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Elham Ehsas is a well-recognized actor who has worked in films and TV series such as Young Wallander, Homeland, Our Kind of Love, and Humming Bird, to name a few. However, he is perhaps most popularly known for working in the movie “The Kite Runner”.

Hailing from Afghanistan, Elham Ehsas is also an enthusiastic filmmaker. He has worked as a producer, writer, as well as a cinematographer for various short films.

10 Facts on Elham Ehsas

  1. Elham Ehsas’s debut on the big screen was in 2007 when he played the role of Young Assef in the adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s novel “The Kite Runner”.
  2. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan but is currently based in London.
  3. As a filmmaker, he has written, directed, and produced short films such as The Postman, Our Kind of Love, Humming Bird, and The Reserves, amongst many.
  4. Elham Ehsas’s Instagram account is under the username “zoradzo” and he has more than a thousand followers at the moment. He has shared a total of 243 posts so far.
  5. He is very passionate about arts such as photography and music and he usually takes to his Instagram to express it.
  6. The actor plays the Rabab which is a musical instrument mainly used in Central and West Asia. He sometimes shares videos of him playing this instrument on his social media.
  7. It looks like Elham Ehsas does not have a girlfriend currently. He rarely speaks of his love life with the public and seems to like his privacy.
  8. He has a twin sister who got married in May 2020. He is very close to his family and often talks about them on his Instagram.
  9. The talented actor and filmmaker had worked as the director, editor, as well as cinematographer for the short film “Our Kind of Love” which was released in 2017.
  10. He has a YouTube account named “Elham” where he mainly showcases his talent in filmography. This account was created in September 2013 and has 188 subscribers so far.

Facts of Elham Ehsas

Name Elham Ehsas
Age Around 25 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Afghan
Profession Actor, Filmmaker
Instagram zoradzo
Youtube Elham