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Quick Facts

In this world, there are many distinct types of people. Some people choose to stay in their comfort zones, working a 9-5 job, and live a simple existence. Some people prefer to perform amazing things and live a life that is continuously at risk. Ehren McGhehey is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Ehren McGhehey, sometimes known as Danger Ehren, is an actor, stunt performer, and entrepreneur from the United States. Since 1999, he has been actively working in the sector. Despite his status as an actor and entrepreneur, he is known for executing dangerous stunts that have resulted in serious injuries.

What is the net worth of Ehren McGhehey?

Ehren McGhehey ‘s net worth is believed to be approximately $4 million for this well-known figure. TV series and movies are his main sources of revenue. He has also served as a judge for a number of comedy shows in Portland. He currently owns and operates Danger Valley, a skate shop in McMinnville.

Ehren McGhehey
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Early Life and Parents

Ehren Kenneth McGhehey was born in McMinnville, Oregon, on November 29, 1976. Kenneth and Linda’s third child, he is the third son of Kenneth and Linda. Lesley and Stacey are his older brothers. His father and mother were both morticians. His parents divorced when he was seven years old. He was moved to live with his grandparents in Texas after that. Since he was a child, he has had a strong desire to snowboard.

Where did McGhehey Receive his Education?

Ehren began snowboarding when he was twelve years old. Unfortunately, little information about his education is available, although we do know that he graduated from McMinnville High School. He received his diploma in 1995.

How did Ehren McGhehey Start his Acting Career?

McGhehey went on to become a professional snowboarder after graduating. He did, however, stop snowboarding after breaking his neck while doing so. He then went on to work in a skate shop, where he used to film amateur stunt and trick videos. Soon after, the director of the Jackass franchise, Jeff Tremaine, noticed his video, which was a great opportunity for McGheyhe.

Ehren McGhehey
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He was approached to join the cast of “Jackass” by the franchise director. He developed a large fan base after working on the show. In “Jackass: The Movie,” “Jackass Number Two,” “Jackass 3.5,” “Jackass 3D,” and many other TV shows, he gave his best performances. In addition, he’s appeared in a number of music videos.

Who is Wife of Ehren McGhehey?

Ehren is married to a woman and they have a child together. Despite his celebrity, Ehren maintains his personal life hidden from the public eye. As a result, his supporters assumed he was gay at first, which was incorrect because he never said anything about it. He has a baby girl named Cedar with a woman named Lindsey, according to his Instagram post. However, no clear information about his marital status or wife is available. In terms of his personal life, he recently lost his mother in 2020, which he announced on his Instagram account. He also owns a dog named Bugsy as a pet.

Ehren McGhehey
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Social Media and Body Stats

With the moniker “Danger Ehren,” Ehren maintains an Instagram account. He has 190k Instagram followers and his most recent post was on November 20th. He feels that life is a roller coaster of suffering and happiness, according to his bio. Ehren wants everyone to have a good time on the ride. He also has a Twitter account, where he has 1382 followers and has posted 1382 tweets. On Twitter, he has 86.2K followers.

Ehren stands 1.85 meters tall at 6 feet and inches. He weighs 72 kilograms. Since his teeth was ripped out while executing a stunt, he wore an artificial tooth. His fans, on the other hand, think he’s hot. He’s also developed an outstanding physique.

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