Finesse Mitchell

Finesse Mitchell is a popular American actor, author, and stand-up comedian. He is also best known for marrying the daughter of a renowned musical family i.e Debarge family. His wife is Adris Debarge.

Facts of Alfred Langston Mitchell

Full Name Alfred Langston Mitchell
Aka Finesse Mitchell
Height 183cm
Nationality American
Birth Country United States of America
Sexual Orientation straight

In America, Finesse Mitchell is well-known for his work as an actor and comedian. He has greatly increased in popularity as a result of his entertaining jokes on the program. He goes as Alfred Langston Mitchell in real life. And he appeared on Saturday Night Live for more than two years.

Mitchell, a stand-up comedian, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 12, 1972. His height is 1.83 meters, his weight is 78 kg, and Gemini is his sun sign. He makes the non-interactive viewers of his show laugh as well because his jokes are so funny. He is best known for the satires he delivers to his audience.

How much is the net worth of Finesse Mitchell in 2022?

Finesse Mitchell makes money through acting in movies and TV series, which contributes to his $1.2 million net worth. He and his family lead a lavish lifestyle. He uses his money to purchase expensive clothing and accessories for his daughter.

Finesse Mitchell is posing for the photo. Image source: Finesse Mitchell’s Instagram

Mitchell’s wife comes from a wealthy family as well and makes an estimated $500k a year working as a secretary.

Family and Childhood

On the internet, there is not much information on Mitchell’s parents. His parents are still the subject of investigation, which will shortly be updated. Mitchell wed Jessica Santos on September 13, 2008, after falling in love with her. The marriage did not last and terminated on May 20, 2011, after only three years.

Later, in September 2013, Mitchell wed Adris DeBarge, and their marriage is doing great. His first wife is unknown, but his second wife, Debarge, is a well-known singer El Debarge’s daughter. The oldest daughter of Mitchell and Debarge was born in 2015, and the youngest is known as El Kate.

When Mitchell appears as a guest on various English shows, he frequently keeps bringing up his family. He loves his family and spends the most of his time with them. He even takes time off to travel and have fun in new locations with his family.

Mitchell’s family happy moment on Elle Kate’s birthday. (source: Mitchell’s official Instagram page)

Career of Finesse Mitchell

After taking some time off to graduate from the University of Miami, Mitchell began his career. In 1999, he got his start in the business through Bet’s comic. After comedy view, he also made an appearance on Craig Kilborn’s late-night talk show and Conan O’Brien’s late-night talk program.

Mitchell began performing on Saturday Night Live as a featured player in 2003. He was elevated to a full cast member in 2005 after the first two seasons of the program. He demonstrated excellent leadership while also playing an actor in the play. Budget cuts forced him to leave his position because the show was rapidly losing viewers. Later on, he made numerous guest appearances in comedy and night shows.

Mitchell kept doing stand-up comedy while dealing with ongoing professional issues. He never stopped performing stand-up comedy, which is why he has inspired many upcoming comics. After appearing on SNL, he appeared in the film Who Is Your Caddy? Don Michael Paul was the director, and they weren’t happy with the movie’s box office results. The movie had a $7 million budget, and it made $5.7 million at the box office.

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Mitchell also made an appearance in the HBO drama series The Comeback. The show’s creators, Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King, were comedic actors. In the drama series, Mitchell played Titan’s Coach.

Shaun was played by Mitchell in the comedy-crime film Money Madness. Callie Khouri served as the film’s director, and it debuted on January 18, 2008. Famous author Glenn Gers, along with producers Jay Cohen and Frank DeMartini, wrote the screenplay for the movie. The movie had a $12 million and $22 million USD budget, and it made $26.4 million USD at the box office.

Mitchell getting ready for Wendy William Show(source: Mitchell’s official Instagram page)

Mitchell spent more than a year as a guest panelist on The Today Show. He participated in Comedy Central’s Pretend Time, hosted by Nick Swardson. In 2007, Mitchell also made the stand-up comedy DVD Snap Famous. The novel Your Girlfriend Only Knows So Much was also written by him.

Mitchell finally chose to take part in the dating game show The Choice after making numerous appearances in comedic movies and television shows.

He is auditioning for himself as a judge on his most recent show, Is It Cake? The Netflix program is a kid-friendly baking program that provides a comprehensive platform to inspire kids to bake.

Social Media of Finesse Mitchell

Finesse Mitchell, a well-known stand-up comedian, is frequently active on social media. More than 2.7k people subscribe to his own YouTube channel, which he also runs. More than 97k people follow his official Instagram feed. He even continues to post about his daughters and his stand-up job.

More than 110k people follow Mitchell on Facebook, and most of the images there are from his professional life. He is quite well-known because he has more than 35k followers on Twitter. His online followers are always anticipating his forthcoming performances.

All of Mitchell’s admirers are respected equally, and he always welcomes their questions. Even though he is a well-known comedian, he still values his family’s privacy.

The best aspect of Mitchell’s social life is how he consistently uses humor to deflect hateful remarks. He is described as being very amiable and humorous by his coworkers and manager.

Adris DeBarge is the name of Finesse’s wife

Adris DeBarge, Finesse Mitchell’s wife, is well-known for being his wife. DeBarge is a secretary, but there isn’t much information available regarding her line of work. Debarge is also well-known for being El DeBarge’s daughter, a well-known American singer and composer.

Tracey Ferguson, who participates in a few reality series, is DeBarge’s mother. On June 6, 1978, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the United States, Adris DeBarge was born. Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she has a $500000 net worth.

El Debarge, Mitchell’s father-in-law

The song “Time Will Reveal” by the singer-songwriter El Debarge is the most well-known.

El Debarge celebrating Kenny Edmonds’s birthday(source: El Debarge official Instagram page)

On June 4, 1961, he was born in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. In 1992, he wed Tracey Ferguson, and they later divorced in 1996.

Etterlene Debarge and Robert Louis Debarge, Sr. are Debarge’s parents. His mother, Etterlene Debarge, is a well-known singer and songwriter in the United States. His father, Louis Debarge, was of American and French ancestry. And his father served in the military of the United States. Born in 1932, he passed away in 2009.

On October 13, 1935, in Royal Oak, Michigan, the United States, Debarge’s mother was born. Rythm of Night, one of her most well-known songs, received overwhelmingly excellent reviews and helped sell a lot of cassettes.

In 1953, Debarge’s parents wed as interracial couples; they later divorced. His mother wed George Rodriguez in 1980 following their divorce. Information about George Rodriguez is scarce.

Debarge grew up loving music because he came from a musical family. Who’s Johnny, his debut solo track, was a successful launch for his solo career. He has been nominated for five different Grammy Awards on five separate occasions.


Mitchell has a strong work ethic and completed his elementary education at a nearby school. Frederick Doughlas High School is where he completed his high school education. He is a University of Miami graduate student.

Mitchell did okay in school but preferred to make his pals laugh. He first developed a sense of humor in school, which helped him succeed and excel in life. He also learned how to make others laugh.