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Quick Facts

Name Doreen Lofthouse
Age 91 Years Old
Nick Name Doreen
Birth Name Doreen Lofthouse
Birth Date 1930-02-27
Gender Female
Profession Entrepreneur
Birth Nation United States

Doreen Lofthouse was a well-known American business mogul dubbed “the mother of Fleetwood” and philanthropist from Lancashire. She gained notoriety when, in the 1960s, she began to popularize menthol and eucalyptus lozenges across the globe. Together with her husband Tony, she turned “Fisherman’s Friend” from a Lancashire wharf-based business into a global powerhouse sold in 120 countries.

Her charitable work also earned her an OBE. However, as her family noted on social media, she passed away on March 31, 2021. Her determination helped a British cough candy company become a global success, and after she passed away earlier this year, she bequeathed $ 41 million to charity.

How much was the Net worth of Doreen Lofthouse?

Doreen Lofthouse earned very large revenues from her professional job as a businessman. Been on the working field for over 75 years, Lofthouse definitely had managed to acquire a healthy income from her internationally popular wharf-based company, “Fisherman’s Friend” that earned her million worth fortune.

Doreen Lofthouse, mastermind of Fisherman's Friends lozenges, leaves £41m  fortune behind in will | Daily Mail Online
Doreen Lofthouse Net Worth Via Daily Mail Online

The company still had 55 million pounds sterling in annual income with a sale of over 5 billion candies each year with which she had a net worth estimated to be above and around $50 million. Two-thirds of the company’s shares were controlled by Doreen and Tony Lofthouse, and the remaining third by a family foundation and Doreen’s son Duncan Lofthouse. As per her will, she bequeathed her £41million fortune to charity, over £300,000 amount to be split by secretaries and gardeners, and the rest of her assets also contributed to her charity, “Lofthouse Foundation”.

Fisherman’s Friend tycoon Doreen Lofthouse dies aged 91

On March 31, 2021, Doreen Lofthouse passed away in the United States. She passed away at the age of 91, and Duncan Lofthouse is the only person she left behind. As she passed away, Lofthouse left behind all of her achievements to the business world, offering a wonderful example of what and how a woman can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She once said of her career, “You have to be brave to be a successful businesswoman. Our little one is Fisherman’s Friend. We can hire several hundred individuals thanks to it. It is up to us to see to it that business development continues.

Early Years: Where was Doreen Lofthouse born?

On February 27, 1930, Doreen Lofthouse was born in the US. Doreen Lofthouse was her true name. She was an American citizen. Lofthouse was of White ethnicity and was born under the sign of Pisces.

Doreen was raised in her hometown where she was born and raised. Her parents had a big impact on her, particularly in business. She went to a nearby school while she was a child, but quit when she was 15 to start her own life. She had no qualifications at all, but she always knew what she wanted to do and focused on it.

What was the Professional Career of Doren Lofthouse?

Initially, Doreen Lofthouse worked at “Fisherman’s Friend” to begin his career. She contributed to Fisherman’s Friends being a household name, with five billion candies produced annually and 55 million pounds sterling in sales. After working tirelessly with her husband, she even convinced the major pharmacy Boots to keep the menthol tablet on hand. The brand quickly attracted the greatest number of consumers, who gradually fell in love with the cough candy.

Mrs Doreen Lofthouse
Doreen Lofthouse worked at “Fisherman’s Friend” to begin his career. Via Fleetwood Trust

Additionally, she had convinced a Boots store close to Birmingham to purchase Fisherman’s Friend. With an annual import of around 100 million packages, Fisherman’s Friend rose to the position of greatest brand-name food exporter to Germany and Britain by the year 1994. She even received an OBE for her contributions to the corporate sphere in 2008. Duncan Lofthouse, her son, is the sole owner and managing director of the business today. It reports $5 million in annual revenue.

Was Doreen Lofthouse married or not?

Doreen Lofthouse was married and had been through two marriages before she passed away. In 1960, she got married for the first time to Alan Lofthouse. Duncan Lofthouse was their son, although they later got divorced. After her first marriage had been over for a while, she later wed Tony Lofthouse in 1973. Tony was 14 years her senior, and even more irritating, he was her first husband’s nephew.

Doreen Lofthouse: Businesswoman who turned Fisherman's Friend into a global  brand | The Independent
Doreen Lofthouse married two times in her lifetime. Via The Independent

Even more so, Tony was the fourth generation of the Lofthouse family to run “Fisherman’s Friend,” which he did until his passing in 2018. Dooren and her husband Tony put about 100 hours per week of effort to build their business from a startup, which they successfully did before their deaths. Till Tony’s passing in 2018, they had been married for more than 45 years, leaving Dooren a widow.

Body Measurement: Height and Weight

Doreen Lofthouse was a gorgeous lady in her early 90s at the time of her death. She had a height of 5ft. 4inches. with a mass of roughly 65kg. She had a fair complexion with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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