Emman Nimedez estimated Net Worth, Age, Affairs, Height, Dating, Relationship Stats, Salary as well as short Biography with top 10 popular facts!

Emman Nimedez was an extremely talented singer, actor, and filmmaker. He had a huge fan base in social media platforms.

Emman was born and brought up in Quezon City, Philippines. He was quite ambitious since his childhood. He was not much interested in studies. However, the comic genre in TV series invited him to work for the entertainment industry.

He rose fame through a comic series named LUV U. The Series opened the gates for him to create entertaining content. The actor grabbed the opportunity and made various TV series. Also, he made a youtube channel that currently has over 2 million subscribers.

Sadly, the actor couldn’t celebrate his successful career. He recently died of cancer in August 16, 2020. The reason behind his death was Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

10 Facts About Emman Nimedez

  1. Emman Nimedez (born in April 3, 1999 – August 16, 2020) was an inspiring actor and director. He also had a beautiful voice.
  2. He died at the age of 21. The actor was famous for his storytelling and singing in youtube. His zodiac sign was Aries.
  3. He stood at a quite good height of 5 feet 7 inches. Also, he appeared to be a pale-looking guy.
  4. His earnings are not revealed as of now.
  5. Moving on to his family, his parents and family are devasted after his death. Yet, they had expected this to happen due to his illness.
  6. Talking about her personal life, he dated Peachy Santos. The girl stood by him during his final moments. Moreover, she was the one who revealed his death news.
  7. Currently, The inspiring gentleman is not between us. However, his music videos and works will always stay in our hearts.
  8. He died at St. Luke’s Medical Center in August 16, 2020.
  9. He thanked his family and his girlfriend for their support in his last moments.
  10. Lastly, his social media accounts have been deleted. Yet, his youtube account won’t’ be removed for now.

Facts of Emman Nimedez

Name Emman Nimedez
Birthday April 3, 1999
Age 21 years old (dead)
Gender Male
Height 1.73m
Nationality Filipino
Profession Youtuber
Married/Single Dating : Peachy Santos
Youtube @EmmanNimedezTV