Frank Bruno Net Worth

What is Frank Bruno’s net worth?

As of November 2022, The net worth of Frank Bruno is estimated to be $10 Million.

Net Worth:

$10 Million


60 years old


November 16, 1961




1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom

Source of Wealth:

Professional Boxer

Last Updated:

November, 2022

Who is Frank Bruno? What is the Profession and Nationality?

Frank Bruno, a former professional boxer from England and media personality, is well-known for his memorable battles with Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.

Through his pantomime performance and other media appearances, he has established himself as a well-liked entertainer outside of the ring in the UK.

Frank Bruno’s projected net worth as of November 2022 is $10 million.

Frank Bruno Facts

  • At the Royal Albert Hall in 1982, Frank Bruno faced off against Lupe Guerra, winning by first-round knockout.
  • Following his appearances in Pantomime, the holiday-season musical comedy play, his popularity with the British public exploded.
  • Due to his difficult upbringing, Bruno attended a special school in Sussex for “problem” kids for a while in the 1970s.
  • He was removed from his residence by medical personnel in 2003 after experiencing a mental collapse.
  • He has supported numerous mental health organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Society by raising funds alongside X-Factor winner Sam Bailey.

Early Life and Full Name of Frank Bruno

Franklin Roy Bruno was born on November 16, 1961, in Hammersmith, England. He was reared in a terraced home in Wandsworth, South London, together with his five siblings.

Bruno’s parents immigrated to the UK from the Caribbean, where he spent his formative years in a violent and criminal environment.

He entered a gym at the age of 14 and started his path to becoming a professional boxer in order to avoid becoming sucked into a criminal lifestyle.

Professional Career of Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno started his professional boxing career in 1981. He knocked out his first 21 opponents, which caught the attention of The Ring and KO Magazine.

A rising star, Bruno fought Anders Eklund to capture the European heavyweight title in 1984. He then upset former WBA champion Gerrie Coetzee in one round.

Bruno challenged Mike Tyson for the undisputed heavyweight belt in 1989, but Tyson’s better fighting technique caused him to lose his biggest bout to date.

When he faced Lennox Lewis in 1993, he once more missed the opportunity to win the belt. Oliver McCall was his penultimate opponent before he finally won the WBC heavyweight championship in 1995.

Following his boxing retirement, Bruno appeared in numerous UK media outlets, solidifying his status as a national treasure.

He provided commentary on boxing matches and made numerous TV appearances, including those on Piers Morgan, Michael Aspel, and The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Frank Bruno’s Career Earnings

When his career was at its height, Frank Bruno faced some of the wealthiest boxers in the world and rose to fame among boxing fans.

Due to this, he was able to increase his career earnings to millions of dollars per bout, with his matchup with Mike Tyson earning him $7 million.

Despite the fact that his current income isn’t as high as it once was, he continues to make a consistent living thanks to his media appearances and endorsements.

Frank Bruno’s Net Worth Annually

At the height of his boxing career, Frank Bruno’s net worth grew significantly because to numerous sponsorships from top sports firms.

He has built up assets to increase his net worth throughout the years by investing his earnings in real estate, equities, and other business ventures.

His net worth will probably continue to rise in the future due to his prominent position as a celebrity and an ambassador for significant charities.

Personal Life

In 2005, Frank Bruno and Yvonne Clydesdale started dating. Freya, their first child, was born in 2006.

He participated in the 2011 London Marathon and is an avid supporter of West Ham United F.C., one of the wealthiest soccer clubs in the world.

His official Instagram account, which has a significant social media following, advertises numerous sporting events as well as his mental health support foundation.

Awards & Achievements of Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno has frequently been listed as one of the most recognizable boxers in history thanks to his amazing winning streak and numerous world title attempts.

His numerous accolades and nominations, both as a boxer and via his media and charitable endeavors, attest to this.

Here are a few of Frank Bruno’s career’s major honors:

  • 1985: Bruno defeats Anders Eklund to win the European heavyweight title.
  • 1989: Frank Bruno is nominated for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.
  • 1990: Bruno receives an MBE from the New Year’s Honors List.
  • 1995: He finally becomes world champion after defeating current WBC champion, Oliver McCall.
  • 2003: The International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, New York, inducted Frank Bruno.

Frank Bruno is sure to accumulate more accolades and awards in the future due to his continued charitable efforts and media appearances.

How Does Frank Bruno Spend His Money?

Bruno has been able to finance a nice lifestyle with pricey mansions and cars, despite the fact that his net worth is less than some of the richest athletes in the world.

He is rumored to have driven a Bentley Arnage, one of the priciest vehicles in existence, which he listed for sale in 2016.

After a disagreement over water use with local tourists the following year, his multi-million dollar Bedfordshire mansion was placed up for sale.

Career Highlights of Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno, a former boxer and well-known figure, has achieved several successes and illustrious high points throughout his career.

He has worked hard to raise awareness of a wide range of significant charitable organizations and has assisted in putting British boxers back on the map.

Here are a few of Frank Bruno’s career’s finest moments:

  • 1981: Bruno’s professional boxing career begins with an impressive streak of wins by knockout.
  • 1989: He takes on Mike Tyson in one of the biggest fights of the era.
  • 2001: Bruno announces his intention to stand as a political candidate.
  • 2006: Bruno publishes his autobiography, Frank: Fighting Back, winning Best Autobiography at the British Sports Books Awards.
  • 2020: Working with other celebrities, he releases a cover of the song, Merry Christmas Everyone, by Shakin’ Stevens.

More achievements and successes are probably in store for Bruno as long as his media appearances keep him in the spotlight.

What are the most famous quotes from Frank Bruno?

Frank Bruno has been interviewed numerous times throughout his media-savvy career, giving his opinions on the nature of boxing and success.

In addition, he has spoken out on mental health, particularly in the wake of his own experiences and collapse.

The following are some of our favorites from Frank Bruno:

  • Mental illness can happen to anybody. You can be a dustman, a politician, a Tesco worker… anyone. It could be your dad, your brother or your aunt.” – Frank Bruno
  • If your brain’s not right they have good people at the NHS to help you fix it and talk to and counselling to calm you down and to focus you.” – Frank Bruno
  • My trainer, George Francis, used to train a lot of African boxers. They’re hungry guys, man. They’ve got no trainers, got nothing. They’re so hungry to do boxing, to make some money.” – Frank Bruno
  • Journalists have always written that my mum said that I punched a hole through my cot when I was three years old. I don’t remember doing that, and I think it was more that I was very energetic.” – Frank Bruno
  • I didn’t play a great deal of sport in primary school. It was not until I went away to boarding school in Sussex that I really got into sport.” – Frank Bruno

3 Amazing Lessons From Frank Bruno

Now that you are fully aware of Frank Bruno’s wealth, let’s examine how we might be motivated by his life experiences.

We may learn from his experiences overcoming his financial and mental health issues as well as his troubles growing up in poverty.

The following are some of the most valuable success lessons from Frank Bruno:

1. Don’t Let Poverty Put You Off Your Ambitions

Frank Bruno didn’t let his upbringing in acrimony and poverty stop him from pursuing his aspirations.

He turned to boxing as a way to channel his rage and soon established himself as one of the sport’s greatest competitors.

2. Share Your Recovery Journey To Aid Others In Finding Their Way

As public as they come, Bruno’s mental collapse at the time was prominently covered in the news.

He took advantage of the media attention to discuss his recovery journey and the excellent work done by mental health specialists.

3. Take nothing too seriously.

Although Bruno’s fighting skills may easily make him seem menacing, he wasn’t hesitant to make fun of himself and add some humor by participating in pantomime.


You now have our comprehensive guide on Frank Bruno’s life and boxing career, which also discusses how he makes and spends his enormous net worth.

Bruno has given up boxing but is still involved in the media and has volunteered for numerous causes and various organizations up until the present.

We’ll update this page to include the most recent information as his net worth is likely to fluctuate, so be sure to come back soon.

Frank Bruno’s projected net worth as of November 2022 is $10 million.