Francesca Mor – Who is the wife of Late musician Andy Rourke? | Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Family and Facts

Francesca Mor is the wife of Andy Rourke, a British musician and bassist for the Smiths, one of the 1980s’ most prominent bands. She and Andy married in 2012 and moved to New York, where Andy worked as an East Village Radio DJ. Francesca was Andy’s supportive companion throughout his career and his fight with pancreatic cancer, which killed him on May 19, 2023, at the age of 59.

Francesca Mor is a private person who prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye. Her origin, profession, and interests are unknown. She rarely appeared in public with Andy and never gave interviews or made public announcements about their relationship. Andy’s decision to keep their family life secret and to preserve their privacy from potential intrusions or pressures was respected by her.

How did Francesca Mor and Andy Rourke meet?

The specifics of how Francesca Mor and Andy Rourke met and fell in love are unknown to the public. They most likely met in New York, where Andy went in 2009 after leaving his homeland of Manchester. Andy was drawn to New York because of its active music culture and opportunity to collaborate with other musicians. He also found success as a DJ and producer, working on projects such as Jetlag, Freebass, and Blitz Vega.

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Andy Rourke’s Died at 59.

Francesca Mor could have been one of Andy’s followers or pals who shared his interest in music and art. She may have also worked in or had a link to the creative industry. In any case, Francesca and Andy formed a deep friendship and decided to marry in 2012. They conducted a low-key wedding ceremony that was not publicized or covered by the media.

How did Francesca Mor and Andy Rourke get along?

Andy Rourke and Francesca Mor enjoyed a long-term and committed relationship that lasted until Andy’s death in 2023. They supported each other’s ambitions and dreams through the highs and lows of their lives. Francesca was a source of love and inspiration for Andy, who encountered numerous problems in his music career, including his heroin addiction, legal disputes with former bandmates, and health issues.

Francesca's Husband
Francesca More and Late husband Andy Rourke, Image Via: NewsUnzip

She also assisted Andy in dealing with his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, which he received in 2021. She accompanied him to his treatments and remained by his side till he died. Also she honored his desire to keep his sickness private and not make any public pronouncements about it until he died.

According to the information available, Francesca Mor and Andy Rourke did not have any children together. They may have had pets or other family members that they looked after. They also had numerous friends and colleagues who respected their friendship and musical abilities.

How is Francesca Mor dealing with the death of Andy Rourke?

Francesca Mor is mourning the loss of her husband, Andy Rourke, who died on May 19, 2023, from pancreatic cancer. Since then, she has made no public statements or appearances. She has asked for privacy during this difficult time and has not replied to any media queries or condolences.

Andy Rourke's Family
Andy Rourke’s Wife and Family, Image Via: NEwsUnzip

Francesca Mor is most likely accompanied by close friends and family who are providing her with support and comfort during this tough time. She may also seek professional assistance or counseling to deal with her grief and trauma. She may possibly be remembering Andy by listening to his music or partaking in hobbies that they shared.

Francesca Mor may also be interested in philanthropic activities or projects associated with Andy’s legacy or hobbies. She could be donating to organizations that support pancreatic cancer research or awareness, or she could be collaborating with musicians or artists who were inspired by Andy’s work.


Francesca Mor is the wife of Andy Rourke, the Smiths’ bassist who died of pancreatic cancer on May 19, 2023. Francesca is a private person who prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye. Throughout Andy’s career and illness, she was a supportive spouse. She is now grieving his death and has sought privacy at this difficult time.

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