up to the hype, establishing himself as a skilled skater.

What is the networth of Dhanush Babu?

As a professional roller-skater, Dhanush Babu makes a significant portion of his net worth. In national and international events, he has been a consistent starter.

Both national and international medalists are awarded monetary rewards by the government. However, the prize money will not cover the costs of participating and earning the medal.

Furthermore, government scholarships are frequently granted in exchange for financial assistance. However, because skating is such an expensive activity, many individuals are unable to afford it.

Dhanush has 14 gold medals, ten silver medals, and five bronze medals to his name. As a result, we may predict that he will earn a lot of money throughout his time here. Dhanush Babu’s spending, on the other hand, is not well-documented.

As a result, there is no precise information on his net worth or salary. However, according to studies, a Roller Skater’s average annual wage is $44,680. His networth is expected to be around $1.5 million.

Dhanush Babu’s Childhood and Early Years

Dhanush Babu was born on January 6, 1995, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He grew up in the same city, which is famed for its parks and nightlife.

Dhanush is the youngest of two brothers and sisters born to Balaji and Sudha Babu. Mouna Babu is his only sibling. Surprisingly, she is also interested in ice skating.

However, there is little knowledge regarding his parents and siblings’ personal life. We may thank his parents for instilling in him the desire to pursue skating as a career.

His mother, for starters, was an athlete. During her undergraduate years, she was a long-distance runner.

Dhanush Babu with his family.

When Dhanush was three years old, he longed to soar like an eagle with its wings stretched out.

His father, too, had a sporting history. Balaji played cricket for Malleswaram Gymkhana as an amateur.

As a result, his parents established a skateboarding school for the city’s skaters. His parents, on the other hand, founded the institution to help their children recover from failures.

As a result, Dhanush’s parents pushed him hard. Despite his reservations about skating, both of his parents encouraged him to try it.

Dhanush Babu’s Professional Life

Getting started with skating

Dhanush and his mother were passing by Kanteerava Stadium when Babu noticed the skaters practicing and became immediately interested in the sport.

As a result, his parents immediately brought him to a skating rink and registered his name. Babu began skating at the age of four in this manner.

He did, however, take a couple of classes before dropping out. In skating, the right leg normally pulls the body forward, but Dhanush’s left leg was stronger.

As a result, his coaches struggled to train him.

Despite this, his parents persisted. Surprisingly, they decided to create their own skating school and instruct Dhanush.

Furthermore, both of his parents’ athletic backgrounds benefitted him considerably. They also looked at skating coaching.

Similarly, Dhanush soon improved his skating skills. At the age of six, he completed an environmental awareness rally. From Bengaluru to Madikeri, the journey was long.

As a result, his first steps were accompanied by his parents’ enthusiasm. They persevered in the face of several obstacles.

Early Career: Journey and Setbacks

As a result, he received several awards at the time. He couldn’t make it to the gold medal round, though.

But he was up against something very different. When Babu was at the peak of his career in 2007, he acquired jaundice and was incapacitated just before the races.

As a result, he was unable to participate and had to take an almost three-year vacation. He needed about three and a half years to fully recuperate and return to skating.

He returned in 2011, realizing how far he had fallen behind and how much the world had advanced.

His primary ambition at this point in his career was to earn a national gold medal. He would also be eligible to participate in the world championship selection trials.

On his home track in Bangalore, he won his first national gold medal in 2012. For him, this victory was particularly significant because it occurred after more than 10 years of competition.

An engaging national career

He never looked back after his excellent performance in 2012. In 2013, he maintained the same momentum.

He also maintained his supremacy in the 53rd National Roller Championship.

Surprisingly, Dhanush did it again in Visakhapatnam at the 56th National Roller Sports Championship. On Rink 4 and Road 3, he won gold, silver in Road 2, and bronze in Rink 5.

Dhanush Babu won 11 national titles and 17 gold medals in all. As a result, we may conclude that he had a successful career.

An engaging international career

Dhanush, too, has his sights set on worldwide success. As a result, he began attending these activities on a regular basis.

As a result, the World Roller Speed Skating Championship would be his first international competition. He then competed in Rink 3, Rink 4, Road 2, and the Marathon. However, he failed to place first in any category.

He came close to winning a medal at the 16th Asian Roller-Skating Championship. In the Rink relay category, he finished fourth.

As a result, in 2015 and 2016, Dhanush competed in the World Roller Speed Skating Championship. He never gave up despite not winning any medals. Instead, he saw it as a chance to learn from the greatest in the business.

Dhanush Babu represents his national team.

As a result, the 17th Asian Roller-Skating Championship began to produce results.

In Lishui, Dhanush Babu and his team won the bronze medal in the 3000m team relay. India won its first senior international roller-skating medal with this victory.

Dhanush also continued his winning streak in the 18th Asian Roller-Skating Championship. In the 3000-meter rink relay, he took bronze.

Drawbacks in India

In a country like India, roller skating is a risky career option. Cricket and hockey training grounds are found across the country. As a result, Dhanush was expected to experience difficulties on his voyage.

His first challenge was finding qualified coaches. Finding a coach who could accommodate his left-handedness was difficult.

As a result, his father received coaching training and has been guiding him ever since.

Similarly, he had very limited access to a track that did not match international standards. As a result, Bangalore became the first international skating venue in 2007.

He had to fly to locations like Mysore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai before that. They were the only cities in the world with tracks that met international standards.

A 130-meter synthetic track ideal for training is expensive. The government does not have adequate funding to construct it. Dhanush also feels that athletes’ performance improves when they exercise on good tracks.

Is Dhanush Babu married?

Dhanush isn’t married or in a relationship, according to many reports. Because of his pleasant attitude, it’s difficult to imagine the athlete is unmarried.

On the other side, many of Dhanush’s pals believe he is covertly dating. He has, however, stayed away from public appearances with his partner. Despite this, the athlete has made no references to a probable relationship.

Dhanush also has a promising future as a rising star in roller skating. As a result, he may be more concerned with his profession than with finding love or marrying.

Regardless, he has managed to keep his business and personal lives separate. As a result, nothing is known about his personal life.

Age, Height, and Personality of Dhanush Babu

Dhanush Babu is a professional roller skater with a physique to match. His physique is light and he has exceptional flexibility and strength in his left leg.

Dhanush is 27 years old at the time of writing this post. He does, however, appear to be in good enough shape to participate in figure skating.

The athlete is also acrobatic and stands at 6 feet tall (1.83 m).

He’s also a lefty, so turning on the track has always been a challenge. As a result, he devotes himself to workouts that improve his skills in these areas.

Dhanush has also trained with his father since he was a youngster, and he continues to do so.

The skater has maintained himself fit to be nimble, as seen by his photos. His actual physique proportions, however, remain unclear.

Queries on Dhanush Babu

What is Dhanush’s favorite drink?

Dhanush Babu loves drinking Monster Energy the most. Juice Monster Mango Loco is his personal favorite.

Is Dhanush’s sibling a professional skater too?

Yes, Mouna Babu is also a skater representing India in national and international competitions.

Is Dhanush the fastest Indian skater?

Dhanush is not the fastest Indian skater. Vishwaraj Jadeja is well known for being the fastest Indian skater.

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