Florian Schmidtke

Florian Schmidtke is one of the famous German actors who are currently in the spotlight as he is one of the casts of the upcoming Netflix series, the Barbarians.

In addition, Florian will be seen on a TV show full of adventure, drama, and action, with barbarians like Talio. The series will be released on Netflix on October 23, 2020. He has been in the top flight acting business for more than 13 years now, and in those years he had been involved in 13 different projects as an actor mentioned in his IMDB profile. If you’re willing to know more about him, we’ve got ten more facts about him in the list.

10 facts about Florian Schmidtke

  1. Florian Schmidtke is a German actor who is currently in the spotlight as Talio will appear in the TV series, the Barbarians.
  2. Florian was born back in 1982 in North Rhine-Westphalia, where he grew up to be an actor.
  3. He is counted to be at the age of 38 years from his birth year, but his exact birthday is not known.
  4. Despite his fame and recognition from his acting profession, he lacks a Wikipedia bio.
  5. Well built physically, with a decent height of 1.82 meters and a perfectly maintained body.
  6. Since he was born and raised in Germany, he has German nationality.
  7. Staying away from social media profiles, it seems to lack any kind of social media presence.
  8. He must have earned enough to live a luxurious life in his career, but his net worth of details is not known for now.
  9. Keeping the acting job aside, he’s a great martial arts practitioner and a good dancer, too.
  10. Finally, he kept the details of his parents and the details of the other family member.

Facts of Florian Schmidtke

Name Florian Schmidtke
Birthday 1982
Age 38
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Nationality German
Profession Actor