Doreen Dowdall

Doreen Dowdall is well-known for her marriage to Brendan O’Carroll, a well-known Hollywood actor. He divorced her. Brendan Carroll, her ex-husband, is an Irish actor best known for the popular BBC series Mrs. Brown Boys.

Quick Facts of Doreen Dowdall

Birth Date 1955
Full Name Doreen Dowdall
Birth Name Doreen Dowdall
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity White
Birth City Dublin
Birth Country Ireland
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Brendan O’Carroll
No Of Children 4
Insta Link Insta Link

Brendan and Doreen Dowdall both have Irish ancestry because Doreen was born in Ireland in 1955 in Finglas, County Dublin.

How much is the net worth of Doreen Dowdall?

After breaking up with Brendan, Doreen Dowdall made the decision to lead a private life. Her location is unknown. Her job (if she had one) remained a mystery even while she was married to Brendan.

However, Brendan O’Carroll is a skilled writer and actor. As a comedian, he has amassed a wealth. Given all of his achievements, the actor’s projected net worth of $10.1 million shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Additionally, he received royalties for the biography book. The sum merely increased his already incredible wealth.

His popular television program Mrs. Brown’s Boys was turned into a film. Although the movie earned poor reviews from critics, it was a financial success. More than $31 million was raised for the film overall. The portion Brendan received is still secret.

Who is Brendan O’Carroll, Doreen’s ex-husband?

Irish actor and writer Brendan O’Carroll is best known for creating the BAFTA-winning television series Mrs. Brown’s Boys. In the program, he portrays Agnes Brown.

Brendan O’Carroll at the Graham Norton Show (Source: TMDB)

The actor is an Irish native of Dublin. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some people could find his comedy insulting. In response to the complaints, he stated that humor is subjective and will never be enjoyed by everyone. He thinks your jokes will always offend someone. One of his well-known sayings is:

A idiot is somebody who believes they can create the ideal comedy that everyone will adore. I can only write what I find amusing and hope that there is an audience out there who feels the same way.

Throughout the course of his lengthy career, he has received numerous honors. His most notable triumph was the television program Mrs. Brown’s Boys, which has received recognition from several award bodies including the Royal Television Society, IFTA, and the BAFTAs.

Who are the children of Doreen Dowdall and Brendan?

Even though Doreen and Brendan’s relationship ended poorly, the most of their 20 years of marriage were marked by love and happiness. Four children were born to Doreen during their 22-year marriage.

Their children are Danny O’Carroll, Fiona O’Carroll, Brendan O’Carroll II, and Eric O’Carroll. It’s interesting to note that Brendan collaborated with his daughters Fiona and Danny on the hit TV series Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

Doreen and Brendan O’Carroll’s Divorce

Brendan O’Carroll and Doreen Dowdall clicked right away. They began dating and finally tied the knot as well. In 1975, the couple exchanged vows.

Sadly, their marriage did not turn out to be a fairy tale as they had planned. The couple chose to split up in 1999 after 22 years of being dedicated to one another.

Although he has openly expressed regret for his errors of judgment during the marriage, claiming he shouldn’t have been conceited and self-centered.

I made the extremely selfish and conceited decision to think, “Well, I can’t go because if I do she will break apart,” which was terrible.

Brendan O’Carroll with his wife Jennifer Gibney at an event (Source: The Mirror)

He has moved on from Doreen with Jennifer Gibney, his current spouse, whom he married in 2005 and has been with successfully ever since. On the other side, Doreen vanished from the public eye after her divorce from Brendan, and it is unknown what her current situation is.

Brendan O’Carroll II: Doreen’s Dead Son

Following the birth of Brendan O’Carroll II, Doreen’s first child with Brendan, she went through a difficult time. When the child, who was given the father’s name, was just a month old, it was removed from them.

In 1979, Brendan II was born. Tragically, he died in the month of his birth. Spina bifida, which he had since birth, caused issues for Brendan II. Unfortunately, their son was unable to attend, unlike Laryssa Farmiga. Newborns with spina bifida have improper spinal cord and spine development.

Laryssa Farmiga

The loss devastated the family. They both made the decision to avoid talking to the media and hoped that they would respect their privacy during this trying period. Many years later, Brendan openly discussed the death of his kid and how it had completely broken him.

Brendan concurs with the idea of an afterlife. He is overjoyed at the prospect of one day seeing his son.

Doreen Children Also Work as Actors

Danny O’Carroll and Fiona O’Carroll, two of the three children Doreen and Brendan have with, made the decision to pursue the performing business. They are both succeeding in their own right.

The date of Danny O’Carroll’s birth is October 15, 1983. He opted to follow in his father’s footsteps and chose to stop attending school at the age of 15 due to severe dyslexia. He has achieved some success in the acting industry.

Danny O’Carroll after winning the Socceraid (Source: Instagram @dannyocarroll)

On September 14, 1980, actress and producer Fiona Helen O’Carroll was born. She obtained a degree in film and production from DLIAT and completed her study in a related profession. She did, however, achieve success prior to the movie industry when she was only 10 years old and released the hugely successful song Bitten By the Bug.

Their father has been the source of their parents’ greatest acting achievement. On his well-liked and enduring program Mrs. Brown Boys, they both shared a screen with Brendan.

What led Doreen to meet Brendan O’Carroll?

For a very long period, many people were interested in Brendan O’Carroll and Doreen Dowdall’s relationship and wanted to know more about it.

When Brendan published his biography under the title “The Real Mrs. Brown: The Authorised Biography of Brendan O’Carroll,” their prayers were heard. We learned a little bit about how he met his first wife, Doreen Dowdall, from the book.

The Divorce of Doreen Shaped Her Daughter

Fiona O’Carroll feels that the separation of her parents has left a scar on her heart that she fears will never heal. Before announcing it quits, Doreen and Brendan were married for 22 years.

Doreen Dowdall’s daughter Fiona O’Carroll (Source: Instagram: @fiona0carroll)

Fiona’s parents split when she was a small child. She was upset to see her family break apart as a result of their public divorce.

She vowed to herself that she would spare her children from experiencing what she had. Her parents’ divorce influenced how she developed as a person. Fiona, who filed for divorce from Martin, claimed that the difficulties she experienced as a child were the reason she clung to her marriage for so long. She stated

Coming from a failed marriage as a youngster, I didn’t want that for my children.

Doreen doesn’t use social media.

After she and her ex-husband, Brendan, divorced, Doreen withdrew from the spotlight. Even now, she still leads a hidden existence. She has a private Instagram account (@doreen.dowdall), so only her immediate family and close friends can follow her.

However, her daughter Fiona O’Carroll and son Danny O’Carroll, both actors, are active on the website and frequently post updates for their Twitter and Instagram fans.

Doreen Dowdall with her daughter Fiona O’Carroll (Source: Instagram @fiona0carroll)

Sadly, you will hardly find any posts related to Doreen on her Son Danny’s Instagram handle @dannyocarroll, as well as on her daughter Fiona’s Instagram handle @fiona0carroll.

Although her Children are also on Twitter. You can find Danny on his Twitter handle @BbMrsbrownsboys and Fiona on her Twitter handle @OCarrollFiona.