Dieter Schwarz Net Worth – 22.3 billion USD

What is Dieter Schwarz’s net worth?

Dieter Schwarz’s net worth is projected to be 22.3 billion USD as of October 2022.

Net Worth:

22.3 billion USD




September 24, 1939




1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)

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Last Updated:

October 14, 2022


Dieter Schwarz is a well-known multi-billionaire businessman from Germany. His father, the principal shareholder and chairman of Schwarz-Gruppe, left him his riches.

In Europe, the holding firm owns a number of supermarkets and hypermarkets. The primary source of revenue for the company is the grocery store chain Lidl and Kaufland, which has a well-known reputation across Germany and the European Union.

Josef Schwarz, Dieter’s father, started the Schwarz Group in 1930. Nearly 13,000 outlets currently employ more than half a million people. After his father’s passing, Dieter received the company, which is today the biggest food store in Europe.

Dieter Schwarz’s net worth is projected to be 22.3 billion USD as of October 2022.

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Dieter Schwarz Facts

  • In 1970, Dieter Schwarz paid 1,000 Deutsche Marks for the licensing rights to the name Lidl.
  • In the fiscal year that ended in February 2022, the Schwarz Group company’s revenue increased to $158.1 billion.
  • In 33 nations, the Schwarz Group runs the Lidl and Kaufland supermarket businesses.
  • Dieter had a banner year in 2021 as the Lidl brand’s valuation grew by $1.3 billion thanks to the Schwarz group’s outstanding sales numbers.
  • Dieter Schwarz is now the richest person in Germany after becoming the helm of the biggest grocery chain.
  • He acquired the name Lidl’s rights from his co-owner, a former educator, who also happened to be his co-owner.

Early Years of Dieter Schwarz

Dieter Schwarz was born in Heilbronn, Germany, on September 24, 1939. The business was started by his father, a well-known businessman who had become a stakeholder in Lidl & Schwarz KG in 1930.

During the Second World War, Dieter was born. His family had to frequently move because of the air attacks throughout the war in order to evade the allied bombs.

Josef Schwarz led one of the wealthiest families in all of Europe for more than 70 years after the war, when the Schwarz family business was restored. Dieter has been a part of the family business in some capacity ever since it began.

Before he took over the business, his father prepared him to lead since he felt he would be a great steward of his empire.

Career of Dieter Schwarz

Dieter started his first Lidl store in 1973. After his father’s unfortunate passing, he went on to inherit the business and soon after assumed the role of CEO.

After taking over, Dieter began to implement his expansionary goals. The timing was perfect because Germany’s retail marketing industry was expanding.

Dieter sold shares of Lidl to a charitable foundation with an eye toward the future. His standing on the list of the wealthiest people in Germany was impacted by this choice, and he disappeared from view.

But after gaining control of the Dieter Schwarz foundation, he decided to use it for charity purposes rather than for business goals, saving money while doing good.

The Schwarz Group entered the American market in 2017 with its sights set on foreign investment. Currently, stores are located in Virginia, North, and South Carolina.

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Currently, Lidl operates 10,000 locations across Europe.

He may have been removed from the Forbes billionaires list in 1999 as a result of the Schwarz Foundation action, but it served a quite different purpose.

The Schwarz Foundation presently provides funding to numerous daycare facilities and different educational institutions.

Dieter is in charge of his company’s assets through Dieter Schwarz Stiftung. Dieter granted Hermann-Josef Hoffman power of attorney over the business in 1999 to ensure its long-term existence.

Due to the tax-exempt status of Stiftung and the adaptability of the legislative frameworks, the value of Kaufland and Lidl is included in the Schwarz family net worth.

Even though he may not rank among the top 20 richest persons in the world, Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba Group, David Thomson, and Phil Knight are all ahead of him on this list in terms of wealth.

A total of more than 12,900 supermarket and hypermarket chains can now be found throughout 33 countries thanks to Dieter’s expansion plan, and new locations are being added every year.

Dieter Schwarz was one of Germany’s wealthiest men despite being retired thanks to his shareholdings and investments.

Dieter Schwarz’s Career Earnings

Dieter’s earnings are astoundingly high considering his 50 years of retail experience and his position as the head of a multinational corporation. In reality, it will guarantee his place as one of Europe’s wealthiest men until his passing.

He is already retire. Even though he no longer actively participates in the family business, he still earns money from his trust, investments, and other business ventures.

Dieter Schwarz is thought to make a yearly salary of around $2 billion.

An estimated breakdown of Dieter Schwarz’s yearly revenue is provided below:

  • $1.2 billion was Dieter Schwarz’s salary in 2015.
  • Dieter Schwarz earned $1 billion in salary in 2016.
  • Dieter Schwarz earned $1 billion in salary in 2017.
  • $1.5 billion was Dieter Schwarz’s salary in 2018.
  • $1.9 billion will be Dieter Schwarz’s salary in 2019.
  • Dieter Schwarz will earn $1.8 billion in 2020.
  • $2 billion will be Dieter Schwarz’s salary in 2021.
  • $2.1 billion is Dieter Schwarz’s salary in 2022.

Dieter Schwarz’s Annual Net Worth

The covert German entrepreneur has spent the last 50 years building a retailing empire that ranks him as the third-richest tycoon in Germany. He set up his financial affairs after he stopped actively managing the family’s holdings to guarantee that they would always be extraordinarily affluent.

The following table details Dieter Schwarz’s yearly net worth:

  • Dieter Schwarz had a net worth of $19.4 billion in 2015.
  • Dieter Schwarz has a 2016 net worth of $16.4 billion.
  • Dieter Schwarz’s net worth was $17 billion in 2017.
  • Dieter Schwarz has a net worth of $20.9 billion as of 2018.
  • Dieter Schwarz’s net worth is $22.6 billion as of 2019.
  • 2020: Dieter Schwarz’s estimated net worth is $19.8 billion
  • Dieter Schwarz will have a net worth of $36.7 billion in 2021.
  • Dieter Schwarz will have a $22.3 billion USD net worth in 2022.

Personal Life

Dieter Schwarz keeps a lot of information about his personal life private. Although there are three images of him that are publicly available, one of which is in black and white.

Almost tough to reach because Dieter won’t agree to any sort of interview. This makes it very challenging to determine his true net worth and to learn anything about his interests and hobbies.

No one knows for sure, but he might drive some of the priciest vehicles in existence.

Current wife of Dieter Schwarz is Franziska Weipert. They’ve been together for more than 50 years, yet they still seem incredibly in love with one another. In Heilbronn, Germany, they currently live in a mansion.

Regine Schwarz and Monika Schwarz, the couple’s two alleged daughters, are closely guarded in terms of their privacy, therefore nothing is known about them.

Awards & Achievements for Dieter Schwarz

Dieter Schwarz avoids the spotlight and keeps his attention firmly fixed on his business activities. But his businesses are frequently praised for their creative business strategies and excellent corporate governance.

Here are some of Dieter Schwarz’s career high points:

  • Dieter Schwarz merits a spot on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest individuals.
  • The “Axia Best Managed Company Award” was given to The Schwarz Group in 2019.
  • He has spent the past 30 years as one of Fortune Magazine’s “Top 10 Richest Men.”
  • Schwarz, with the exception of 1999, was listed on the Forbes Billionaires List every year from 1990 to 2000.
  • Dieter Schwarz was listed as the 23rd richest person in the world in 2014 according to the Hurun Report Global Rich List.

How Does Dieter Schwarz Spend His Money?

It has been reported as of April 2022 that Dieter Schwarz made significant financial investments to better his hometown of Heilbronn. Although he wants to improve the educational facilities in his community, and Heilbronn is full of development that attests to his intentions.

He generously donates to churches, especially for renovations and refurbishments, because he cares about the moral fabric of society.

Although he reportedly possesses a $4 billion real estate empire, according to a local German magazine.


It was practically a Prove that Dieter Schwarz would succeed in his job as a young man who was being prepared to take over a prosperous retail company.

However, to create the retail empire that he has been able to put together, one needs both business sense and entrepreneurial flare.

Here are a few of Dieter Schwarz’s greatest achievements:

  • Until his retirement, he oversaw the biggest retail network in Europe.
  • Schwarz expanded his empire to the point where it now employs more than 10,000 people globally.
  • Dieter built a foundation to carry on his father’s legacy and secure the destiny of his family for future generations.

Favorite quotes from Dieter Schwarz

Dieter Schwarz avoids the media and is hardly ever quoted on anything other than business-related concerns. He keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself, preferring to let his deeds do the talking.

The following are some of our favorites from Dieter Schwarz:

  • “These freedoms that I currently enjoy will no longer exist to this degree. I am beyond my sell-by date as concerns the extent of my powers and areas of competence” – Dieter Schwarz

  • “Number one: we want Lidl to get stronger in existing markets. Number two: we will expand to new countries. Number three: we will fundamentally overhaul Kaufland” – Dieter Schwarz

  • “I spent 1 year of my youth as an exchange student in the United States… these were unforgettable days and adventures.” – Dieter Schwarz

  • “I am incredibly grateful for everything I have.” – Dieter Schwartz


Dieter has built a business that is thriving in the new millennium. Because of his strong succession plan, the business will continue to flourish even after he retires. He has fulfilled his financial goals and provided for his offspring.

Also he has given generously, aiding those in need and enhancing the environment with his money.

He was able to do this and establish a global retail empire. In his retirement, he continues to monitor the Schwarz Foundation, which continues to contribute to important science and research initiatives as well as educational institutions all around the world.

Dieter Schwarz’s net worth is projected to be $22.3 billion USD as of October 2022.