Eslanda Goode Robeson

Eslanda Goode Robeson was an anthropologist, author, actress, and civil rights activist who lived in the United States. She was a multi-talented woman who was born on December 15, 1895, in Washington, DC, to enslaved Africans.

When it comes to Eslanda’s family, her father, John Goode, worked for the War Department as a law clerk. He went on to Howard University to obtain his legal degree. Eslanda was the younger sister of John Jr. and Francis, two older brothers. In August 1921, she married her husband, Paul Robeson. Their union lasted for more than four decades.

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What is the Net Worth of Eslanda Goode Robeson?

Eslanda Goode Robeson’s estimated net worth is $ USD 10 million, according to online sources (Wikipedia, Google Search, Yahoo Search). Her primary sources of income are business manager, film actor, anthropologist, writer, activist, and actor.

Early years and Marriage

Eslanda Goode Robeson, Paul Robeson’s wife, attended the University of Illinois. After that, she earned a B.S. in chemistry from Columbia University in New York. She worked at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and rose quickly through the ranks of Surgical Pathology’s head histology chemist. She was also the first African-American woman to hold such a post.

Who Is Eslanda Goode Robeson? She Was Paul Robeson's Wife For Over Four Decades
Paul Robeson’s wife, Eslanda Goode Robeson was a civil rights activist. Image Source: Social Media.

In 1920, Eslanda and Paul went to Columbia for summer school. And the two married a year later, in 1921. She also gave up her aspiration of becoming a doctor to work as a company manager for her husband.

On November 2, 1927, the couple welcomed Paul Robeson Jr. ‘Pauli’ into the world; Robeson was on tour in Europe at the time. Eslanda suffered from her husband’s indiscretions with Freda Diamond, Fredi Washington, and Peggy Ashcroft, and the marriage was strained. Eslanda had also reached a decision to divorce him. Despite this, the couple had a four-decade marriage.

Career as an author

In the late 1920s, Eslanda published her first book, Paul Robeson, Negro, a biography of her husband. She also published African Journey, a novel based on her trip to Africa. On Amazon, the two volumes cost $45.99 and $30.00, respectively.

African Journey was promoted by Pearl Buck, and the book advocated that black people should be proud of their African origin.

Movie list of Eslanda Goode Robeson

Dark Sands 1937 actress
Big Fella 1937 actress
Borderline 1930 actress

Careers As An Actor And An Anthropologist

Eslanda was stunning in the role of Adah in the avant-garde silent film Borderline. It was directed by Kenneth MacPherson in 1930. She resumed her own career while the couple was estranged in London in 1931. Over the next couple of years, she would appear in three films.

Eslanda Goode Robeson's career
Eslanda has played a role of Adah in the classic silent film, Border Line. (Source: Youtube)

Eslanda Goode studied anthropology at the London School of Economics and graduated in 1937. She learnt more about Africa and went on her first three trips with her son, traveling South and East Africa. In 1946, Paul Robeson’s wife received her Ph.D. in anthropology from Hartford Seminary.

During the Cold War

The life of the Robesons changed considerably as the conflict progressed. In 1934, the pair made their first trip to the Soviet Union. They were impressed by the apparent lack of racism and agreed with communism’s anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-imperialist position.

In 1941, Eslanda and her husband, Paul, founded the Council on African Affairs with the help of other powerful black people. She was a frequent speaker and vocal critic of western colonial powers as a member of the group. During the McCarthy era, both of them became targets. Robeson’s career was put on hold, his passport was revoked, and their income was cut in half. She invoked the Fifth Amendment to question the legality of the proceedings. Her passport was also revoked until 1958, when the judgement was overturned.

She continued to work for the African Affairs Council and fight for Africa’s and Asia’s independence. They flew back to London and the Soviet Union after receiving their passports. Eslanda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1963, and she died two days before her 70th birthday in 1965.

Facts About Eslanda Goode Robeson

  • Eslanda Goode Robeson Age as of 2022 is 72.
  • Awards Received by Eslanda Goode Robeson:Clara Zetkin Medal.
  • Eslanda Goode Robeson Place of Birth is Washington, D.C..

Quick Facts

Real Name Eslanda Goode Robeson
Occupation business manager,film actor,anthropologist,writer,activist,actor
Nationality United States of America
Date of Birth 1895/12/15
Birth Year 1895
Birth Month 12
Birth day 15
Age 70
First Name NA
Last Name NA
Gender female
Place of Birth Washington, D.C.
IMDB details nm0732076
Awards Receieved Clara Zetkin Medal
Childrens Paul Robeson, Jr.
Education Hartford Seminary,Hartford Seminary,University of Illinois,Columbia University,London School of Economics,London School of Economics
Employer NewYork�Presbyterian Hospital,NewYork�Presbyterian Hospital
Languages spoke and written English
Sports team N/A
Death place New York City
Position held N/A
Residence Harlem,London,London,France,Enfield,Russia
Sport N/A
Spouse Paul Robeson,Paul Robeson