Ed Mylett

What factors contribute to a person’s success in life? Well, it’s most likely his willpower, tremendous motivation, and unwavering strength. However, life isn’t always kind to everyone, and the journey can be difficult at times. People in this scenario require a strong motivator and leadership to keep them on track.

Ed Mylett is one of those persons who, by his motivational speaking and leadership qualities, keeps people’s inner power alive. He is a top corporate leader, international speaker, and performance specialist who is at the pinnacle of his profession.

What is the Net worth of Ed Mylett?

Ed’s net worth is estimated to be at $410 million. His podcasts, WFG posts, and Youtube channel generate a lot of revenue. He owns three homes, one of which is in Laguna Beach. Apart from that, he is the proud owner of three private jets and several high-end automobiles, including a Ferrari.

Bio, Wiki, & Family:

Ed Mylett’s birthday is April 27th, however his birth year has not yet been revealed. With his three younger brothers, he spent his boyhood in Diamond Bar, California. Aside than that, there is no information about his childhood. He was accepted to the University of the Pacific for his schooling, where he majored in BA Communications.

Author Ed Mylett (Source: Imperfectly)

Ed has known the value of working for himself and making a mark in life since he was a child. He was reared by his parents and grandmother, with whom he frequently exchanges a lovely photograph and expresses his gratitude through the text. Although he does not go into detail about his father, he claims that it was his father who motivated him to succeed in life.

Despite the fact that Ed is private about his family in interviews and on television, he routinely posts photographs of them on social media. He shared a vintage photo of his mum on May 12, 2019, wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.

Married, Wife, Children:

Ed Mylett and his wife Kristainnia Mylett have a love story that would inspire anyone to believe in genuine love. Ed is one fortunate man who was able to marry his high school sweetheart, Kristiannia Mylett, and continues to enjoy her companionship.

Ed and Kristainnia met in elementary school for the first time. Their chemistry was instantaneous, and they’ve been enjoying their time together since 1987. The couple married on August 2, 1997, after dating for almost ten years. The couple has developed a strong pillar of support for each other throughout the course of their lengthy marriage.

The couple’s family has grown with the addition of their children, son Max and daughter Bella. Max was born on January 4, 2002, and Bella was born on September 17, 2004. They are two years apart in age but share an unbreakable bond.